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Satire is the use of sarcasim or humour to draw attention to something which is absurd or bad. The humour of satire isn’t upfront, however subtle. Sattire is illustrated in George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, the poem Five Ways to kill a man by Edwin Brock, Icarus Allsorts by Roger McGough and the play Loot by Joe Orton. They all portray similar ideas about satire to demonstrates opinions about different events. In his novel Animal Farm Orwell uses the techniques of satire, allegory and fable to expose the brutality and suffering in a totalitarian regime.

Discuss the ways in which Orwell uses these techniques to achieve his purpose. Orwell’s aim when constructing Animal Farm was to expose the brutality and suffering within a totalitarian regime using three techniques, fable, allegory and satire. Using these three techniques, Orwell successfully created a story that satirises totalitarian regimes and exposes the brutality and suffering. Animal Farm has been based on the Russian Revolution, which became a totalitarian government, with animals representing the major figures and politicians of the time.

Totalitarian is the word used to describe a regime headed by a dictator, a dictator being a leader with supreme unquestionable power. Totalitarian regimes are usually designed with good intentions, to provide a better life for the people yet due to corruption the regime creates brutality and suffering and in the end it is only the dictator and his leading men, in the case of Animal Farm it is Napoleon, the pigs and the dogs, that benefit.

In conclusion, George Orwells Animal Farm along with the play Loot by Joe Orton , Icarus Allsorts by Roger McGough and Five ways to kill a man have all successfully represented the universal concept of satire in great detail. Through thoroughly exploring the underlying notions of problems associated with satire along with the use of an array of stylistic devices and writing techniques all four composers have successful techniques all four composers have successfully portrayed the concept of satire in a comprehensive yet crafty manner.

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