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Tuberculosis Essay Examples

Essay on Tuberculosis

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Managing Outbreaks of a Tuberculosis Infection

The department of Health Guidelines say: “There are three levels of TB infection control: Administrative (managerial) control measures/ work place policy, environmental control measures, and personal protective equipment (respiratory protection). Administrative control measures are the most important since environmental control measures and personal protective equipment (respiratory protection) ...

Tuberculosis essay

I therefore that tuberculosis is truly one of the global killer and the same time global problem that exist since antiquity. It can cause destitution to every one of us since the spread of this disease occurs when an infected person coughs, sneezes, shouts, sing or speak; obviously this disease can transmit to one another easily. It is quite obvious that the person who lives in poverty, health wo...

Mountains Beyond Mountains

Instead of listening and completely dismissing his needs as out of the question he promises to try his best. On a board he writes what Joe’s current situation and the situation he wants to place him in and begins his mission. Ultimately he finds Joe a homeless shelter but they do not allow alcohol, but that doesn’t stop Farmer from pleading Joe’s case. This unorthodox method for providing t...

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Tuberculosis disease

Furlow, B. (2010). Tuberculosis: A Review and Update. Radiologic Technology. 82(1) 33-49 Retrieved 2/15/14 from: http://library.gcu.edu/ Global strategy and targets for tuberculosis prevention, care and control after 2015. (2013).WorldHealthOrganization.Retrievedfrom:http://www.who.int/tb/post2015_tbstrategy.pdf?ua=1 King, M.G. (2011). Four Responsibilities of the Tuberculosis Nurse, Circa 1919. P...

Epidemiology Paper

http://www.everydayhealth.com/health-center/multiple-drug-therapy-for-tuberculosis-tb.aspx#hw20716 Maurer, F. A., & Smith, C. M. (2009). Community/Public health nursing practice: Health for families and populations (4thed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier. RN pedia.com. (2014). Community Health Nurse Roles and Functions. Retrieved from http://www.rnpedia.com/home/notes/community-health-nursi...

Tuberculosis & Antibiotic resistance

In stage five, liquefaction continues until the tubercle ruptures, which allows bacilli to spill into a bronchiole and then disseminate throughout the lungs and into the circulatory and lymphatic systems. These five stages are how the disease progresses when the defenses of the body fail. In most healthy individuals, the infection is arrested, and fatal TB does not develop (Tortora, Funke, and Ca...

Human rights in South Africa

South Africa is the largest AID infected country in the world. Leaders in South Africa admit to mismanaging the AIDS crisis there. They denied that HIV was the cause of AIDS and prescribed the wrong medication to people with this sickness. This ultimately had a health effect on the people of South Africa. It has an impact on unborn babies. According to researchers, 37,000 babies will be infected w...

Epidemiology Paper

A popular nationwide agency that addresses tuberculosis is the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “NIAID funds and conducts biomedical research on TB. NIAID also collaborates with other U.S. government agencies and multilateral organizations worldwide to support public–private partnerships to benefit people who have TB, multidrug-resistant TB (MDR TB), and extensively drug-...

Collaborative Working

It is evident that collaborative working does have the best outcome for patient. Working collectively has enabled me to expand my knowledge and skills required to work along side other health providers and social services. Communication is the key skill required in collaborative working to ensure and accomplish the best outcome for your patients. All services and organisations need to work well to...

Hiv/Aids Pandemic in Liberia

For instance, Cote d’Ivoire had the highest prevalence rate of 7. 1% in 2005 in the region and the second highest in West Africa. Sierra Leone and Guinea are ranked in second and third place respectively in the MRU basin. With these high-rate prevalence MRU neighboring countries to Liberia, one can only say that they are at very high risk of the dreadful disease. The table showing the spatial di...

Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases

There is also a local organization called AFAN or Aid for Aids of Nevada that provides support and advocacy for HIV positive people or people who are dealing with HIV in Nevada. "AFAN provides direct client service programs, food programs, prevention and education programs, and community outreach. It is the mission of our client service programs to enhance the physical health and psychosocial well...

Antibiotic resistance to medicine

Work Cited ‘ Alanis A. 2005. Resistance to Antibiotics: Are we in the post-antibiotic Era? Archives of Medical Research 36(6): 697-705. ‘ Singh A, Goering R, Simjee S, Foley S, Zervos M. 2006. The application of molecular techniques to the study of hospital infection. Clin Microbiol Rev 19(3): 512-30. ‘ Baquero F, Campos J. 2003. The tragedy of the commons in antimicrobial chemot...

There are new changes in the results categories in Xpert Ultra assay

There are new changes in the results categories in Xpert Ultra assay. The standard Xpert used to report the semi-quantitative categories as high, medium, low and very low detection. For the Ultra assay, the addition of new semi-quantitative category trace was introduced in Ultra that corresponds to the lowest bacillary burden TB detection. In the trace TB detection, one or both of the probes for m...

Bilateral Radiological Involvement

Regarding sputum positivity grading, 3 patients remained sputum positive at the end of treatment, those patients has a high sputum grading on their initial assessment; 2 patients had +3, and one patient had +4 sputum grading (P value 0.001) (Table 6). Bouti et al.10, Saffari et al.19 agree with current work. Singla et al.21 also found in their studies that the presence of large numbers of bacilli ...

Isonicotinic acid hydrazide - Drug for Tuberculosis

In this study, the complex Ni2+- dimethylglyoxime (Ni-DMG) was applied as the template molecule to co-polymerize with the functional monomer of o-phenylenediamine (o-PD) to construct the MIP film on the surface of glassy carbon electrode (GCE) by electropolymerization and then acted as a mimetic enzyme to catalyse the oxidisation of luminol to enhance the ECL emission. After the elution of the com...

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