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Teen Vaping And Its Consequences

Categories: Why Vaping Is Bad


  1. Hook: Many teens are getting serious consequences from vaping.
  2. Introduction of topic: Vaping comes from an electric device that get charged from plugging it in to the wall with a charger, just like a phone. People use these to inhale substances that contain nicotine which causes them to get addicted. Recently many teens have started vaping. Many more still continue to start. Along with this causes many troubles for young people (Martinelli).
  3. Thesis: Vaping should be illegal for teens because it can lead to further addiction, it can cause health problems, and they can get in trouble.

First argument or reason to support your position

  1. Topic Sentence: Many teens have started vaping. From teens starting to vape it can lead to further addiction with nicotine.
  2. Supporting material: Nicotine is a very addictive substance, that causes people to get more and more addicted to it from its taste. With this it can lead to addictions with cigarettes, and even other drugs, which are even worse.

    Once someone starts on nicotine it is very hard for them to quit (“‘E-Cigarettes: What”).

  3. Article quote(s) to back up your point* (list source and note card quote #):

Card 1 – #3 = “And although most states prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to people under the age of 18, more and more teens are using them” (“‘E-Cigarettes: What”).

Card 1 – # 4 = “Research studies have found that nicotine may make animals’ brains more receptive to the effects of other drugs. Some experts think this could also be true for people. If so, a young person who uses an e-cigarette or a tobacco cigarette may find other drugs, like cocaine, more rewarding.

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This “priming effect” on the brain increases the likelihood of further drug use and possible addiction” (“‘E-Cigarettes: What”).

Card 2 – # 2 = “One study of 12th graders found that kids who vaped (but were not previously smokers) were more than four times as likely to “move away from the perception of cigarettes as posing a great risk of harm.” The study and others like it have shown that teens who vape are much more likely to start smoking cigarettes” (Martinelli).

Second argument or reason to support your position

  1. Topic sentence: Many health concerns come along with vaping.
  2. Supporting material: Vaping can lead to teen brains being properly developed since they are still forming. This can also lead to cancer since it has formaldehyde in it, which is a chemical that causes cancer and can possibly lead to death.. Acrolein is also included in nicotine which can cause irreversible lung damage. Acrolein is also known as a chemical to kill weeds. Your eyes and throat can also be affected by electronic smoking devices and can lead to an easier chance of getting the flu (“‘E-Cigarettes: ‘Vapes'”).
  3. Article quote(s) to back up your point* (list source and note card quote #):

Card 2 – #4 = “One study found that vaping does, in fact, cause lung irritation akin to that seen in smokers and people with lung disease and causes damage to vital immune system cells” (Martinelli).

Card 3 – #4 = “In the short term, e-cigarette aerosol can irritate your lungs, throat and eyes. It can also make it more likely that you’ll catch colds or get the flu” (“‘E-Cigarettes: ‘Vapes'”).

“Taskiran notes that vaping increases heart rate and blood pressure, so can increase circulatory problems. One teen he works with started vaping and found that his swim times dropped because he can no longer sustain the heart rate required for swimming” (Martinelli).

Third argument or reason to support your position

  1. Topic sentence: Vaping can lead to teens getting in trouble with police and or their school.
  2. Supporting material: Vaping is illegal for teens. Since teens can’t purchase vaping devices until they are at least 18 and in some states you have to be older, teens have to get it from someone who is older (“‘E-Cigarettes: ‘Vapes'”). Both of these people could get in trouble and potentially get involved with the police. They could also get caught at school if a school worker sees someone. The school can give you consequences and they can get the police involved which can cause you to go to court and or have a fine (STOPit Blog).
  3.  Article quote(s) to back up your point* (list source and note card quote #)

“In many states, it is illegal for retailers to sell youth e-cigarettes, and in some states it is also illegal for youth to possess e-cigarettes” (“‘E-Cigarettes: ‘Vapes'”).

“Many schools have added e-cigarettes to their tobacco-free school policies and the consequences for using them on school grounds are often the same as smoking traditional cigarettes” (“‘E-Cigarettes: ‘Vapes'”).

(#4)Feeling like the situation has careened out of control, many New Jersey districts, for example, have made it a police matter. Those caught vaping in school are reported directly to law enforcement and can face fines and court-mandated community service, along with harsh school penalties like mandatory drug tests and suspensions (STOPit Blog).


  • Summary of main points or reasons: In conclusion, many teens vape and a lot more continue to start. The problems is that people don’t understand the consequences of what happens when they decide to vape and inhale these substances (Martinelli).
  • Restate thesis statement: Teens can get in trouble, can get more addicted, and can get more health problems.
  • Personal comment or call to action: Vaping for teens should be illegal and if they still choose to vape then they will suffer the consequences that come along with it.

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