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Bioluminescence in Treating Tuberculosis Disease
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INTRODUCTION What is Bioluminescence The current paper main focus is on bioluminescent Fungi but the basic features of bioluminescence discussed are common to all bioluminescent organisms. Bioluminescence is simply light created by living organisms. Probably the most commonly known example of bioluminescence by North Americans is the firefly, which lights its abdomen during its mating season to communicate with potential mates. This bioluminescent ability occurs in 25 different phyla many of which are totally unrelated and diverse with the phylum…...
Analysis of Measurement Issue in TBL Reporting
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Pages • 3
ccording to John Elkington( ), triple bottom line reporting has been defined as follows: (i) At its narrowest, the term triple bottom line is used as a framework for measuring and reporting corporate performance against economic, social and environmental parameters. (ii) At its broadest, the term is used to capture the whole set of values, issues and processes that companies must address in order to create economic, social and environmental value. This involves being clear about the company's purpose and…...
Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs in Hospitals
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It was experimental that 71% doctor does not ensure to take body weight, 66% of doctor does not to patients' complains of sickness appropriately, 78% doctor does not have interest to inquire past disease history, 97% does not want to question patients' socio-economic situations, 95% patient does not have interest to take history of drug allergy. Very oblivious attitude to patients were exposed and non-professionalism of doctors' approach were exposed. The number of drugs per prescription were taken consideration by…...
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Isonicotinic acid hydrazide – Drug for Tuberculosis
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Pages • 3
Isonicotinic acid hydrazide (INH) is a wonder drug for tuberculosis which is one of the top pharmaceuticals that has changed the world, but overdose of isoniazid can lead to poisoning incidents, even death. Therefore, controlling the dose of INH for sufferers in clinical chemistry is very important. Hence, Wu and co-workers proposed a novel MIP-ECL sensor based on Ru(bpy)3 2+-Au nanoparticles decorated multi-walled carbon nanotubes (Ru-AuNP-MCNT) composites for selectively detection of INH. The MIP is synthesized through electrochemical copolymerization of…...
Bilateral Radiological Involvement
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Pages • 2
On x-ray finding (Table 5), bilateral radiological involvement, 16.7% of non-converted cases had unilateral lesions versus to 83.3% had bilateral ones with (P value 0.03) and could be consider a predictor of sputum non-conversion. Bouti et al.10 revealed that bilateral radiological involvement was independent risk factors for delayed smear conversion, due to the high baseline bacillary burden of those patients which delay time for conversion. Also, the study showed that 92.9% of the converted cases had localized lesions versus7.1% of…...
Collaborative Working
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Pages • 12
There are many different ways to define ‘Collaborative Working’. According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information bookshelf (NCIB) Collaboration in health care is defined as health care professionals assuming complementary roles and co-operatively working together, sharing responsibility for problem-solving and making decisions to formulate and carry out plans for patient care. Collaboration between physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals increases a team member’s awareness of each other’s type of knowledge and skills, leading to continued improvement in decision-making.…...
Tuberculosis A Multisystem Disease
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“Tuberculosis (TB), a multisystem disease with myriad presentations and manifestations, is the most common cause of infectious disease–related mortality worldwide. Although TB rates are decreasing in the United States, the disease is becoming more common in many parts of the world. In addition, the prevalence of drug-resistant TB is increasing worldwide. TB is caused by M tuberculosis, a slow-growing obligate aerobe and a facultative intracellular parasite. The organism grows in parallel groups called cords (as seen in the image below).…...
Tuberculosis & Antibiotic resistance
Words • 772
Pages • 3
Tuberculosis (TB), also known as consumption, is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB). TB is the leading cause of death in the world among reported deaths caused by a bacterial infectious disease. The disease affects 1.8 billion people per year, which is equal to one-third of the entire world population (Todar). Pulmonary tuberculosis accounts for the majority of the TB cases in the United States (Todar). Bovine tuberculosis is another infectious form of TB caused by…...
Tuberculosis Epidemiology Paper
Words • 1848
Pages • 7
This will paper discuss one of the deadly disease in the world call Tuberculosis (TB). The goal is to prevent the disease and prevent the spread of the disease from the teaching that the community health nurse will provide. An individual can die if TB is left untreated. Active Tuberculosis Tuberculosis (TB) is an infection caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. This respiratory disease that in most common in the lungs. (World Health Organization, 2014). Other parts of the…...
Tuberculosis disease
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Pages • 5
Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It affects the lungs mostly but can cause symptoms in your skin or other organs. TB is transmitted from coughs and sneezes where the bacterium is carried in the air. A third of the population of the world is infected with the tuberculosis bacterium but only one in 10 of these individuals will advance to developing the disease because of the body's immune system, which fights the…...
Tuberculosis Problem in Mountains Beyond Mountains Book Review
Words • 923
Pages • 4
The title is a haitian proverb that translates “beyond the mountains, more mountains.” As it relates to the book, I believe mountains beyond mountains means the never ending struggle to control disease involving the poor. In this case, the poor are the haitian people who are in a struggle to improve their health and the institution in place allow this to perpetuate. Farmer sees health in a way that differs from most. Farmer believes improvement of health is not only…...
Tuberculosis essay
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Pages • 13
Acknowledgement First, I would like to thank God for giving me enough knowledge, strength, and guidance to be able to finish this term paper. And also I would like to thank my cousins for helping and giving me some information about this. To my family for being my inspiration. To my uncle/auntie for giving financial support. To the authors of Wikipedia or Google and reference book that contribute a lot for making this term paper. And lastly to my Instructor…...
Managing Outbreaks of a Tuberculosis Infection
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Pages • 15
NICE Department of Health Standards NICE Department of Health standards set the standards for high quality healthcare. It motivates a healthy way of life for people. The NICE and Department of Health guidelines are also used by the NHS, Resident Authorities, employers, voluntary groups and anyone else associated with delivering care and promoting wellbeing. The suggestions that are given offer guidance on infection control and taking preventative measures. These ought to be used by all healthcare workers, and other carers,…...
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