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North Atlantic Liner Trade Logistics

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (570 words)
Categories: Business, Company, Logistic
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Due to the globalization, the whole world has converted into a global village. All the companies that are involved in the activities of exporting and importing are using different mediums of logistics such as road transport, air transport, water transport, etc. Ship transport or water transport is primarily used for the transportation of people and non perishable goods. Ship transport is not so fast as compared to air transport but for the transportation of heavy quantity of non perishable goods, it is highly effective method.

Along with this, it is less costly up to a significant level for continent wide shipping. Ship transport is quite effective in transporting a variety of raw materials which can not be packaged such as petroleum products, chemicals, liquefied gas, etc. or bulk products such as iron ore, coal, etc. Ship transport is classified on the basis of transporting products such as container ships, cargo ships, tankers, etc. North Atlantic Liner trade logistics is also playing an important role in the ship transportation.

In present times, the contemporary liner service concentrates on dealing with time factor because timely delivery of products is a critical issue in liner logistics. Today, due to some reasons such as constraints in infrastructure, increasing port congestion, etc, it has become very difficult for the liner service companies to provide faultless services to their customers. The reasons such as waiting time and delays may increase the cost of logistics and in some cases customers have to bear that extra cost (Notteboom, 2008). This report is based on determining the prospects for North Atlantic Liner Trade Logistics.

This paper is containing the description of North Atlantic Liner Trade Logistics and logistical factor that are to be considered in it. North Atlantic Liner Trade Logistics The North Atlantic region involves Georges Bank, the Gulf of Maine and the southern New England shelf region of the Middle Atlantic Bright. There are approximately 39 countries in the North Atlantic region that includes Albania, Bosnia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, etc.

North Atlantic liner services are involved in transporting people and goods in this region. They are also operating in long-distance routes. Liner is primarily referred to cargo vessels. These cargo vessels are not used in short sea trading. These cargos or container ships are used in long distance routes. There are a number of shipping companies that are operating in north Atlantic region. Earlier, the route between North America and Europe used to be the busiest route for liners in North Atlantic region.

In the mid of 1960s, the north Atlantic route was containerized. This resulted into establishing a link between eastern coasts of North America and Western Europe, which are standing at the position of major industrialized centers of the world. North Atlantic trade covers many big ports of Europe that includes Hamburg, Rotterdam, Gothenburg, Le Havre, Bremerhaven, Felixstowe and Antwerp (Stopford, 1997). North Atlantic Liner companies are covering some other small ports also.

The operations of North Atlantic Liner trade are divided in two sections on the North parts of the America, which are US Atlantic to North Europe and St. Lawrence to North Europe. Some of the Canadian ports, Montreal and Halifax are also serviced by North Atlantic liner trade logistics whereas in the United States of America the regularly served ports are New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, Charleston and Hampton roads.

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