Toy Critique - Description of Toy Lego Duplo

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Aim, Objectives & Rationale

I am a student at Limerick College of Further Education, and I am doing the Childcare Certificate level 5. Early Childhood Care Education and Play is one of the mandatory modules in this course. The toy critique is the first assignment out of 3.

Description of Toy-160324155448000 Lego Duplo “My First Number Train”. Educational Toy is a very colourful toy with a set of 25 different parts. It includes 3 figures a boy, a girl and a smaller figure of a black cat.

It also includes a buildable locomotive with 3 wagons that you can attach and detach to each other. Each wagon is in a different colour that corresponds to the number blocks. To connect pieces together child has to look at the colours and numbers.

There are 10 building blocks that are very colourful with numbers 0-9 written on them that can be attached to the waggons to teach children the number order.

List of Criteria

Criteria Result of assessment

  • Name of toy? – My First Number Train
  • What is the brand? – Lego Duplo
  • What is the price range? – It ranges from 10-20 euro depending on the shop.

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  • What age group is it suitable? – 1 and a half – 3 years old.
  • Is it suitable for boys and girls? – Its suitable for boys and girls.
  • Does it suit all cultures? – Yes, it does.
  • Is it suitable for children with special needs? – Yes, but it might be difficult for a child who has specific movement restrictions.
  • Does it suit single or multiple players? – It suits Multiple players as the kids can play together because there is many different parts to it.

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  • Is it aesthetically pleasing? – Yes, the train comes in many different bright colours like blue, green, yellow, orange, red.
  • Is it educational? – Yes, it promotes Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Social development.
  • Does it help to develop language? – Yes, the child can name colours and numbers as well as interact with other kids.
  • Does it develop motor skills? – Yes, it does the child has to connect the wagons and put the numbers in the right order.
  • Does it encourage imaginative play? – Yes, they can play little train drivers and build train tracks with different scenarios.
  • What size is it? Does it need special storage? – Train with wagons attached is 10 x 37 x 6cm there is no special storage needed as the parts can be all taken apart.
  • Does it require batteries or charging? – No there is no electrical parts in this toy.
  • What kind of material is it made from? – It’s made entirely out of plastic.
  • Is it durable? – The toy is very well made, and it seems like its very durable and it would be hard to break.
  • Is its good value for money? – I think it’s a very good value for money. It only cost 11.99 and you get a lot for the price of it.
  • Is it waterproof? – Yes. The colours and numbers won’t come off if submerged in water.
  • Is it washable or does it need special cleaning? – Yes. You can wash it in water up to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Is it for indoor or outdoor use? – It can be used indoor as well as outdoor.
  • Is it movable? – Yes, it’s very easy for a child to move it from one place to another as its very light.
  • Is it portable? – Yes, you can take it apart into smaller pieces and take it anywhere with you.
  • Is it suitable for multiple purposes? – Yes, this toy can be used as a learning toy. The kids can use it for imaginative play and add on other building blocks from the brand.
  • Is there choking hazards? – It has an EU Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 18 months due to small parts which could cause a choking hazard.
  • Is it toxic? – The toy is not toxic and is child friendly.
  • Is it recyclable? – Yes, it has the recyclable sign on the box.
  • Are there reviews about the toy? – There are plenty of good reviews online about the toy. Parents and kids seem to be loving this toy.


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