The Effects of Teen Depression and How to Overcome Teen Depression

In an article written by Washington Post, the author informs how “Joshua Breslau, a senior researcher for an organization called RAND, is working on one of his main theories between depression in boys and girls. He explains that the differences between boys and girls is due to their teen years. The gap between boys with depression and girls grows around the ages of 12 and 17.

Suicide is one of the many things that can cross through a teens mind when they are going through depression.

An effect or feeling that may lead to suicide is frequent crying. Usually, frequent crying has to do with the way they feel or how pressured they are. Signs of depression that can lead to suicide may be difficulty concentrating or the teen losing interest in many things. A teen that has difficulty concentrating is one of the major signs that can show if a teen is depressed. Another sign of teen depression is eating disorder. Many teens think that they are fat and that they need to stop eating in order to lose weight, but that’s why a teen should get the help that they need.

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All these can lead to suicide, a severe injury, and may even cause a teen to run away. Although that may be true, don’t let this be the case and just help your teen get better.

Stress is also another sign of depression. Usually, stress happens when a teenager is put under pressure. A teen may feel pressured because their parents expect them to get the highest grade or expect them to be the best student.

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Although a parent might think that this is helping their child, it might be harming them by making them stressed and putting so much weight on them. Sadly, as much as a parent want to help their child succeed in life, a parent should focus on their child’s mental health and should know that putting pressure is not helping but harming. Many teenagers have parents like this, but one as a parent has to understand their children. As stated in the article written by Jazmin.P. “School is an important factor in most teenagers lives and by being so important, a teenager can become depressed very easily at school or because of school.” This is one of the reasons why we teenagers should get breathers and should be able to go out with friends and have fun on weekends.

Depression is an awful mental health disorder, and in this generation many people have dealt with or have had experience with depression. Overcoming depression is something that everyone should have help with and something that no one should go through alone. If you know someone dealing with depression you should comfort them and make them not feel lonely. If you know that they are being pressured and if you want to help, you can take action by talking to them and offering comfort. If you have a friend that may not seem the usual, or if you notice them getting farther away, then get help by telling the counselor in your school or telling your parents. And trust me, you will be feeling way better after you have done so.

In conclusion, depression is something that nobody will want to go through. And depression is not only for teens but it can happen to adult people but it mostly involves teens. At the end, depression is a health mental disorder and someone dealing with depression should get help. If you or someone is suffering with depression comfort them or just tell someone most likely your parents. Don’t let suicide or a runaway happened.

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The Effects of Teen Depression and How to Overcome Teen Depression
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