Transportation Essay Topics

Good transportation

Of all the countries of the earth, there are developed and developing countries. Of the developed nations, one of them stands out as the superpower: it is the United States of America, the place of untied people or more than one race defending the sanity of their environment, and extending her good will to other… View Article

London Transportation

London, England has long been regarded as a cosmopolitan metropolis with international appeal at the cutting edge of culture and technology, as well as its ancient and innovative transportation options. London’s location next to a major tributary “in the middle stretch of the Thames valley” , its basin rim terraced with materials formed from sedimentary… View Article

Transportation Costs

Today, crude oil price is valued at $53. 30 per barrel, but is still in contention with other sources of energy such as biofuels. Biofuels today are getting cheaper and cheaper due to the new technologies such as the development of several other feedstocks such as jatropha and corn stover. However, in Malaysia, due to… View Article

POV’s and Traffic Tickets

There are quite a few soldiers in Oahu, Hawaii that own POV’s (Personally Owned Vehicles), but many do not know the risk behind owning such dangerous tools. Yes, a POV is typically used as a form of transportation, but more reckless behavior tends to be the trend among younger soldiers. Reckless behavior such as texting… View Article

Transport or transportation is the movement of good

Transport or transportation is the movement of goods from one location to another. Modes of transport include air, rail, road, water and pipeline. The field can be divided into infrastructure, vehicles, and operations. Freight transport has become focused on containerization, although bulk transport is used for large volumes of durable items. Transport plays an important… View Article