Magnetic Suspension Train Ride

My science fair project this year is about magnets, I want to see if I can make a small-scaled maglev train. Maglev is short for: magnetic levitation is a system of train transportation. A maglev train is a train that uses magnets instead of wheels like a normal train. The maglev train has magnets along the whole bottom of the train and also some lining the whole track facing the same sides up, since the magnets are either both south or both north so that they repel each other because only magnets of the opposite side attract.

Since both sides repel it is impossible to have them touch so the train levitates.

I chose this project because I am very interested in electricity and magnetism. My past couple of science fair projects has had to do with it. This project is all about magnets specifically electromagnets, my project that i did a few years ago was if i can make an electromagnet so i already know a lot about this topic.

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I thought this project would be easier because I know a lot about it and I am very interested in doing it. A maglev train is important because it is better for the environment, with the Maglev train there is no noise pollution because it isn’t even touching the tracks, there is no greenhouse gasses because there is no engine, and it needs to be repaired less because less things are touching which means less friction and fewer parts wearing down.

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A maglev train is a type of train that uses magnets instead of wheels and tracks. The exact definition is “a transportation system in which trains glide above a track, supported by magnetic repulsion and propelled by a linear motor.”(according to the google dictionary) The maglev train has a track made out of magnets and at the bottom of the train, there are also magnets that line it. The magnets are the same sides up so either both north sides up or both south sides up. Same side magnets are impossible to put together, so they will repel the maglev train magnets are so strong that they can lift the train so the train hovers above “the track”.

The magnets in the maglev train are very strong, strong enough to carry a whole train with people in it and still be able to hover above the tracks, But how why do they repel? How to the magnets in the Maglev train work? Maglev train magnets repel because each magnet sends out a magnetic field, which is positive on one pole and negative on the other. This magnetic field is the result of the movement of negatively charged electrons within the magnet. These fields are strongest directly at the pole, which is why the ends of magnets will so powerfully repel or attract each other.

The maglev train has a lot of advantages to society and our planet but it also comes with its disadvantages, one advantage is that the maglev train doesn't need as much upkeep and repair because nothing is touching, therefore, no friction wearing parts down, but the parts are very expensive in initial purchase and there are still parts of normal trains that will wear down over time. Other examples of advantages are, since the maglev train doesn't touch the track there is no rolling resistance so the train can go faster.

The maglev train travels 200 mph. More examples include no noise pollution because the train doesn't touch the track, no air pollution because there are no combustion engines, and they are weatherproof rain and snow don't affect their performance. Even though the advantages are very nice there are a lot of disadvantages that may not make it worthwhile like, the magnet tack needs to be monitored a lot because if the magnets wear out the train will stop working, or it could wear out while people are on the train and that is deathly dangerous, and Although the maglev train accidents are infrequent but the damage caused by these accidents are extreme.

Updated: Dec 03, 2021
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