The Causes of Happiness

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What causes happiness for both genders since systematic thinking was recorded has been a question of concern. Some say that happiness is as a result of material possessions and others proclaim it depends on one’s mindset. Over the years, psychologists such as David Home and Gianbattista Vico have done researches and concluded that happiness is as a result of self-motivation as well as the wellbeing of one’s social life.

Although happiness is a major goal in everyone’s life, philosophers are progressing slowly to explain what it entails.

Having a lot of wealth does not always assure a happy life. John Locke was a materialist who perused happiness without any qualifications through prudence so as to make sure that people do not mistake true happiness for fake happiness (Vazquez, Hervas, et al.

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, 2009). He further showed that to be happy in life, one has to be self-displined.

Although technology has made life lengthen and people acquire more material wealth, it is clear that people living in western nations do not seem very satisfied with their life style (Vazquez, Hervas, et al., 2009). It is evident from the suicides, high rates of crimes, family breakdown among other incidences in the region. This clearly shows that the materialism does not guarantee a happy life.

In the United States, wealthiest individuals were found to have less happy lives than those with lower income in 1985. A study was done in 1985 that showed that people with lots of wealth were not different from those with traumas (Csikzentmihalya, 2009).

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It also led to conclusion that children from lowest economic were happier than those from upper and middle classes. Most people tend to believe that the problems they are facing can be ended if they only had more money.

Having a satisfied family and friends to spend time with has shown possibilities of having happy life (Hernandez, Bassett, & Boughton, 2017). It is very promising if the material goals are balanced with social wellbeing of a person. A person who is only driven by material wealth usually tends to spend all time making more money and fail to create time for happiness. Seeing that most people are not happy with their lives, there have been several ways in which they have tried to program their minds to get happiness.

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