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European Rivalry in the Caribbean
Words • 1011
Pages • 5
The Spanish monopoly in the Americas was established the moment that Christopher Columbus made landfall in Bahamas, this was way back on his first voyage in 1492. Soon after, her monopoly increased in size, wealth and fame. This was brought about by way of her island and mainland territories; a few being Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Venezuela, Columbia and Peru. Her wealth soon aroused much jealousy amongst other European nations, who were anxious to expand and become rich. Realising that…...
CaribbeanChristopher ColumbusPuerto RicoTradeWater Transport
The Roman Navy: Masters of the Mediterranean
Words • 1596
Pages • 7
Roman ships varied in size and shape, and each one had a different purpose. For instance, the smaller boats unloaded cargo from the larger, import ships that brought the goods Rome survived on. There were the thin, but powerful warships that could ram enemies, but also be rowed up rivers for sneak attacks. There were also the large, intricately designed merchant ships that were so big, they couldn’t fit into the Roman ports. All the ships were beautiful works of…...
HistoryNavyRoman empireRowingWater Transport
The Physics of Sailing
Words • 2312
Pages • 10
Sailing is a skill and an art which requires much time, practice and understanding to master. One may not understand the physics behind driving a car, however one can understand the basic principals behind using a car: press on the accelerator and the car will go faster; press on the breaks and the car will stop; turn the steering wheel left and the car will turn left. The same mentality applies in sailing, although in order to understand the physics…...
BoatsMechanical EngineeringPhysicsPressureWater TransportWind
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The history of the canals
Words • 1997
Pages • 8
Canals have been around for many years. The earliest that have been discover so far was in Iraq the archaeologists estimate that the remains are 6,000 years old. These waterways were fairly short. This was because locks had not been invented. The Chinese invented the first lock system almost a thousand years ago. This can still be seen in the modern ay. The first people to bring the canal system to England was the Romans. They build lengths of simple,…...
HistoryWaterWater Transport
North Atlantic Liner Trade Logistics
Words • 567
Pages • 3
Due to the globalization, the whole world has converted into a global village. All the companies that are involved in the activities of exporting and importing are using different mediums of logistics such as road transport, air transport, water transport, etc. Ship transport or water transport is primarily used for the transportation of people and non perishable goods. Ship transport is not so fast as compared to air transport but for the transportation of heavy quantity of non perishable goods,…...
LogisticSupply Chain ManagementTransportWater Transport
Blockade Running And Alcohol Running
Words • 1245
Pages • 5
Blockade running is when you want to smuggle supplies and manufactured goods such as guns, ammunition, cotton, clothing medicines etc. Blockading was first started in 1860 for the first time when President Lincoln came into power in 1860. Also, all of his votes came from the North. He didn't have any votes from the South. He ordered a blockade from Virginia to Texas. He did this during the Civil was to stop supplies and much needed manufactures items from getting…...
AlcoholProhibitionWater Transport
What is Port Congestion?
Words • 1714
Pages • 7
INTRODUCTION What is port congestion? A port is a maritime facility which may comprise one or more wharves where ships may dock to load and discharge passengers and cargo. Since 1800, port of manila, the main port of the Philippines has been playing a critical role in the economic development of the country due to its direct impact to the flow of goods inside and outside of the country. The congestion reduces the terminal operational performances. They caused disruptions in…...
Supply Chain ManagementTransportTransportationWater Transport
Cruise Line – MSC Cruises
Words • 1499
Pages • 6
With the emergence of MSC Cruises as a fourth major player which is likely to be placing regular orders from 010, though, that top three shares is not likely to grow significantly higher by 2015. While Allure Cruise Line is a small North American cruise line, and it currently has three ships in its fleet and is in the process to planning to add new ships and itineraries in the upcoming several years. What are the business statistics about these…...
BusinessBusiness ManagementCompanyFinanceWater Transport
Urban Geography
Words • 370
Pages • 2
A mode of transport is a term that refers to the kind of transport facilities that are used to move people and goods from one place to another. Modes of transport can also be referred to as transport modality, means of transport or transport mode. The various modes of transport are: Animal transport (cart, chariot or carriage), air-transport (aircraft), Human transport (pedestrian, wheel chair, bicycle, skate or ski), Water transport (boat, ship or submarine), Rail transport (train or cable car),…...
GeographyTransportWater Transport
Transportation in London
Words • 1208
Pages • 5
The red London double-decker bus likewise called the Path master is type of a hallmark for London. It belongs of the streets of London. It has been there for lots of years and still is. London's bus network is substantial, with over 6,800 set up services every weekday bring about 6 million passengers on over 700 various routes making it among the most substantial bus systems worldwide and without a doubt the biggest in Europe. The bus system carries more…...
LondonPublic TransportTransportationUndergroundWater Transport
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What is Port Congestion?
...This study would add knowledge in understanding the effect of port congestion on port performance. We believes that findings and recommendations of the study will be useful not only to decision makers for planning and implementing appropriate measure...

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