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Suffering Essay Examples

Essay on Suffering

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Mercy killing

For this 10 years, he is occupying a hospital bed, medical equipment and medicine that sustain his life. As we know, almost every day, the spaces in hospital are inadequate for incoming patients. Instead of letting the coma patient to suffer and wasting a bed space, mercy killing an incurable patient can definitely save lots of life. Besides, if the organs of the patient are still functioning well...

Symphacy to Miss Havisham's Suffering

This stanza makes me feel a little frightened by her as her attitude is rather alarming. Overall, I really do sympathized Miss Havisham deeply, but I do criticise some of her actions. For instance, I do not like the fact that she wants to inflict pain on others just because it is for her own sake. By praying for someone to die and planning a revenge on someone is not the right way to solve a probl...

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"Kindred" by Octavia Butler -Analysis

Like Rufus holding onto Dana, the past has a “hold” on the present, the sacrifices of the past shape the present today. Dana loses an arm which is an important body part, especially for a writer, although she escapes with her life. The slaves of the past had sacrificed skin, bone, and sanity, yet a lot of them escaped, albeit scarred. Dana’s horrific injury makes all of the sacrifices slave...

Provide Support

How a person interacts with others might also be a further consideration, in that they might find talking difficult, or they could become irritable and prone to sudden mood swings. Something else which should be considered is the sufferers ability to work and care for their family, if they are unable to do this, it might make them more reliable on others, which in turn could affect their whole wel...

"The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas

As we can see, Monte Cristo took his revenge in a way that didn't involve any act that was illegal. I think that revenge is morally justified in this particular story, because he did suffer a great deal, and there was a very good reason for his revenge. In every day life taking revenge is somewhat childish, but not taking it is surrendering. In my opinion revenge should be taken, and a person shou...

"Nettles" by Vernon Scannell

After the poet destroys the nettle bed he decides to set fire to them:"A funeral pyre to burn the fallen dead"This is very dramatic as it is a huge fire to burn dead people, or nettles in this case. He wants to burn the dead, because they harmed his son. This phrase is very effective is make us think of death and funerals, which is usually depressing, and nettles are depressing and harmful. Fallen...

Faith In God in Shadows by Lawrence

Faith is ever present in each and everyone of us, and how we use that faith is totally up to each person. Lawrence however, kept his faith close to him at all times, letting that faith guide him through his life and death into the hands of his Saviour to accept the gift that God had given him, everlasting peace. He left the poem "Shadows" for all to enjoy, and perhaps to help ease the pain and suf...

Empathy in a Poem Rain on a Grave

With a childs pleasure gives the empathy of love and how it can be beyond anything and rhyming techniques When sunny the day there, - Or evening was clear At the prime of the year. The techniques in the poem assist with evoking the reader with what the persona feels and sees and the mood of the poem. The rhythm is slow and gentle, appropriate for the personas thoughts. Movement of this poem is slo...

Cynthia Ozick’s “The Shawl”

In paragraph 15, what is on the other side of the fence? Explain Ozick’s description here. Why does Ozick include these details so close the the story’s end? Just beyond the fence lies a serene meadow “speckled with dandelions and deep-colored violets.” Ozick is contrasting the beauty of the meadow with the cruelty that Rosa and millions of others suffered from the hands of the Nazi’s....

Hearthfullness: Suffering

The example Christ gave when he underwent the trials and sufferings before his death on the cross should be very practical in a Christian life. Egan in his book John on the Cross reminds us that we should take our sufferings just as Jesus Christ persevered in is way to Crucifixion. References: Keating, T. (2007) Foundation for centering prayer and the Christian contemplative life, New York: Contin...

Dante the Pilgrim

He is taught to recognize sin as something dreadful and disgusting. God’s justice for the sins committed are expressed in hell. Slowly, Dante recognizes that the punishments are appropriate for the sinners’ crimes. He expressed it by being rude and violent. This lack of remorse towards the sinners allows Dante to fully understand the true nature of sin. He now believes that every man is respon...

The Happy Prince Summary

Thankfully, swallow walked off his chapter along with the happy prince living in paradise where he is able to sing for evermore. The general setting of “The Happy Prince” vividly depicted images from widen gap between the rich and the poor in the city. Furthermore, the comparison between the prince`s previous life and his current circumstances generated a sense of materialism and irony as the ...

Gaining Wisdom Through Suffering

Morrie embraced his life rather than fearing life. By way of example, Morries tells Mitch, “Mitch, I embrace aging” (Albom 118). This means he isn’t afraid of growing old, he embraces the years of life he has left. In conclusion, despite being very different in both characters and beliefs, both King Lear and Morrie acquire wisdom through suffering. Wisdom is comes when someone experiences it...

The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac

His studying of Buddhist philosophy finally pays off. There are many complications and sufferings Ray goes through in order to follow the Buddhist philosophy of all life is suffering and suppression of suffering can be achieved. At last, with the help of Japhy, Ray is able to achieve the suppression of suffering because Japhy helps inspire and motivate him. When Japhy leaves, Ray sets out to Desol...

The Suffering of Frankenstein

Frankenstein as a novel would not be nearly as emotion evoking—and thus not nearly as successful of a tragedy—if the suffering had only been Victor’s. Although not completely fair, the guilt is assigned to him along with the monster for the many deaths and sadness. Henry’s dreams of future work, Elizabeth’s dreams of a happy marriage, and William’s childhood were all taken away as a re...

The Relevance of Mythological Beings in Indigenous Stories

Although mythological beings in Indigenous stories can be interpreted as having little or no relevance to contemporary society, this assumption would overlook the core messages in these stories. Kyoti, Sedna and Mushawashee are all mythological in nature, yet they have direct meaning and relevance to contemporary life; as Sedna’s story brings the issue of healing from sexual abuse to the forefro...

Citation Disapproval With Literary Examples

In conclusion, the world is a cruel place. Ms. Helen Keller's statement was disproved by the multiple examples provided. Macbeth killed many people trying to keep the secret of killing King Duncan. The White family was put through suffering: by having their son dead, having to see the torn body of their loved one, seeing the undead Herbert show up at their home, and living the rest of their lives ...

Saint Juliana of Nicodemia

Finally the government got involved and Juliana was tortured endlessly in all sorts of cruel ways. In the end, she got beheaded. Juliana suffered Christian martyrdom and is usually represented with a devil whom she leads by a chain. I chose Saint Juliana because of her relentless mindset. She was never ashamed of her faith. Juliana was taken to her limit in all she did for Christ. She was tortured...

Gillian Clarke - The Field Mouse

The very last image in the poem refers more explicitly to the civil conflict of the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia, where the "neighbour" has become a "stranger". She realises how easily her neighbour could become hostile: "my neighbour turned / stranger, wounding my land with stones". The "land" referred to here has a wider significance in that it can be read to mean both the ground and any natio...

Is World Full of Suffering

The cruelty between men, individuals, groups, religions and races is terrifying. The human being has in him a sound of monsters which he releases on all favorable occasions. Life fights cruelly against the cruelty of the world and resists with cruelty to the cruelty of life. All living beings kill and eat living beings. Faith, art, love, friendship and mental attitudes are among the ways of minimi...

Analysis of Judith Beveridge's Poetry

Children are usually afraid of the dark and hope for sunrise but in this quote dark means release from uncle’s domination and from the fear of further killings. Judith Beveridge has challenged the understanding of the world in which we live. “The Two Brother’s” and “Fox in a Tree Stump” both show male dominance over neglected creatures in the society and over females. Beveridge has als...

Charm bracelet

My two hearted charm represents my compassion. My attitude towards others is nothing shy from compassionate. This world has many harsh dealings; I try to understand people and their pain. Compassion is all it takes to change a person’s life. Like my heart, is full of compassion. My angel charm represents my faith. I am a child of God; I try to do my best to follow his teachings. I go to church e...

Suffering soul in scientific age

Man is enjoying the pleasures of life and forgetting the path of God. Souls want Spirituality. It is the food of soul. Hazrat Ali says, Oh! World I have divorced you three times”. It clearly indicates the less importance of this world, so why we are running after this unnatural pleasures. Scientific inventions give only temporary pleasure but permanent pleasure is hidden in holding the path of G...

Enthanasia Pro And Cons

That is why the present law exists, to protect me, not to encourage me to commit suicide. At the same time, a civil society should provide the means for someone in that state to be able to lead a dignified life. Mr Fung says that 'dying with dignity is humane' but how does he know? As Hamlet says, that is 'the undiscovered country'. A friend of mine died last year of cancer at 53. He was in great ...

Act Utilitarianism

Then john goes out and kills max. This situation would be too hard for the hedonic calculus to calculate as both men families felt pain and both men felt pleasure. Overall I believe that the weaknesses out way the strengths of Act Utilitarianism as there are many situations that it would not be able to give an answer. Even thought Act Utilitarianism considers the consequences there are just too ma...

First Stone

As a result, anger is a common outcome of emotional pain. Through this quote, we understand that boy has been a lot of tough times which lead him to throw a rock towards the overpass. Then, feel remorse about his actions which is a perfect example of emotional sorrow because guiltiness is a type of emotional pain. Which frequently results in one torturing themselves. The boy in the quotation has f...

Adam Bede

Eliot. George. Adam Bede. New York: Penguin. 1996. Greegor. G. R. George Eliot: a collection of critical essays. Englewood Cliffs, N. J. , Prentice Hall. 1970. Ian Adam."Character and Destiny in George Eliot's Fiction. " Nineteenth-Century Fiction. University of California Press 1965. 127-143 Jones, Robert Tudor A critical commentary on George Eliot's 'Adam Bede'. London: Macmillan. 1968. Levine. ...

Understanding of Pain and Suffering

Seeing suffering and death and the failure of treatments can instill a sense of fear and hopelessness in a person, however, it is important to note that fear and hopelessness will not be helpful to anyone. George’s story was going against the odds and accepting pain and suffering as part of the journey. In my opinion, a healthcare provider can’t always just focus on the clinical presentations,...

Compare and Contrast Suffering Shown in Six Poems

So as you can see these six different poets have expressed their feelings on suffering in lots different ways in their poems. Suffering can come in many forms. The ones used in this poem are just a few of the many aspects of suffering. It can come in the form of death and war which was what was used in most of the poems and you can say this is the most extreme form but as I have proved suffering c...

Not Waving but Drowning A Poem Analysis

Not waving but drowning stresses pain and suffering, specifically the pain and suffering of a dieing old man. "Oh no no no , it was too cold always" shows that if he died from being in depression, he was always in depression, and no one realized as he hid it all this while, by larking and trying to be happy. The poet concludes the poem with "And not waving but drowning" which shows that the man is...

Suffering Innocence in To Kill a Mockingbird

Whether it was suffering through pain of injustice juries,stereotyping from neighbors, or racial prejudice from the community, these characters all lost their innocence. These three characters display the traits of a mockingbird because in each of their own personality traits, they all followed the words of Miss Maudie: “Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don’...

Hard Guise Movie Reaction Paper

My total response to this motion picture moves me to look much deeper into the problems that are facing our schools and students in order to make a favorable relocation toward making changes. By seeing this film, I learned that we don't have to take a rear seat to the occasions and criminal activities that may affect our instant neighborhoods. We discover by viewing this motion picture to be prepa...

Social Class Issues in Untouchable Book Review

I personally believe that none of the solutions presented to Bakha offer him with a real solution to his problems. None of them explain the practicalities through which he can end his plight and progress to a better life. Furthermore they all fail to address the real issue at hand; the suffering and injustice of the untouchable people. Perhaps this is purposely done by the author in order to affir...

Insight on the “Fall of Icarus” by Breughel

Such had outlived all the past eras, civilizations and generations. The ultimate value the poem imparts is the fact that at the end of the day, man is innately evil — killers from the egg. Man, like the pike is beautiful outside but is filled with horror inside. Man appears terrific outside but is truly horrific insider. This is apparent from his malevolent agent grin. The pike is symbolic of th...

Use of Metaphor in a Poem Mental Cases

In conclusion, Owen’s use of metaphor is used to such a successful extent, that it allows the reader to imagine a type of person inflicted with the horrors of war in a way that would not be possible otherwise. It is, I feel, important to re-iterate the significant difference between imagery and metaphor. Yes, Owen’s use of powerful imagery is used effectively, but it is through his use of unre...

Analysis of "Little Boy Crying" by Mervyn Morris

This poem reflects nothing but the truth of an ordinary relationship between any father and his son during the growing and maturing process of the kid; but it does not end there: in the last paragraph, which is also the last line, there is a nine words long sentence emphasized by being left alone, that carries a moral in it: "you must not make a plaything of the rain". This is a metaphor that coul...

Consider William Blakes presentation of love in the poem The Clod and the Pebble

To conclude, perhaps the poem is as much about idealism and realism as it is about love. Love, after all, is subject to our tendency to be both idealistic and realistic. Ultimately though, it seems that the depiction of the world as harsh and brutal confirms a negative view of love as equally harsh and brutal. At the very least, the poem encourages us to be ambivalent of love and not suppose it to...

Mo Yan’s the Garlic Ballads: Saga of Suffering and Solitude

Born in 1955 to parents who were farmers, Mo Yan - a pseudonym for Guan Moye; the pen name means "don't speak" - grew up in Gaomi in Shandong province in north-eastern China. The cultural revolution forced him to leave school at 12, and he went to work in the fields, completing his education in the army. He writes about the peasantry, about life in the countryside, about people struggling to survi...

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