The Job of Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the careers with growing popularity. It is a good job for people who are creative and also like working with computers. The work is interesting with many options in the field.

Graphic designers use different forms media to create designs that the client needs. Some types of designs are promotional displays and marketing brochures for products and services. They design company logos . They also develop the layout and designs of magazines, newspapers, journals and other publications.

Many also develop the graphics and layout of internet websites (Visual). Some of the many places their work goes to are stores, publishing houses, museums and advertising studios.

In this field, the designers use different forms of electronic, film and print media for their work. Computers are used the most, and even exclusively by some. “Although ‘hand skills’ (such as drawing and drafting) are still used occasionally in graphic design, the computer has become the primary tool” (Graphic Designers). The advantages of the computer design are; speed, precision and on-screen editing.

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1 There are many personal characteristics that make up a good graphic designer. One must have lots of creativity and a big imagination. They should be able to work well under pressure and be able to meet deadlines. Good communication and marketing abilities are helpful. Being able to work in a team is a must also (Graphic Designer).

People in this occupation must have a high school diploma and creative ability which is demonstrated by a portfolio of work. They usually must complete a university degree in visual arts with a specialization in graphic arts.

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Some people gain experience as graphic arts technicians, which would replace formal education after high school (Graphic and Illustrating). There are many high-quality graphic design schools available in the United States. Some of the schools with extremely good programs are; Boston University, Columbia University, Syracuse University, Rhode Island School of Design, Cornell University and Montserrat College of Art . There are many Companies in the graphic art world that are seeking good employees. The Cerus Corporation in Concord, California, Netcom Systems in Edison, New Jersey, Ceridian in St. Petersburg, Florida and Quarasan in Chicago, Illinois are just some of the many businesses in need of graphic designers(Job Search).

“Currently, chances of finding work in the occupation are rated ‘Good’, as employment opportunities are above average and earnings are at the average level” (Graphic and Illustrating). Over the next five years the outlook is not expected to change. The number of job openings is expected to be matched by the number of qualified job seekers. Most of the increase in employment requirements through 2004 for this occupation is expected to occur in the advertising services, printing and publishing and business service industries (Graphic and Illustrating). Like many jobs, the city is where the best employment options are. This is either in our around a big city.

Graphic designers usually work forty hours a week. At times they may need to meet a deadline, so they will work overtime. Many people who choose this field are self-employed. They make up their own hours and spend many of them selling and promoting their work (Chronical). About sixty percent of graphic designers are self-employed (Visual). Graphic designers make a fairly good income. This varies on different aspects. Experience, geographic location and the employer affect how much money a designer makes. “Entry level graphic designers earned between $21,000 and $24,000 annually, on average” (Graphic Designers).

Graphic design is a great field for those that are qualified for it. With proper schooling someone could get very far in their career. It has an exciting work nature and work environment, which is fast paced. Overall it is a good job, with a great future outlook.

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