My Personal Experience in Art

The world of art and visual communication, where artistic and technological skills come together, has particularly fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Art is a very important part of my life which has never failed to accompany me all along my journey this is one of the reasons why I am more than determined to undertake and successfully complete my graphic design studies.

As a matter of a fact, I also aim to weave my artistic skills with a world of visual communication whose society is in continuous evolution, and I feel confident enough to utilise some suitable tools in order to smoothly operate at various levels.

I strongly believe that art is a universal phenomenon that frees our soul from monotony, transforming everyday life into an exciting and overwhelming journey. All the colours, shapes and features vary on the basis of a constant change of emotions and, consequently, each work is unique in its kind. All the graphics entail a great deal of new and different artistic communication tools that allow people to transmit messages, motivate and connect with them.

As far as I am concerned, a graphic designer is an artist who knows how to solve communication problems by understanding the needs of the client and, by doing so, is able to create some unique and captivating work through methods and techniques this is definitely something I really wish to learn over my programme.

It is worth mentioning again that art has always been my passion, and I am an individual who is very curious about every phenomenon in life.

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In my opinion, every moment, object or situation has the potential to inspire. Having an artistic perspective has enabled me to see things in a very special way, and while others see something perfectly in order, I personally can see an infinite number of possibilities. This is for each of us has different points of view and, as the perspective changes, things change. I would be really delighted to start experimenting, fulfilling my thoughts and projects, exploring how to communicate messages and ideas in an effective and inventive way.

During the years spent studying Architecture and Furnishings, I learned that there are many strategies and materials for artistic communication. I acquired skills and knowledge that led me to express myself in very creative and imaginative ways, through different tools and artistic techniques also, the knowledge acquired at school pushed me to explore and experiment on my own and to create a wide range of works that I wanted to share with the public.

Furthermore, I have exhibited my works in galleries with other artists for several years. These experiences have given me a great insight into the way people interpret my work and, also, enabled me to learn about a variaty of external factors, such as the creativity of other artists, different perspectives and ways of thinking for this reason, learning from their knowledge and experiences has been crucial to my personal growth as an artist.

All throughout my artistic career, I had the opportunity to work alongside theatre designers, though for a short period of time, from whom I learned some very important skills. This has definitely been an unforgettable experience that showed me how to develop a winning scenographic project that overwhelms and communicates efficiently with the public.

I have recently completed the first year of Business and Management studies, a course that has been very useful for me to develop business skills such as solving problems through high analysis points, learning to work efficiently in a team and being able to manage time well ahead of deadlines.

In my spare time, in addition to drawing, I spend my days browsing the internet, searching for new ideas, following works by other artists and discovering new trends. I also like keeping fit by doing sport and practicing meditation. Exercise is very important to remove stress by freeing the mind from useless thoughts and then, seeing new perspectives and opportunities. I’m also passionate about travelling, seeing new places, learning about new cultures and their customs so that each unknown place broadens my horizons and helps me think outside the box.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that this graphic design course will update me on the current developments in today’s design media industry by further stimulating my artistic curiosity. It will give me the opportunity to challenge my creative skills by teaching me the methods, techniques and programmes necessary to become an effective graphic designer who can make a difference with their works.

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