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The Right Adult

Categories: HealthNutritionRights

The way I see myself a decade from now is not something I often think about. Just knowing how I’m enjoying my youth often scares me to think that far. The older I get though the more I realize that subject must be thought of. Knowing how I want to see myself in the future will give me a sense of who I really want to become and how to achieve it. Just letting it flow was always a motto for me and that’s how I wanted my life to be.

Soon enough my youth years will come to an end and I want to make sure I grow into a healthy and successful man. In order to get to where I want to be in the future is the break off bad habits, change my diet, be more active such as doing physically activities to build up my body, and work on stress management.

A prospective on how I want to see my eating habits is healthier.

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I tend to eat more fast food and junk food rather than home cooked meals. Many people say it is important to really pay attention to the food that’s put into one’s body, but we never really do until we get sick and need medical attention. Eating something that doesn’t upset your stomach doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Although I’m a picker eater but when it comes to junk foods such as soda, chips, fast food, I tend to really enjoy it.

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Eating fast food may taste good, but it catches up with us in the long run. While eating healthy would stop me from getting sick, and lower the cost of health care, healthy eating can enrich my body. I don’t want to have to deal with diabetes, high cholesterol or any of the bad medical conditions just because of my eating habits. In order for me to change my eating habits to eating more clean and healthier in the future I have to know the goods from the bad. I’ll like to slowly start to more towards more natural’s food groups such as meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables, grains and try to stop eating too many sweets or food that contain high sugar and fats. Being able to control what I eat and have a balanced diet is what I intend to see myself in ten years. Being able to stay healthy and put food in my body to enrich and not damage it in a long wrong is a goal I want to reach and carry it on with the rest of my life till I die.

When it comes to working out there is not much that is done. I will start a work a plan and eventually after a week or two it will just stop. Being active like walking around is not hard to do since I nearly work 10,000 steps a day. Although I am a bit active, I want to be more active for I know it will better me in the future. Not only do I want to eat healthy I want to physically help my body also. Going to the gym more often is something I see in my future. Ill like to target many areas in my body so I can build up. Weightlifting is an activity that, in collaboration with other exercises and healthy diet, will improve my overall health, physical performance, and mentality. The reason my interest in seeing this in my future is that the health benefits that come from weightlifting are numerous and extremely large or great. Weightlifting will increase muscle strength and it will increase my bone density as well. Research says increase in bone density is one of the most beneficial side effects of weightlifting. In the long run it will benefit me so greatly. I want to continue to carry of exercises and weighting lift till I get old. It will help maintain the ability to live by myself and reduces the chances of falling or even fracturing my bones. Although having a healthy diet can reduces my chances of many health diseases such as coronary heart disease or even diabetes working out will do the same as well. Weighting training activities can reduce the risk for dying for many health diseases. It can reduce risk of stroke or heart attack, better bone density, reduce risk of developing dementia and absolutely have more confidence and independence.

Another vision I see in my future for in the next 10 years is working on my stress management skills. Although I’m a calm person I get stress over a lot of things. Stress can be caused from numerous things for instance, death in the family, schoolwork or even a job can cause stress. I believe stress does not just affect someone, but it also effects their surroundings and how they operate.

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