The comparison and contrast essay on mobile phones

Due to unprecedented advancement in science and technology, there is drastic change in each and every field. One of biggest innovation of technology is mobile phone. Mobile phones with superior computing abilities have become major part of life. There is no doubt that smart phones have radically changed the way of communication. Apple and Samsung are largest manufactures of smart phones in the world (Stoller, 2017). More than half of mobile phones purchased worldwide are Apple and Samsung (Vergara, 2012). This essay will compare and contrast between Apple and Samsung smart phones.

As modes of communication, both Samsung and Apple, have some similarities. Both help to connect people by voice calls, video calls, and text messages. In addition, web surfing; camera, games, global positioning system and installation of various applications are features of Samsung and Apple mobile phones. Just as Apple phones are trending smart phones, Samsung too.

Nevertheless, these two mobile phones have more significant differences. Apple Inc. is an multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California whereas Samsung Group is South Korean multinational company headquartered in Seoul.

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Samsung and Apple phones differ in operating system. Samsung is android based phone and all apps here can be purchased on Google play store. On the other hand, Apple is iOS based and it has its own Apple app store to buy apps. In other words Apple phones have their own control on play store but Samsung have not. Moreover, Apple phones have lack of freedom to connectivity. It is not possible to transfer files over Bluetooth from an Apple phone to another smart phone.

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In contrast, it can be transfer easily by Samsung phones.

Furthermore, in case of storage capacity, Samsung have upper hand because storage of Samsung phones can be expandable by MicroSD card but it is possible for Apple. Apple phones do not come with a MicroSD card expansion slot. Whereas Apple phones are famous for iPhones, Samsung are for its Galaxy smart phones. However, Samsung ships more mobile phones than Apple but operating profits of Apple phones are more than the Samsung (Dilger, 2018).

Turning to physical size of both phones, Samsung phones have larger screen as compare to Apple. Almost, Galaxy S series all phones have larger screen than iPhones (Krigsman, 2018). However, selection of small or large screen phone is personal; it depends on various factors like eyesight, hand size and portability. Besides, new IphoneX is killing the Samsung eighth generation. Latest Samsung S10 has multicamera with ultra wide camera.

According to new data reported by Bloomberg, Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone8 and iPhone8 plus have slower internet speed .In contrast, Samsung phones have faster internet speed (Gurman & King, (2018).

Unlike the Apple phones, most of the Samsung phones are quite cheaper. iPhones are very expensive than android based smart phones. In addition, iPhones are more secured, these phones have best ever security features. In most of Samsung phones, battery life is more than iPhones .In battery life tests of iPhone X and Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung was superior than iPhone (Owen, 2018). It is safe to say Galaxy S9 Plus is better than iPhone in terms of battery life. In the global market of smart phones sale Samsung is beating to Apple ( Mourdoukoutas, 2018). As per news report published by Newzoo in June 2018, Samsung was world’s most popular smart phone and Samsung has 27% market share. On the other hand, Apple had 24% market share which is second numbered worldwide.

To conclude, I would like to assert that there are number of differences and similarities between two giants of technology.

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