How Would This College Tour Impact Your Future Goals

I wake up in the morning, get on the bus, walk to class and think what am I going to do with my life? Well, I know I want to go to college but which one? I know I want to be a doctor but how? I need to pick the right college that is for me. There are so many options to choose from but which will be the correct fit. I think these tours could really impact my decision.

Campus visits are imperative so that you can get your questions answered like is the campus diverse. Will this college have what I would like to major in?

College tours are very important to the procedure of choosing a university or college you would like to attend. For my future, I would like to go college. My mom and dad never went so I know I could make them proud. My dream is to become a dermatologist or physician. Both of these occupations are about helping others.

For me, this would be a personal achievement because I would challenge myself academically while doing what I love. This college trip could impact the goal I set for myself to pick a college that’s perfect for me.

I am so elated to be able to join The College Connection Spring College Tour. Like any other teenager, I always create dreams and set goals for things that will take a while to happen. A career in the medical field has always been a goal I have set since I was younger.

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I have been preparing for opportunities like this since I got to high school, which has been nothing but hard work. Currently, I have 4.0 grade point average and I score proficient or advanced on any assessment I have taken.

There are many things that I can do but I’m interested in biology and chemistry and I would like to study this in college. Those two things would be key to becoming a doctor. I have always been fascinated with medicine because it does wonders to the human body. I really want to cure people of their problems and make them feel better overall. In order to begin this journey I know I have to take 4 years of medical school, 3 years of residency, and also could be hundreds of thousands dollars I debt. In order to aid others, I think it’s worth the time and money.

My goal is to become very successful in life while doing what I have passion for. I would describe myself as an altruistic person because I always put others first. This is why I want to be a doctor but, in order to become anything, I’ll need a degree. Soon, I will need to pick a college that’s good for me so that I can get that degree. I can’t believe that I’m one year from making the biggest decision of my life. Going on this tour could impact my future goals by helping me pick a fit college so that I can become what I’ve always wanted to be.

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