A Bus Station Scene

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It was in the afternoon. I was heading towards the bus station with my best friend to attend Mr Lam’s Physics class. It was a very hot day. The sun was beating mercilessly on my back and I could feel my sweat trickling down my spine. I have often wished that my mother would drive me to school. She is always so busy with household chores that she cannot spare any time to send me to school. Furthermore she says I am old enough to look after myself.

. When I reached the bus station, it was nearly empty except for a handful of boys.

Yuet Kiat and I walked to a bench near the ticket counter. I could feel the tension on my shoulders as the straps of my school bag ate into my shoulder. “Where is the bus? ” I sighed to myself. An elderly woman came and asked me where I was going. She started a conversation but gave up after my monosyllable answers.

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Suddenly, someone shouted and I saw a bus swerving into the station. I got up, thankful for the chance to escape from the woman.

It was Yuet Kiat’s bus. The group of boys were jostling each other to get into the bus. Masuk! Masuk! ” shouted the conductor but nobody seemed to be moving. The black fumes made me nauseous. All of a sudden, people started appearing from all directions to board their bus. In no time, the passengers were packed sardines in the bus.

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It started to move, leaving some unfortunate passengers behind. I waved at Yuet Kiat when I noticed him dangling on the steps of the bus. The bus swerved out of the station again. It left another trail of black smoke. I decided to go to the ice stall. The iced fruit juice quenched my thirst.

Then I saw a bus heading towards the station. I paid for my drink. “See you tomorrow,” I waved to the stall keeper. Once more, the crowd began to swell near the bus. I noticed that the elderly woman was being shoved around by the boys. She started hitting them with her umbrella. Then, I saw Raja, my classmate at the back of the bus. I hurled my bag through the window and he caught it. By the time I got into the bus, it had already started moving. I got into my seat and told myself that I must really try to convince my mother about driving me to school.

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A Bus Station Scene

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