Thinking about your future self

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When I am 72 years old, I will have a large family with grandchildren and grand-grandchildren. I will be the happiest person in the world, who has overcome seven decades of fruitful life, has valued the essence of the life; to love and be loved, and has learned how to love and be loved. I see myself as a tender and loving grandmother, full of optimism and respect towards innovation and progress.

I will cherish warm relations with all of my family members, old friends and other relatives.

I do not imagine my life without close people, especially at the end of the life, human relations become more specific and as all elder people, I too, will greatly depend upon positive relations. Maintenance of friendly and loving atmosphere around me will be my main goal.

I would dream to be in good health and good shape but for 72 years old person being able to take care of myself, to be able to move, to see and hear, do not have chronic serious illnesses is a positive perspective.

From now on I foresee that I might have problems with my backbone and probably have blood pressure problems. Problems of mobility are also threatening me and many of the population, due to ignorance of healthy lifestyle and less time spent on walking and being in the nature.

It’s difficult to look ahead and see what goals I will have in my elder years, practically the last years of my life. They will be short termed and rather practical; to try to be in good health, make my days differ and spend those years surrounded by family members.

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The last dream seems so unreal, due to the life conditions and intentions of the younger generation to live separately. In many cases the education and career development of the younger members force tem to leave home. One more point, I will probably not be adaptable to new places to live and will keep the house I am used to live in.

I tried to analyze if I will be self centered or an open and devoted person. Today I am in the middle, and I hope to keep the same line also during the years that seem so distant. In order to be able to love and be loved, one should keep the middle line and not forget the outer world or oneself. I will be surely concerned about the well being of my relatives and friends, as much as I will be concerned about myself and try to get the same attitude towards me. I will be very upset if I am forgotten, or my birthday is not remembered, my heritage and life experience is not appreciated etc. Anyway, the goals of my last years will be like a prologue; appreciation of my past.

When I thought about the age 72, it seemed to me that I will be full of wisdom, will know EVERYTHING about life. It is an expectation young people cherish in their hearts, that one day they will get all the answers. It is something impossible; people leaving the world leave much more puzzled than they were before. I have always read the question “Why?” in the eyes of the dying people. I am not someone special and will probably think about the life and human relations, about God, birth and death, life full of sufferings and efforts, full of endless work, failures and successes. I have the feeling that I will be sitting on a high hill and look down at the world. I will probably be extremely puzzled about what I see…

Daily activities will surely save me from thinking about global issues that have not so far found their answers. I will read a lot; will watch TV, mainly news and new films, will listen to music, the old and my loved ones. Internet will have its place in my life. I will try to walk a lot and attend clubs of my interest. If my health and finances allow me, I will travel a lot. I will try to make the last stage of my life into an endless vacation.

Active lifestyle is my passion. If I am healthy, I will be in motion every minute.

Again and again, my family members will take the most special part of my life. I really dream to be able to spend time with my grandchildren, to play with them, talk to them, take care of them and serve their loved dishes on their birthdays.

I will try to create commemoration days, family days which will gather the large family all together. Unity can save from an endless number of troubles. The main goal of the elderly, in reality, should be the cultivation and maintenance of unity among the family members. I will try to reach this goal and be the tying force for my family.

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