The cons of drinking and driving

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Driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is among the most unsafe things that a human can perhaps do. When people drink and drive, they are not only putting themselves in risk, they?re likewise endangering the lives of other road users and pedestrians. At a young age, I use to watch my uncle James beverage and drive believing it was entirely normal. Whatever was okay till one day he got too drunk and lost control of the cars and truck and struck a tree.

Today, I? am still pondering on what caused individuals including my uncle to consume and drive? Could it be pressure from your peers, or going and acting wild at a party, or possibly it?s the many of underage teenagers consuming behind the wheel. After numerous years of seeing and assuming drinking and driving was normal, I have actually totally altered my beliefs and desire everyone to recognize the real impact of driving under the influence.

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It might be obvious to say, however I think peer pressure plays a significant role in whether someone will be supporting the wheel after a few drinks. I believe its more crucial for our young chauffeurs, since many youths attempt to maintain a cool reputation.

That implies they will accompany practically anything their good friends will say, instead of making accountable decisions. For instance recently, my cousin BJ and some of his buddies was hanging out at the club for a beverage and everyone was pressured to consume, if not they were called pansies and punks.

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So its about 3am and no one remains in the ideal status to drive. So I received a call from the club owner saying to come and select up my cousin and his good friends. I hurried down there thanking god that he didn?t get behind the wheel drunk with a possibility of killing everybody in the automobile. My cousin ought to of been more accountable and overlooked the pressure and describe that if he consume, everyone will assist spend for a taxi. Peer pressure! is not too difficult to avoid, all we have to do is to make great decisions and discuss them your choice, if their reasonable people they must understand. Drinking excessive at celebrations is another major reason for my altered belief towards drunk driving.

When an individual attends a party they expect to have a few drinks, because they want to casually fit-in with a group. When people consume alcohol very lightly they can stay sober and not react so extreme as a person who consumes too many drinks. For example, I attended a house party last week and my friend Cedric got completely drunk. He started out drinking very slowly and casually, then he began to consume drink after drink by the end of the night he couldn?t talk straight. I told him the next day about how crazy he was acting but he still don?t believe me. It is a rarity that a person can stay sober at a wild party that has nothing but alcohol, because once a person has a few drinks they begin to want more and possibly go overboard with it. Whether it means to drink faucet water all night, or just eating chips, we must realize that enough is enough and stop drinking. In addition to drinking at parties, there is age factor. Young drivers who are between the ages of 16-20 years old are more likely to have alcohol and get into car accidents.

That is mainly because of their lack of driving experience and tendency to take risks and drink while driving. Under the influence of alcohol, their judgment in traffic is often insufficient to avoid a crash. In addition, teens do most of their driving at night, which can be even more difficult while drunk. Then the effects of alcohol that takes place are poor coordination and slurred speech, double vision, decrease of self control, loss of consciousness and death. There are legal consequences due to drinking also. After a couple of drinks, a driver can lose their ability to perform the tasks necessary to drive a car. At a certain point, a driver will become illegally intoxicated and can be arrested for attempting to operate a motor vehicle.

They face losing their license, having embarrassing court appearances, press coverage and heavy fines. Finally in conclusion, there is no safe amount that you can drink and still drive. Even one drink can influence your driving offences. My advice is to try to manage your life so that you do not drink and drive. If you go out for a drink, try to go somewhere that you can reach either on foot or by public transportation. Many situations like this will show up in a life, they just have to make good decisions. When we drink and drive, the effect is that your not only killing ourselves, but you?re putting others lives in jeopardy.

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The cons of drinking and driving
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