E-Health Care Cuts Health Care Costs & Boosts Wellness

Nowadays, everyone seems to be obsessed with dental care, no matter where they are. The same goes to imprison prisoners who required seeking a dentist for a dental examination. Based on Nicholas and team research, they stated that among all the prisoners’ benefits from the oral health check-up only 52 percent able to perform the checkup. This is because of a lack of dental practitioners within the medical staff available in prisons, especially when compared to the high number of patients needing treatment.

Because of that, they suggest trying out oral teleconsultation which could improve the quality of care in the prisons. The purpose of oral teleconsultation is to provide remote consultations to patients so that they able to attend medical or dental services. However, medical assistance also will be involved during teleconsultation.

The principle of teleconsultation is to prioritize the organization of the prisoners’ further dental care. Teleconsultation is divided into two parts which the nurse takes notes of the patient’s data and records the video.

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The function of an intra-oral camera with a fluorescent light is to enable one to make a better remote diagnosis. Next, the dentist performs a diagnosis remotely after having examined the prisoner-patient using the video camera. This study is focusing on oral teleconsultation as an experiment. This study using an oral teleconsultation system, a dentist and a nurse were separately asked to give patients a score depends on how severe their dental issue that needs to be treated.

This score given will henceforth be referred to as the “dental emergency scores given”.

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There are a few methods that have been used in this study such as questionnaires asked by the nurse directly and the patient answers a questionnaire by giving own his score. The separate dental emergency scores are given by the dentist and the nurse was compared and as a result the average score of the nurse and the dentist significantly different hence have small disparity that should not obscure the fact that 63 percent of the diagnoses turned out to be wrong. The dentist thinks that even the consultation was performed using the video recording is not equivalent to the traditional consultation in terms of accuracy, however, it is sufficient in order to provide a relevant oral diagnosis. The dentist did diagnose the patients but consider that the device allowed him to diagnose patients rapidly, which means more sufficient in the context of an emergency. Besides, continuity of care maintains difficult to gain, because of the long patient waiting list. Lastly, the dentist stated that the relationship between them and the patient was changed.

The nurse also said that telemedicine was well accepted by inmates and the nurse felt more involved in the patients’ care. Dental care could easily be improved with oral teleconsultation because a care plan could be developed for each patient. In my opinion, taking good care of oral hygiene and health are very important when looking for a job after having been released from prison. So, the existence of teleconsultation will give the prisoners a new life after release from prison. In a nutshell, it is proved that the teleconsultation system will make things easier for dentists and nurses to diagnose patients. In my point of view, by applying this system in the community, we could improve oral health care among the community, with no diversity issues, n issues in communication as the dentist, and patients still able to communicate with each other and else.

Too much exposure to radiation dose which contains ionizing radiation may cause certain complications. However, many people are not aware of the risk of radiation doses in their life. To test the level of knowledge of the community some research has been done to assess the community’s level of knowledge about some issues relating to the patients who have been through the exposure of ionizing radiation. By doing so, good communication is very important in this study. To provide effective communication to the patient, it is necessary to first assess the patient's level of knowledge regarding medical exposure. The European Directive 2013/59/EURATOM needs patient radiation dose information to be included in the medical report of radiological procedure. The method that has been used in this study is a questionnaire.

The questionnaire is one of the mediums to get close to the public especially the patients. The questionnaire was designed and consists of thirteen questions. 737 patients participated in this study. The data of the survey were analyzed based on the patient’s population age, education, and the number of radiological procedures received for the past three years which is necessary. Also, the data were analyzed based on population age subdivided into four age groups (18–25, 26–45, 46–65, 66–90), education, and the number of diagnostic imaging procedures received in the three years before the survey. As a result, the majority of the patients who do not aware and do not have any idea about which modality uses ionizing radiation. This is because some of them had never discussed their health care with their healthcare professional the risk concerning their medical radiological procedures.

And some of them were not aware of the professionals that have the expertise to discuss the use of ionizing radiation for medical purposes, and lastly, some of them believe that it is important to have the radiation dose information stated in the medical report. However, during comparing the subgroups, they could find greater awareness in the age group between 45 and 65 years old, and in those who took two or more diagnostic imaging tests. While education seems not to have any influence on the values expressed by respondents. In conclusion, I believe that patients have the right to know related to their care especially the risk of ionizing radiation towards their life.

The physician should take the responsibility to inform the patient and try to figure out any other alternative in treatment so that the patients do not receive the ionizing radiation frequently. For future research, I suggest performing research on how to have effective communication towards patients so that patients can understand the importance of health care. Open surgery will leave the person with a permanent scar or even worse the person may develop a keloid scar. So, percutaneous puncture has been introduced in the medical field as a new intervention that allows the patient an option to treat their impairment. To implement that intervention, the existence of the robotic arm has found to make the intervention easier to implement. There is research has been conducting to identify the function of the robotic system for percutaneous surgery.

The main component in this study is the robotic arm is customized to manipulate a puncture needle. This including the mechanical design, the motion control, and the force control method of the robotic arm. The purpose of using the robotic arm because it has an advantage in terms of easy redirection of the needle because the rotation and the translation are separated in the mechanism by adopting simple laser pens and a well-developed kinematics model, the system can handle the entry point, locating task automatically. However, few issues regarding the robotic arm involved in the control of the robotic arm. The first issue is to make the needle tip that related to the urge entry point on the skin surface with a correct posture.

The surgeon is appointed to the position of the entry point. However, the manual focusing based on the trial-and-error procedure is tedious and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, the second issue is the force control during the needle penetrating the skin. To reduce the risk, an elastic connection between the needle and its actuator has assigned. This configuration rising the compliance of the puncture process and provides a safer operation than that using a rigid connection. However, this issue brings difficulties in contact force control, which is an important requirement in puncture operation. A certain force control strategy has assigned to accomplish the stable and proper contact force for the compliant mechanism.

The robotic arm that associated with an arc mechanism placed on a 3D Cartesian stage is established as a puncture needle manipulator to a position of the needle tip, tune the needle’s posture and mobilize the puncture motion under the visual guidance of two orthogonal X-ray images of a patient that is done by a surgeon. A function of focusing method that used two laser spots is to automatically move the needle tip to a surgery entry point on the skin. This is because the dynamics model is established to control the position of the needle mechanism and a certain force control strategy is utilized to implement needle insertion. As a result that applies in the surgical system, a surgeon can easily conduct the puncture operation by taking two orthogonal real-time X-ray images as visual feedback and exact navigating the needle insertion.

The placement of the needle tip is more effective by using a laser-guided focusing method. A certain force control strategy is proved to be the most effective strategy for holding constant and stable puncture force in this study. In my opinion, the focusing method and the force control method proposed in the paper are useful for the present system and could be intuitive for similar surgical robots in the future. Plus, I found out that the robotic arm is very useful toward the patient and also for the physician. This is because the robotic arm makes things easier and it can reduce time-consuming. As the patient they able to reduce complication such as scar toward their body.

In this era, everyone is storing their data by using electronic devices including the medical field. In other words, everyone is using a computing system in their daily activities. This is because our global is going to save our nature. Nowadays, electronic devices in the healthcare field have risen the number of predominant handling contraptions interconnected with remedial sensors demonstrative structures through heterogeneous system advances. The appropriation of the distributed computing and IoT worldview in the healthcare can convey a few chances to therapeutic IT and specialists trust that it can essentially improve healthcare administrations and improved to the ceaseless and orderly advancement in major data condition. For example, the existing industry 4.0 application. With the development of emerging engineering technology and industrialization in this current revolution, there is some adjustment in the lifestyle of people in urban cities.

Therefore, there is a variety of adjustments to health problems in urban areas. Different application and administration frameworks may be the reason that influenced the lifestyle of persons in metro urban areas with an expansive volume of population. Because of that, the human health system may have a problem that may be identified in urban areas. This paper is focussing to present an analytical study on multiple forms of the health care system in a smart perspective by identifying to emerge engineering technologies such as mobile network, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and ubiquitous computing. Besides, this study also focussing on a detailed survey of health issues and enhanced solutions in automated systems by using these technologies. Next, the paper also focussing on a novel health care system by using safe ambulances and their proper control at traffic points with safety and security features in the cities.

This is because the valuable life of patients was able to save time by takes action as fast as possible. Analytical surveys have been conducted for this study to the improved healthcare industry by using computing systems along with IoT according to various modern health care applications. Smart Health Care Hospital has been applied in this research as these systems allow safe travel for the patient while traveling towards the health care units and hospital. For example, the hospital that offers ambulance service. The ambulance will pick up patients from home or incident events to a health care unit or hospital. This system also allows to associated with a vehicular communication based automated and smart computing system. As a result, a simulation was carried out to see the performance of a safety mechanism in the proposed approach.

The simulation was conducted with two types which are Ns2 and Netsim. The result showed that the system has enhanced the rate of secured service and good security solutions of health care that can be used in advanced technology in automation vehicles, big data analytics, and V2R communication of VANET. Comparative analysis was carried out with other approaches to know the execution time, response time, and probable delay due to the implementation of this approach. In my point of view, this study showed the importance of good interaction between hospital and transportation services to improved health care services among the community by using IoT system.

So, the system will help the hospital administration and the patient very well. For the future study, I hope that there is a research on how to improve IoT system function to be fastest than now and easier to conducted. The developments in the computing system in the medical field have changed according to the current evolutions. The evolution changes from the paper system into a computing system, wireless system, and communications technology called e-health care. This system provides a lot of benefits associated with challenges aside such as the privacy and the securities of the information recorded. Because of these issues, many people doubt the efficiency of the e-health care system. So, this paper was conducted to identify the main regulations regarding e-health privacy of information. This study was one in India.

The changes in , prevent medical errors, and improve the quality of facility care. However, the big issue is the protection of patients’ data privacy. Organizations might think about the incompliance patient to participate in the health care system due to lack of privacy laws and regulations, the advantages of the full-fledged e-health care system cannot emerge. This paper is focussing to investigate the e-health data privacy protection laws and the consciousness of the community regarding the e-health care facilities. For this study, the researcher used a few methodologies like used content analysis and survey method. The researchers used content analysis to identify the opportunity and extend the nature of the laws and regulations. Besides, the survey has been conducted with the participants in the study comprised of health care professionals (n ¼ 46) and health care users (n ¼ 187) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The researchers applied descriptive statistics mechanisms and correlational analysis to analyze the data in the survey to provides the important data of the participant that associated with characteristic and demographic of the participant. As a result, there was no significant difference between the demographic data sets and the many data protection principles. By, the content analysis showed that the proper health data protection laws are very limited in this opportunity. However, the result showed that the respondents felt that they could trust the e-health services systems offered in the UAE. This is because, respondents believe that the data collected in the UAE is protected, the rights are not violated.

Also, the result showed that there was no significant difference between nationality and privacy data statements. All the nationality agreed that there is protection in place for the protection security of e-health information. In my point of view, all organization shall go for paperless and start to use the computing system without worry about the privacy and securities of the data as our technology nowadays were very trusted to use. Plus, the no need to worry about the data might leak toward the unreliable or irresponsible person as an organization has a good system to secure the client’s data. However, by using this system some issues might happen such as data error or system down. So for future study, I suggest investigating or find a solution on how to manage and prevent the error data or system down. 

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