Mobile Phones Allowed in School for Educational Use Only

In today's society, cell phones have been one of the most used technologies in the world. Ever since of advanced technology, cell phones have provided other services such as text messaging, internet access, e-mails, games, and so on. Cell phones are becoming one of the most important tools we need in our daily lives because it provides a person so many benefits.

As much as there are benefits towards having a cell phone with you at all times, there are also many negative influences we can have such as being distracted or texting during class for the wrong reasons, which will even make us fail the courses like the journal article mentioned.

However my opinion on having a cell phone in the classroom is still "Yes" because I find that having cell phones give easy connection and access with 911 and with your family providing safety, it gives students the ability to have access to internet sources for the curriculum, and allows students to be more organized.

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Admittedly, the journal article claims a reasonable debate argument cell phone will influence the academic performance of students. In order to support that cell phone will not help with the study of students, the article mentions a study done by their group which is aimed to find that cell phone use will negatively influence the academic performance of a group of college students. Students should not be allowed to use mobile phones in schools because this gadget is a veritable distraction from learning activities.

These devices provide free access to the Internet.

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Considerably, the use of the Internet is a massive diversion from any activity because of the vast amount of information it provides. If students are allowed to use mobile phones, then it means that education will lose its primacy. Moreover, there should not be made any amendments to the process of studying and evaluation depending on whether the person is surfing the Internet or not. The Internet is highly addictive, especially for the young students who are always craving to learn something new.

Having access to using a cell phone in class, provides student to have easy connection and access with 911 and with your family. In today's society, child safety has been one of the most important issues in our world. After all, children are the future of our generation and we have to make sure they are receiving the maximum protection from dangerous situations and criminal acts. In situations of criminal act such as an armed man who enters the school, if students have access of their phone, it would allow them to call help services quickly in order for them to come and provide safety and control before any danger occurs. In this situation, if students were not able to have their phone, assist might not have come at the right time to help save the lives of many children.

The benefit of having a cell phone in the classroom is the ability to use it as a reliable source for the school's curriculum. In most classrooms, the school may not provide the right amount of resources for the students. Many sources such as computers and books may not be available to everyone and students can use their phone as a reliable source for the school's curriculum. In most schools, using the source of computers and books are highly consistent and cell phones will make it easier for students to go to sites such as Google or Encyclopedia to find quick information without having to access the computer. It saves time, energy, as well as the effort to find it on the computer when you can easily access it on the spot.

When the teachers are discussing about statistics and details on a certain topic, students can have the ability follow along with the teacher and elaborate more easily by opening up the information right at the position of your desk through your phone. These information or details used by the teacher may not be available in the textbooks or books and since the classroom may not have enough computers for the students, the cell phone will provide access to web browsers easily for them to follow on and discuss the topic.

Many college students nowadays complain about the difficulty of their homework or assignments because of the lack of information they know due to being forgetful about the discussions and the information the teacher talks about during class. Well, if students have a constant state of forgetting or trouble remembering many of the information the teacher talks about in class, students can use the audio device located in their phones to record all the information and elaboration the teacher provides to the students during her teachings. This beneficial aspect of having a cell phone is also one of the key reasons why the school system should allow cell phones in class.

This benefit provides tremendous help towards the students and also keeps them on track of the class's curriculum. Students can re-play the audio and use the reliable source for test studying, assignments, and homework. The best part of this feature is that this audio recording doesn't fade away like your memories, and instead it replenishes your mind whenever you fail to recall certain key points of the class's subject. Since many students fall into the category of being forgetful, having this feature will definitely increase the student's education level and lead them into a pathway of becoming more of a successful student.

In today's society, many of young teenagers have smart phones including iPhone and Samsung. These phones, as well as many other smart phones have gadgets called "Apps". These apps vary from many different genres. One genre of app that can be used in smart phones are "Education". In this genre, it provides many different types of educational resources such as dictionaries, thesaurus, informative articles, and may more that help improve a person's education.

Right away, using these apps provide many benefits because it allows people to access many different educational services straight from your phone. Having apps is like having a whole storage of books, dictionaries, encyclopedia, and biographies right at the palm of your hands! In a classroom, this advantage will definitely give resources and services for students to apply it for their work. It gives ease towards students when they are looking for resources, help, and services to their work because it is all located all in the phone.

Having a phone in the classroom can be used as an organizational tool for students. In today's society, organization is one of the most difficult things to have as one of your traits because it involves so much skill, focus, and patience. One of the features that students can use as an organizational skill is taking pictures of the homework board. At the end of the day, some students may not have the time to copy down the homework board down and so students can use their cell phone camera to take a quick picture. Many students have to leave quickly due to buses or cabs and not having the ability to use their phone as an organizational tool will affect their schedule and time.

Also, students can use calendars, to do lists, alarms, and notes to help them organize themselves from the tasks they have to work on. This method can take place if students forget to bring their agenda. Students can simply input assignments and test dates into their phones. Students can even program their cell phones to remind them with alarms when they have upcoming assignments. All these features on a phone provide organization towards the student and make them more acknowledge of the work and activities around the school's curriculum. It puts students into an advantage and can make become more successful in school, hence the reason why cell phones should be used in classrooms.

Overall, students should have the right to use cell phones in the class if it is used in right way. This means that students should not abuse the cell phone's potential and only use it for its beneficial aspects. School systems have to realize the positive effect cell phones have on students if it used as a positive tool. With all these advantage that the cell phone can provide, it can totally improve and make the students become more successful in academic performance in school. Despite the negative aspects of having a cell phone in class, when people look at the benefits, it should be fair to say that cell phones should be used in class.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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