Mobile Phones are a Menace not a Blessing

Some people think that mobile phones are a complete menace and some think they are a blessing. In this statement I will discuss both sides of this argument. Firstly I will discuss how mobile phones are bad for society and how they are a menace. After this I will discuss how they are a blessing and the good things that they hold. This is a constant issue of debate particularly between this generation and older generations.

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People believe mobile phones are a menace as they think they have destroyed ‘real’ (face to face) socialising.

They believe that because people are constantly in contact with their friends this means that when people meet up in real life they have no socialising skills or cannot hold a conversation the way people used to. A mobile phone can distract you from things that you should be concentrating on. Such as crossing the road, if you mobile goes off in your pocket then you will automatically want to check it, this then takes your attention off crossing a road and could cause you to walk out in front of a car.

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This can cause a major accident and possibly death.

Phones also promote the idea of ‘cyber-bullying’ as people may be able to say things in text form that they couldn’t say face to face. This could also cause fights between friends as one person may take something in a different way than it was meant, sarcasm is something my generation use a lot and it doesn’t travel well via text.

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Sometimes people get into the way of texting using a text language, where words are shortened to save time. This could then affect your normal spelling for day to day work. Some recent investigations have encouraged the idea that the radio waves given off mobile telephones can produce tumours which therefore cause cancer.

On the other hand having a mobile phone can be a great thing. It can help you out in emergencies, say you were stuck somewhere and had no way of contacting anyone, take out your mobile and you have a way of contacting your parents. Mobile phones are a great way of communication to your friends. If something is bothering you all you need to do is text a friend and you have someone to calm you down. Some people say that phones are far too expensive to run. But some of my friends are on excellent deals, Connor gets unlimited free texts after 7.30 and anytime on the weekends, he hardly pays anything. India pays ten pounds a month and gets unlimited free texts and still has ten pounds worth of free calls. Modern phones these days have many many functions. They can be a radio, have the internet, have a music playing function and a camera, they have Bluetooth for sending your friends photos that you have taken very quickly and easily.

My Conclusion is that mobile phones are a good advantage to everyday life, you can pick up a simple phones for around fifteen pounds. And then have pay as you go so you manage how much money goes onto your phone at any one time. Personally I find Mobile Phones a great advantage to everyday life. I understand why people may dislike them but I find it unbelievable that they think they are pointless. They are a means of communication even for the school to contact people about sports. If I didn’t have a mobile I would have turned up at school with no one there to tell me a hockey match was cancelled as I was supposed to have found out from a senior player. I believe that mobile telephones are a blessing.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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