Creativity, Innovation, and Design Essay

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Creativity, Innovation, and Design

This paper will describe the importance of creativity, innovation, and design and how they meet organizational objectives by defining, comparing, and contrasting them. Organizational objectives are the road maps that companies use to reach desired results. Creativity, innovation and design are what the road map is comprised of. Creativity is a critical component in just about every industry to be successful and thriving. Creativity isn’t an idea that just comes to someone from out of nowhere; it is a concept that is applied to an existing body of knowledge.

Often, creativity is the act of one person but can be generated in a group setting as well. Making a good idea even better is what creativity is all about. What you do with that idea is innovation. Innovation is taking creativity a step further, it is implementing it successfully. To implement an idea successfully, there needs to be procedures and processes in place so that it can be executed in a timely manner and within budget . Design embodies these two concepts, creativity and innovation, with the addition of the specific end product.

The end product can be tangible (product) which has things such as material, specific measurements, and acceptable deviations; or intangible (service). In the opinion of the author of Managing Innovation, Design and Creativity, Bettina von Stamm believes that every step of design is a conscious decision. I do not follow that belief because a design can have a flaw which I do not think is consciously intended. In order for a company to be successful, it must continue to improve either the product it makes or the service it provides to stay ahead of its competitors.

This is done through creativity, innovation, and design. Businesses have the challenge of maintaining an operational side which has distinct procedures that must be followed and the innovative side that thinks outside the box. Extremely successful businesses are able to maintain a balance between the two. It is of wide belief that some individuals are creative and others are not. Dr. Teresa Amabile, Director of Research at Harvard Business School believes that creativity and innovation can be intentionally stimulated and maintained in organizations at a group level.

However companies choose to incorporate creativity, innovation, and design into their business plan, it is clear that it is a critical component in being successful. References Busniss Case Studies. (2013). Retrieved from The Times 100: http://businesscasestudies. co. uk/business-theory/strategy/business-objectives-planning-and-stakeholders. html Plous, S. (2011, October 23). Social Phycology Network. Retrieved from http://amabile. socialpsychology. org/ von Stamm, B. (2008). Managing Creativity, Design, and Innovation, 2nd Edition. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

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