Travel by boat or by train: Advantages and disadvantages


            Traveling is one of the most happy experiences on can have. But the high cost of travel and the time can tend to be an important factor in the choice of travel mode that we take. Usually, a trip will or might involve the options for a ride on a train or a ship or boat.  These modes of transport are, for the most part, fast and very common among travelers. But we must go and find  the inherent advantages and disadvantages if there are any,  and if there are any common things that can be found between the two.


            By train, even on the short trips outside the city or intercity routes, most travelers are going to take the train most of the time over cars or buses. Aside from being safe, the trains that are equipped with the latest in rail technology can compete in terms of speed and brevity of travel time.


            One example is the  Mag-Lev ( shortened for magnetic-levitation) trains found in some industrialized countries .

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These magnetically-levitated propelled vehicles do not have surface contact that can sloe the down or cause friction with the tracks, so they can be very fast and require little maintenance. Some trains of this type have shown to exceed speeds of 350 miles per hour, while most jet airliners cruise at speeds up to 450 mph, so they don’t lose much in the speed game. Eventually in the future, these trains and others will eventually catch up with their flying counterparts.

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As it is electrically powered, there are no harmful emissions and eliminate traffic buildup.[1]


            If one should travel by boat, one of the advantages found in this mode is that packing and unpacking of your clothes and things don’t have to be at a moments notice. This means more time to spend on the things that you want and have to do, like enjoying the vacation and spending time with your travel companions or if you’re alone to just relax and have fun or mingle with the other passengers.


            Now comes the disadvantages of the two. While it is true that trains like the Mag-Lev are    running in some countries, the full implementation of the program might still take some time to be fully operational since the construction of the needed infrastructure for the trains are still a ways off and can be very expensive. And the technology being used is still in the research and developmental stages so for a little while, it will be confined to a small group of places and destinations.

            Boats or ships for that matter, are still the best way to go, but the environmental aspect must be taken into consideration. These can take in a significant amount of fuel needed for its operation, and produce a great deal of emission when they burn the fuel. Ships often just throw their wastes into the water before they come to dock, sparking a pollution issue in the countries where they dock.


            Both means of transport form an integral part of any transport network. They have their inherent advantages as well their drawbacks. Trains seem to be a little ahead of the game when it comes to resources, since they are most accessible to most          people and the benefits are readily seen.

But boats are coming along in terms of access with more people trying it out instead of buses and planes. In the future, we still have to await for any further developments into research and technology into these two modes of transport.

[1]    American Maglev Technology” Culture Artist: Public Transportation”November 14, 2007<>

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