The Current Situational Analysis Of The Sentient Jet Company

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About Company

Founded in 1999, the Sentient Jet business model revolutionized the private aviation industry. Today, the company offers the most sensible, intelligent choice in private aviation, delivering superior value and comprehensive products to over 4,000 Cardholders. Building upon an innovative business model, Sentient created the industry’s first private jet card, which provides Cardholders the value and flexibility of purchasing their private jet travel in hourly increments, while paying only for the hours they fly. Often 20% less than other jet cards, the Sentient Jet Card offers all-inclusive pricing with rates and fuel locked-in for 12 months.

The company was also the first to establish an Independent Safety Advisory Board. As of 2015, it was a market leader in the private aviation industry and its President Andrew Collins was faced with a multitude of options for the future growth strategy for this business. The focus was to not only maintain its position as a market leader but also look at disruptive innovations in a rapidly changing environment.

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Key Issues

Of the four development openings displayed towards the end of the case, which alternative is appropriate for Sentient Jet to keep up its post position and double its market size? What is Sentient Jet's extension for expansion over the aviation landscape? Should the organization extend its worldwide operations scope? How can they further generate customer loyalty?

Current Situation

5Cs Analysis Company: The company utilizes an open armada demonstrate wherein it rents aircraft as opposed to owning them. It goes about as a stage between the customers looking for fly administrations on one hand and aircraft suppliers on the other.

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90% of the flights were residential while 10% were worldwide. Its key offering was the 25 Hour Jet Card. The company had in excess of 5000 cardholders and was meaning to twofold the size in not so distant future. It utilized different inventive contributions to pull in customers. These future clarified in more detail later when we cover the item advertising. It likewise utilized innovation bigly. For instance, the creative restrictive programming called "Analyzer" could track flights, store client data, take asks for and propose backup courses of action. On account of inventive arrangements, applicable showcasing, committed group (100 representatives) and vivacious administration Sentient figured out how to dock an income of 225 Bn and develop by 15% CAGR more than 2013-2015.

Customers: The business in general took into account fundamentally corporate customers and high and high total assets people. According to Exhibit 8, the determination criteria for a stream included speed and scope of the aircraft, value, setup of the cockpit and nature of administration and support. These customers voyaged both for business and also relaxation. They commonly wish to encounter extravagance in the more important sense instead of realism alone. They are generally independent individuals who have buckled down in life to achieve achievement and utilize the stream involvement to spare time yet in addition encounter extravagance. They value a company going the additional mile in offering encounters that can be particular and agreeable.

Collaborators: Conscious Jets had various collaborators in order to give a consistent affair to its recognized demographic.

  • Licensed Air Carriers: for aircraft armada
  • Airport Tie-ups
  • Corporate Partners: Andrew Harper, Boston Celtics, Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort, Breeders Cup Competitors: The worldwide market was overwhelmed by the US household advertise.

Inside the US, there were 700 Private Jet organizations competing for a pie of 1.2 Million flight hours. Eminent competitors offering Jet cards program are Citation Air, Mallegan Air, Jet Aviation, FlexJet, NetJets and so forth. The assorted variety of alternatives accessible made the contender scene simply more troublesome. Some key highlights incorporating a union with a solitary sort of aircraft or large number of alternatives, dynamic valuing amid top season versus static evaluating, rebate offers, lapse rules, rollover choices of unused hours, the adaptability of card recharging versus buy of new cards.

Context: Post the 2008 financial subsidence, the descending weight on costs came out on top to combine. To hold shaft position in such a situation hurls different development choices which are significant to being assessed deliberately. The customers were winding up increasingly requesting with the entire meaning of extravagance getting re-imagined. Each passing day and each new task increased present expectations higher and it was getting increasingly hard to emerge. Also, the industry worked related to various players. Most pivotal among these were the National controllers. The airspace directions were hard to understand and overseeing them crosswise over geologies was a colossal test. For instance, China regardless of being an extremely appealing business sector was not getting tapped on account of the bureaucratic procedure and shut airspaces. Advancements, for example, online stages, no enrollment moment administrations, and level charge everything you can fly contributions were springing up as disturbances. Also, private stream tourism was another developing idea. Amidst this, the business carriers had likewise concocted outstanding advantages for their flyers to catch this specialty portion of extravagance voyagers. At long last, the worldwide agreement was moving against the non sustainable qualities of the avionics business. Especially in the context of environmental change arrangements under CoP Paris of UNFCCC, mindfulness was developing and duties to back off environmental change were rising. These hurt the Aviation part as it was except if there were some significant developments. Corporate division, for example, P&G, Johnson and Johnson, Ikea and so on were taking up Green activities.

Marketing mix: 7 P’s Product 25 Hour Jet card Providing comprehensive estimating, access to assorted aircraft, with noteworthy investment funds A holistic background of extravagance which joins the work and relaxation with tweaked contributions. Price Flexible estimating choices with different options accessible according to the requirements. The hourly rate extended from 4000 USD to 9000 USD from light wanted to overwhelming select choices Place Primarily in the US with 90% of the deals made in the US Primary channel for customer procurement was through referrals Promotion Referrals were the essential vehicle of customer procurement, controlled by a solid dedication program The yearly lottery framework offered the champs once in lifetime encounters expanding the extravagance stamp Social Media nearness crosswise over stages, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (#EnjoyTheJorney) Collaboration with correlative accomplices offering coordinated administrations and cross-marking Media battles, for example, I Fly Sentient Jet Physical Environment The scope of aircraft alternatives accessible in different sizes Collaborations with integral gave an all-encompassing background of extravagance Process By utilization of the private stream participation card which could evaluate a fly of the decision according to needs Developed the innovation apparatus called streamlining agent which could track flights, store customer data, make demands People Pioneering soul and authoritative culture no hesitant to advance. Technology specialists, incredible showcasing group, in excess of 100 devoted representatives Relationship administration perspective stressed upon each activity.

STP SWOT analysis


Sentient Jet has a solid authority position, and subsequently huge market get a handle on over whatever is left of its rivals. Sentient Jet's offer of significant worth that is unparalleled would mean a steadfast client base, more prominent client maintenance, and higher client lifetime value..all of which are crucial to them keeping up their authority position. The organization's capacity of working an armada 20-30% lower than its rivals implies it can hold a predominant position at lesser working expense. It likewise means more prominent gainfulness. It likewise has a Unique Selling Proposition of an inventive plan of action and innovation stage.


The Jet Card Program offered by the organization is presently to a great extent replicated and made into variations; costing Sentient Jet a generally crucial USP. Opportunities The part of Common Enterprise remains a market with more potential for Sentient Jets to take advantage of. They have the initiative position and in this manner the capacity to cover traveler encounter past the flight itself; from pre-loading up to post-landing. This capacity to incorporate the traveler encounter into their portfolio will permit them space to ceaselessly progress.


Creativity is a perspective that should be kept up; for fear that the organization be helpless against interruption by different contenders. Sentient Jet's development was pre-Uber. This perspective itself would recommend that organizations, for example, Uber, now remain as a conceivable disruptor in its way over the span of the following decade in giving private air transport.


One of the approaches to separate itself could be to give an incorporated, consistent, end to end travel understanding. In such manner, by its capacity to manufacture tie-ups with teammates, Sentient Jets has just demonstrated some guarantee. We recommend taking this a step further. For instance, a man having gone by Sentient Jet could be picked at the landing area by a top of the line taxi having a tie-up with Sentient, free of expense. So also, if the individual needs to register with an inn, the Sentient Jet application could be utilized for pre-registration. At the season of arranging a flight, the whole travel and stay can get consistently arranged and booked with insignificant issues. By one single application/stage. Another viewpoint that could give Sentient Jet the edge they have to keep up their authority position is the part of Green Management. This is particularly imperative when considering that the business sectors, paying little respect to customer extra cash, has happened to higher affectability to the economy. With regards to sanction jets, they could think about the execution of biofuels. Since one of Sentient Jet's essential capabilities is in its systems administration, they could think about a coordinated effort with HoneyWell. As of June 2011, Honeywell had made Green Jet Fuel, which as a result was a mix of part-jet fuel and a subsidiary of the camelina plant. Subsequent to fueling a Gulfstream (one of Sentients fundamental aircraft worked) G450, the principal transoceanic trip to be controlled by a biofuel mix was executed, for a departure from New York to Paris in a flight. This flight spared around 5.5 metric huge amounts of net carbon dioxide and consumed around 20 gallons less fuel.

Put into the viewpoint of decreased working expenses and more prominent client saw an incentive because of upgraded ecological kind disposition, this is an answer that should be firmly considered by Sentient Jet amid their market infiltration.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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