Problem and solution essay: Drinking and Driving

People all around the world drink and they also drive. But driving under the influence of alcohol is a very dangerous, risk taking thing to do, not just to the drivers, but to the passengers and pedestrians as well. When people consume alcohol, their normal functioning of the brain impairs, thus increasing the chances of having a fatal accident when chosen to drive. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 40% of the car accidents in the year 2002 were alcohol related in US.

That is about 17,419 deaths. This meant that in average, every 30 minutes someone was killed in a car accident that was relating alcohol.

The legal limit of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) for drivers at the age of 21 or older is .08 percent. For drivers under the age of 21, the legal limit of BAC is .01 percent. But this does not mean that it is safe to drive when your BAC is .08 percent or even .01 percent. Any amount of of BAC is a risk to drive.

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Studies show that states or countries with lower BAC limit has far less alcohol related accidents. If you go over the legal limit of BAC, you would get fined large amounts of money to jail time, depending how high the BAC is. Making the BAC limit lower might just prevent the accidents that killed hundreds of innocent people.

Drinking alcohol has effect on the brain. First, it will fill cozy, warm and relaxing feeling. Then into judgment impairment, little use of slurred speech, and reason and caution are impaired.

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After that, there will be increase impairment of judgment, then to slow reflection, and more use of slurred speech. Next memory and comprehension are abnormally functioning, then blurred vision, to vomiting and instability to stand. Finally, if more alcohol are consumed, result unconsciousness, coma and to even death. So not drinking at all would be the best solution as it will be good for your health and not taking any risk of having a fatal accident.

But, for people who have to have a drink, people who can't live with out alcohol, they are prone to consume alcohol and make a decision to drive to their destination or not. This might be hard for some people, but leaving their car and taking an alternative transportation would be the smartest, and also the safest way to get to the destination. It is much more important to get to the destination with their life then by loosing one's life or taking a life of another and not get there at all.

There are problems that are just incorrigible and there are problems that can be prevented or solved. We should do any means to solve any corrodible problems in any ways. It might save one or it might save thousands of lives. Drinking and driving is making a death wish. It's not only the drivers that are risking their lives, but they, as in drivers, are risking other lives as well. Not driving when influenced by alcohol might save one's life and a life of another. Maybe, it might not be a big deal to some people who believe this will not happen to them, are gambling with their lives.

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Problem and solution essay: Drinking and Driving
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