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The Train from Rhodesia: Culture and Tradition in the Story
Words • 979
Pages • 4
  They become the catalyst for change. Similar to 'The Young Couple', it is unknown how their relationship started, however at the beginning of the story the couple are happy and satisfied. This changes rapidly throughout their journey as the woman realizes her views, in relation to artist's work, differs significantly from her husband's, which changes everything. 'A Stench of Kerosene' is the most serious and shocking of the three stories. Manak and Guleri, the two main characters, are expected…...
CultureCulture And TraditionTraditionTrain
SCIENCE: A Boon or Bane
Words • 1515
Pages • 7
SCIENCE: A Boon or Bane By: Mumtaz Ali The phenomenal progress of science has revolutionized every field of life. The influence of science can be seen in every walk of life. Science has provided us with many wonders. It has completely changed the living style of people. The lives that we lead today are far different from those of our forefathers. If our ancestors happen to visit the modern world they would not be able to recognize it. Its complexion…...
Transport System in Los Angeles
Words • 493
Pages • 2
A good transportation system is very essential for the prosperity of a city/country/state. In Los Angeles, the transportation system within the city provides a local, countrywide and global center used for shipment and passenger traffic. The structure embraces United States’ biggest harbor complex, a broad passenger and cargo rail network, a widespread highway arrangement and several airports. Los Angeles also encompasses a busy transport system poised of several roads, freeways, bus lines, and passageways. The urban area of Los Angeles…...
AirportPublic TransportTrainTransport
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Traffic Control System
Words • 3591
Pages • 15
Introduction As the population of the United States dramatically increases and the number of vehicles on the nation's roads and highways skyrockets, new methods of traffic control and organization have become necessary, by utilizing new methods of transportation or by revising the current system. In the past 15 years, the number of vehicles on American roads has increased 41.9%, the number of licensed drivers has increased 29.3%, but the size of the general population has only risen 15.9% (Clark 387-404).…...
BusPublic TransportTrafficTrainTransport
The train from rhodesia
Words • 1075
Pages • 5
  In each of these stories there is clear lack of communication between the main characters and ignorance of the local culture. In 'The Young Couple' there is confusion of feelings and misinterpretation of the future; they both have different opinions of what is going to happen and assume the other thinks the same. 'A Stench of Kerosene' features a choice that leads to a lack of communication. "Neither understood each other's thoughts" 'The Train from Rhodesia' is an example…...
The Concept Of Fuzzy Logic Computer Science Essay
Words • 4178
Pages • 17
Chapter 1:IntroductionThe construct of Fuzzy Logic ( FUZZY LOGIC ) was conceived by Lotfi Zadeh, a professor at the University of California at Berkley, and presented non as a control methodological analysis, but as a manner of treating informations by leting partial set rank instead than wrinkle fit rank or non-membership. This attack to put theory was non applied to command systems until the 70 's due to deficient small-computer capableness prior to that clip. Professor Zadeh reasoned that people…...
AutomationComputer Science For ProgressTrain
Pakistan Railway
Words • 4888
Pages • 20
FINAL PROJECT INTRO. OF MICRO ECONOMICS SUBMITTED TO: SIR. IMRAN SUBMITTED BY: ASIF HAFEEZ, USMAN GHANI (083582) SUBMISSTION DATE: 26-12-2011 Contents 1. Introduction-------------------------------------------03 2. Railway Earning ---------------------------------------04 3. Railway Traffic ---------------------------------------05 4. Corporate Profile --------------------------------------09 5. Corporate Direction -----------------------------------09 6.Pricing Profile -----------------------------------------09 7. Cargo Express ------------------------------------------10 8. Concrete Sleeper Factories(CSF) -------------------10 9. Pakistan Locomotive Factory ------------------------10 10. RailCOP ------------------------------------------------ 11 11. PRACS --------------------------------------------------11 12. Karakorum Railway ----------------------------------11 13. Pakistan Railway Crisis -----------------------------12 14.Future of Railway ------------------------------------18 15. Conclusion --------------------------------------------18 16.…...
The Great Carajas Project – Description
Words • 455
Pages • 2
The great Carajas Project was devised in 1980 and it covered one tenth of Brazil's 900000km squared land area. The main purpose of the project was to mine iron ore. Other minerals were mined in Brazil such as Gold, Manganese, Bauxite, Copper and Nickel but there were low resources of these minerals so are mined from smaller mines. Also, they are ranching and refining aluminium. The great Carajas project is situated in the heart of the rainforest and is powered…...
Discuss how tension is created in the train station sequence in ‘The Untouchables’ (1987)
Words • 1234
Pages • 5
'The untouchables' is a film which is based on a true story. It was made in 1987 by Brian de Palma. It is about Elliot ness, an officer for the treasury department in Chicago, who needs to pin Al Capone for tax evasion. With the help of his three companions, Jim Malone, George Stone and Oscar Wallace, he comes up with a plan to get Al Capone! But with the unfortunate ness of both Malone and Wallace being murdered, Elliot…...
Business Computing
Words • 116
Pages • 1
Network Rail is an engineering company established in 2002 by the government to maintain, improve and operate Britain’s rail infrastructure. It covers all aspects of the railway, owning signals, bridges, level crossing and most stations across the country. The company aims to improve safety, reliability, and efficiency and at the same time reducing costs. It’s main customers are train operating companies responsible for passenger and freight train services Network Rail aims at the improvement of West Coast Main Line covering…...
BusBusinessSoftwareSoftware EngineeringTrainWorld Wide Web
A brief story about traveling in China
Words • 6312
Pages • 26
Coming back from Provinces to the City of Beijing again is kind of shock... no it is not a shock but it feels like you are leaving another life behind and start living your routine again. Start drowning into the jungle of the big city, drowning into the jungle of streets, houses, cars, bicycles, dust and noise far away from the oases we have found on our travel. Feels like you are lost again in between all of them and…...
Book Review of Train to Pakistan
Words • 2317
Pages • 10
Train to Pakistan, originally published in 1956, is not a very good book, but quite enjoyable much of the time. Khushwant Singh, less than ten years after Partition, in 1947, wrote a novel of less than 200 pages and still managed to create what’s probably best described as an uneven mess. Ideas, allusions, characters and bits and pieces of story float all over the book. There’s no denying that Singh, who has since become a famous public figure and intellectual…...
Book ReviewPakistanTrain
The Centre of Goes
Words • 2175
Pages • 9
Introduction The area that was assigned to us is the centre of Goes. Because of our area being the centre of Goes it is quite a dense area with a lot of traffic and not much open space. The buildings in the centre of Goes are not very high except for the church. We also have significant amount stakeholders in our area. There is a lot of pavement and there is not much room for greenery. In the few open…...
Air PollutionBankCarCityPoliceTrain
Toy Critique – Description of Toy Lego Duplo
Words • 736
Pages • 3
Introduction Aim, Objectives & Rationale I am a student at Limerick College of Further Education, and I am doing the Childcare Certificate level 5. Early Childhood Care Education and Play is one of the mandatory modules in this course. The toy critique is the first assignment out of 3. Description of Toy-160324155448000 Lego Duplo "My First Number Train". Educational Toy is a very colourful toy with a set of 25 different parts. It includes 3 figures a boy, a girl…...
Lego groupTrain
Service Failure
Words • 2053
Pages • 9
Introduction (Discussion of service failure) (300 words) The term "service failure" examines the real reasons why employees struggle in order to deliver outstanding service. (Toister, Jeff, 2012) Service Failure refers to not being able to perform the service which has been therefore promised by a company. (Sambridhi, Shrestha, 2017) A service failure is a service performance or encounter that falls below a customer's expectations, which eventually leads to dissatisfaction. (Zeithaml et al., 2009; Andreassen, 2001) In other words service failure…...
FailurePublic TransportServiceTrain
Safety Measures in Railways Using Embedded System Soundar
Words • 1872
Pages • 8
Abstract Railway is the most popular and friendly transportation system of the largest part of the cities in the world. Train is widely used for comfortable and safe journey in a reasonable fare. People from different professions can effort it. Almost 10,000 billion freight tonne-Kilometers and more than 5 billion Passengers of rail transport have been travelled around the world per years. The railway transportation system plays an important role for business as well as for leniency and safe travelling…...
Methods of Transportation
Words • 684
Pages • 3
Drones: Organizations are beginning to adopt drones in improving their supply chain network. Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV) have become popular because of its ability to tackle difficult terrains, reduce labor, and replace fleet of vehicles that require costly maintenance. This method of transportation reduces the emissions put off to a large extent when compared to combustion engines. It is said that the drone usage in manufacturing and logistics of the company is said to rise significantly in the next 5…...
Public TransportSustainabilityTechnologyTrainTransportTransportation
The design, construction, maintenance and operation of train suspension
Words • 2114
Pages • 9
Introduction I am going to be talking and researching about train bogies. Train bogies are rarely noticed by the average train passenger however are the essential part of the train system and its guidance mechanism. Your average train will consist of two bogies located near the two vehicle ends. Each bogie is 4 wheeled that provides the support for the vehicle body for breaking and traction. Bogie design The bogie is designed to: Hold the wheels Hold the weight of…...
ConstructionDesignMechanical EngineeringTrainTransportVehicles
Proposal of Student Fare Discount Act
Words • 1539
Pages • 7
Senate Bill No. 1160 Honourable Manny Villar presented the Senate Bill no. 1160 on the 15th congress of the Republic of the Philippines indicating the privileges that students must be granted. According to Villar (2012), students must be discounted in different expenses such as in reading materials, vehicle fares, hospital rate, school supplies, as well as in admission fees to stage theaters, galleries, and museum. Furthermore, the tuition fee in the Philippines ascends yearly and most of the students that…...
PhilippinesPublic TransportStudentTrainTransport
Trainee Assistant Practitioner Job
Words • 1365
Pages • 6
As a Trainee Assistant Practitioner, my work involves working with various people like - patients and their family members and also with staff at various level and capacities. I communicate (oral and written) well with these group of people. According to Pavord, E, & Donnelly, E (2015) communication is about the interaction we have with others and it could be thru various means like face to face, electronic, Phones. I get across to family member/relatives on behalf of the patient…...
CommunicationHealthHealth CareJobPatientTherapy
Factors Affecting Bshrm and Bshrs Trainees
Words • 926
Pages • 4
Pictures of Facilities Establishment’s Brochures (scanned) Updated Resume Certificate of Completion of Training (scanned) SWEP Evaluation Sheet (original) Time Card / Time Sheet (original) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I consider this as one of my greatest achievements. This report wouldn’t be a success without the help of significant personalities. I would like to give my outmost appreciation for those who contributed to this report. I would like to thank first and foremost God our Father that gave me strength, guidance, knowledge and patience…...
The Trains by William Heyen
Words • 222
Pages • 1
Franz Paul Stangl, Commandant of Hitler’s army in Berlin, sent out an order to those in charge of Trelbinka that any items from the Jews in the camp be shipped back to Berlin for use by the Germans. Summary: Trelbinka was a Holocaust prisoner’s camp that was eventually closed. The Commandant in Berlin ordered that the items there, taken from prisoners, be shipped back to the command post for use by the Germans. The shipment was put into 248 freight…...
Travel by boat or by train: Advantages and disadvantages
Words • 614
Pages • 3
Introduction:             Traveling is one of the most happy experiences on can have. But the high cost of travel and the time can tend to be an important factor in the choice of travel mode that we take. Usually, a trip will or might involve the options for a ride on a train or a ship or boat.  These modes of transport are, for the most part, fast and very common among travelers. But we must go and find  the…...
“On the Train” by Sharon Olds
Words • 1057
Pages • 5
The poem "On the Train" by Sharon Olds is a free-verse poem about a white woman and a young black man who find themselves alone with each other on the train, facing each other from the opposite sides of the car. As they observe each other, the female relates her ideas about the situation, which show the worry and stress of living an urban life. The reality that the young man prior to her is black is of specific significance…...
Book Review: Train to Pakistan
Words • 2028
Pages • 9
Khushwant Singh opens his unique Train to Pakistan in a relatively serene town on the countryside of Punjabi. Although the little village is imaginary, it is very important to note the historic significance this village, its individuals, and the time period represent in the book. Revered as an one of the finest and best-known performances of the Indian catastrophe of partition, Train to Pakistan embodies more than a fictitious neighborhood. The following literary analysis will portray the repercussion of human…...
Book ReviewPakistanTrain
Otis Toy Trains: Supply Chain
Words • 257
Pages • 2
JLPTC proposed that they wanted to work closely with the designers of the Otis Toy Trains and also wanted to take over most of the production of the past series. Although JLPTC offered 40-60 percent lower landed price, Otis also should consider the advantages and disadvantages. JLPTC will require a large amount of profit sharing about the products that they produced or the shareholding of the Otis. There is a dangerous risk about JLPTC works closely with the Otis’s designers.…...
Missing the Train
Words • 373
Pages • 2
In my story “Missing the train” I used foreshadowing to show that I was late to school by missing the train, to support the fact that whenever you don’t be on time for the first part then you will not be on time for the next part. I was sleeping peacefully under the warm covers until my annoying alarm clock started ringing its annoying tone. I got up and turn off the alarm and that’s when I realized how cold…...
How to Train to Run a Half-Marathon?
Words • 523
Pages • 3
I. Step 1 Preparing the Mind Visualization- picture in your mind the runner you want to be. Picture yourself making a great training run. Affirmation- flood your mind with positive thoughts by talking to yourself every day. Tell yourself that you are a marathon runner. Our minds operate in the present so the more we tell ourselves something, even if it is not yet true, the faster our mind believe it. Also, put an affirmation, race brochure, or inspiring quote…...
Who Causes Collision?
Words • 990
Pages • 4
Come aboard the Operation Lifesaver train and take a moment to complete the following quiz. Remember to use your common sense, because failure to do so could be fatal! Thank you for taking part in our quiz. Your quiz score: 14/15 Feel free to take the quiz again or visit for more information. All the questions in the quiz along with their answers are shown below. Your answers are bolded. The correct answers have a green background while the…...
Electromagnetic Propulsion Technology
Words • 828
Pages • 4
Electromagnetic Propulsion Technology is based on the concepts and applications of electromagnets to enable propelling of an object. This is perhaps the most researched and worked on areas of electric propulsion with greatest possible application in public transport as well as advanced aerospace propulsion systems. For public transport, it’s been a magnetic levitation technology which is also known as Maglev that has transformed the vary way of public transport. Electromagnetic Propulsion Technology based Magnetic levitation transport is a form of…...
Advantages Of Metro Technology Today
Words • 1128
Pages • 5
Every now and then i see one or the other organisation opposing the metro. No doubt they entitled to their views, but do they ever see the benefits any metro brings to cities,(especillay the crowded ones like bangalore, mumbai etc) Let me quote a few points from PIB regarding the delhi metro, i am sure such benefits will accrue to bangalore also once the metro is complete: Fuel cost saving: The annual saving on account of reduced fuel consumption will…...
Technology TodayThe Advantages Of TechnologyTrainTransport
Orphan Trains
Words • 1989
Pages • 8
Throughout the generations America has transformed and evolved drastically to become the nation it is today. Many can argue that several things have happened in America that are what shaped it to the country it is today industrially, socially and economically. A man by the name of Charles brace had a dream of getting underprivileged children off the streets and gave them the tools and opportunities to live great normal lives. Between 1854- 1929 an estimated 200,000 American children, some…...
Holfstede’s Cultural Constraints
Words • 340
Pages • 2
In his article “Cultural Constraints in Management Theories,” G. Holfstede (1993) argues his main point that there is really no universal management theory, such that the means to manage organizations greatly vary across countries and cultures. For instance, the concept of management in the United States is different from, say, Asia or Europe, let alone apply to the two latter regions. A specific management concept or practice may be accepted in America but it does not mean that it is…...
‘George’s Trains’ Working Capital
Words • 1205
Pages • 5
George's Train Shop is a family owned business that focuses on the sales and repairs of train toys. George is running a profitable business, but as he is aware of my MBA Managerial Finance class, he has asked for advice on his working capital practices. Although George is currently enjoying the benefits of a profitable business, there are opportunities for him to expand his business ventures. This first starts by dissecting degree of aggressiveness in working capital practices, current capital…...
Cash FlowFinanceInventoryMBATrainWork
Comparing Trains And Planes
Words • 401
Pages • 2
From the dawn of time, man has followed his urge to travel; sometimes neglecting the enjoyment of the journey in pursuit of the destination. Although two of the favorable means of passenger transportation - the plane and the train - accomplish the task of arriving at a destination, there are distinct differences in their capacity for comfort, time, scenic value, and safety. To entice the weary traveler, accustomed and outraged by the rough, tiresome, and jolting rides on planes and…...
Suburbanisation in Surbiton
Words • 711
Pages • 3
Surbiton is a small borough in the South-West of London just South of Kingston-Upon-Thames. It has a population of nearly 170,000 people and has been at the centre of suburbanisation for many years now. Much of the growth is form the centre of London Timeline 1830 – Train line between London and Southampton was built which ran near Surbiton. 1837 till 1952 – The population of Surbiton grew from 200 to 2800. 1887 – At this point the population was…...
Managers Are Born Not Trained
Words • 346
Pages • 2
From the historical views, obviously there were a lot of leaders who are very outstanding. History recorded that some emperors in the past, they were born to have the power and right to control and achieve what they want, those people who may not need to be trained a good leader. it is sometimes claimed that heroes were born to be at the right place and right time, undoubtedly, some people were born to have talent, which is the method…...
Night Train at Deoli
Words • 509
Pages • 3
‘The Night Train at Deoli’ by Ruskin Bond is a story of juvenilely extravagant passion exhibiting unbridled obligation of the protagonist endowed with great sensitivity. Love is an emotion interlaced with a web of perplexing components that is very difficult to unravel. Infatuation lacks depth of love, and it is based on appearance and selfish desire. True love is based on commitment, understanding and entering into another's feelings, and compassion. In this short story, Ruskin Bond recounts his teenage experience…...
Otis Toy Trains Explores the Supply Chain
Words • 700
Pages • 3
The value proposition of Otis Toy Trains of Minneapolis is to offer well designed, detailed, evocative and luxurious toy trains and their accessories to middle-aged and senior adults. The traits for its critical customers are mainly two aspects. First, the critical customers’ age generally range from 35 to 55 (born from the 1960s to the 1980s). Second, the critical customers should have fairly high income to afford buying and collecting luxurious toy trains. The toy trains have many order winners,…...
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Discuss how tension is created in the train station sequence in ‘The Untouchables’ (1987)
...But Ness and Stone still seem very confident. The Gangster threatens to kill the book-keeper. By this point, all non-diegetic sound has stopped. The camera flickers in-between the gangster, Ness and stone. As the gangster begins to count, Ness and st...
How to Train to Run a Half-Marathon?
...Pre-training- Before beginning half marathon training you should be able to run for at least 30 minutes without stopping. Distance is not important right now. You just need to get your body used to running. Combinations of run/walks are great to use....
Who Causes Collision?
...If your vehicle stalls on a crossing, get all the occupants out of the vehicle and away from the track immediately. Do not run! Walk quickly to a point at least 30 metres away from the track. This will prevent you from being struck by flying debris i...

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