The Solution to Vaping Problem

In many schools, vaping is definitely a problem. The worst place that this happens in though is in high schools. This is a huge problem in many schools and it effects the kids from doing what they should be doing.

Many kids think its a “cool” thing to do, but this only makes the effect of it worst. The problem is students that do vape end up being sometimes anxious, irritated easily, and sometimes angry outburst. According to Dr. Scott Gottlieb in The Troubling Popularity of Vaping, “The nicotine in these products can rewire an adolescent’s brain, leading to years of addiction”.

Also from The Trouble Popularity of Vaping, But the flavors, including mango, mint , also make e-cigarettes appealing to kids”. This is also proving that many stores that have this product are also maybe trying to target kids with all these different flavors. Some solutions can be raise smoking legal age or make sure the person who buys it does not give it to some kid they have or found.

School students vaping has gotten out of control. According to recent studies in The Popularity of Vaping, “A 2017 study found that 19 percent of 12th graders had vaped nicotine in the previous year”. Many teachers would catch students vaping around restrooms or even in class. What is even worse is that some of the students don’t even get caught. Other students would see people vaping around the schools but just keep walking because some of the kids think its a “normal” thing to do.

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There are many examples of this in so many different schools. Some of the students that don’t smoke though do not know that they are getting affected too with second hand smoke.

There are consequences but some schools barely make them serious. Even though vaping is different from just using cigarettes it can still cause harm the young person that is vaping. Its serious because since there are already so many student addicted to vaping this could spread around making even more students addicted. It is terrible since companies that have something to do with vaping targeting middle and high school kids. Vaping can make many students become addicted since there in nicotine in it which can be very addictive to young people. Many students can end up with bleeding gums and/or breathing problems. While if you vape in school they punishments are different. In school sometimes they will contact the parents making sure they knew their son/daughter was doing this. Sometimes schools will give detentions or suspension.

There are many solutions to help with kids that do vape in school and those who vape on a daily basis. Like raising the legal age, making parents sign something that says that they will not let anyone younger that the legal age to vape. They should probably have to show their ID to the person they are getting it from which they probably already do. The percentage of students vaping in school would go down if these actually happened. Less students would be addicted in the future. Less students will have problems with their health in the future. This shows that the owners are serious and showing that who ever buys this stuff then they are within the legal age and they promise not to do anything illegal. Yet surprisingly many people might not like this. The people that disagree with me could do many things that could make this worst.

Too many students vape in school which can not only affect the school but themselves too and there are many ways people can help stop this. If people don’t do anything about this then this could cause many students more into the future health problems. I still don’t understand why teenagers think that vaping is “cool” yet some know that this could cause some serious health problems.

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