The general ambiance of this ad is bright, tranquil, and happy. It creates a bright mood by using a bright blue background and by having the girl in the advertisement wear a pink shirt. Blue is a color of tranquility, and they used this color to make the ad appeal to people with moms. A characteristic of a mom is often calmness, and the advertisers used the characteristics of a mother to draw attention. The advertisers also used happy colors for their products that they thought mom would love, like pinks, reds, oranges, and purple, and left the dark colors like black and grey to a minimum.

The design of the advertisement is a young girl in the bottom center with gifts placed around her. The basic components of the ad are focused on the little girl since she is taking up most of the ad. The advertisers did this to focus on the happy mood. The lighting of the set is bright and the angle of the photo is straight on.

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These are both important to the ad because they help to make it happy. The use of color is really important; as I mentioned in Part A, the advertisers purposely chose gifts with bright colors over gifts with negative colors.
The background of the ad is a plain color and is not a landscape of a city or town and it does not have a design in the background. The advertisers purposely did this to put more focus on the products that they are trying to sell.

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Since the ad does not really have a background, the action of the girl holding the flowers is probably helping her family helping find gifts for her mom in Target. Although the “white space” is actually blue instead of white, it is significant. This white space helps to separate the products from each other in order to sell more.
The one character in this ad is a young girl. She is smiling and looks happy, although she is hiding the bottom half of her face behind the flowers. Her hair is in braided pigtails, and since it is hard for kids to do their own hair like that, it makes it seem like her mom did her hair for her. This is significant because of the purpose of the ad. She looks like any average girl with a mom, and that appeals to other young children. The girl is probably around 5 or 6 years old and has dark brown hair. She appears to be tan and is in elementary school, probably first grade. She is the one character that is shown, but because of the purpose of the ad, it can be assumed that she is the daughter of the woman she is buying gifts for.
There is not a major action that is happening in this ad since there is no real setting. The ad instead focuses on the young girl holding flowers. These flowers and how the girl is holding them are very significant to the plot of the ad. The flowers symbolize beauty, purity, and happiness, which flows with the overall mood of happiness. Roses symbolize mature love, along with hope and promise, while lilies symbolize devotion. The roses and lilies that the girl is holding represent that perfectly because when someone thinks of their mom, they think about love and devotion.
The theme of this ad is love, devotion, and happiness. Like I previously mentioned in Part E, the flowers that the girl is holding represent the characteristics of a mother. The pink roses specifically mean gentleness, gratefulness, and happiness. These roses relate very closely to the personality of a mother, who is giving and thoughtful. Likewise, the yellow lilies show thankfulness. The advertisers included these to say thank you to the person who has always taken care of them.
The language in this ad offers information but also generates an emotional response. It offers prices and descriptions of the items they are advertising, but also has an emotional appeal. By saying “mom will love this,” the viewer will take more time to really look at the items that are being sold. Additionally, the advertisers wanted to make shopping for moms easy. Their target audience will see an item on this ad and think about which product(s) their mom would really love.
There are several items advertised, like watches, InstantPot, cards, flowers, candy, and lotions. This appeals to American society because everyone has a mother figure in their life and everyone loves their mom dearly. It also fits into American culture because many of these items are common gifts that you can get anyone, like candy or flowers. The advertisers include several different items for this reason; they can target the cooks, the athletes, the food-lover, the beautician, the romantic, or a gift that every mom will love. Their whole purpose was to be able to appeal to all families because they know something will be on there that they would enjoy.
The most significant symbol in this ad is the flowers that the girl is holding. Like I mentioned in Parts E and F, the flowers symbolize the parental affection that mothers offer. Each of the flowers represented a different characteristic that mothers have. The rose symbolizes the faithfulness and optimism of a mother. The lilies symbolize the commitment of a mother. The advertisers purposely did this in order to appeal to the families of mothers.
This ad for Mother’s Day gifts indirectly reflects the cultural attitudes of the audience. It is common in American society to buy gifts for our moms on Mother’s Day. All of the gifts that are being advertised are gifts that are typical for mothers, and most are typical for a lot of females who are not mothers. This focuses on the issue of stereotypical thinking. They chose these items to advertise because they knew it would succeed, but this can lead us to believe that they are addressing stereotypical thinking.

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