Critical Component: Writing Your Study Objectives for US Applications

“This section is very IMPORTANT. As part of the evaluation of your application, you are required to attach a one page (please do not exceed the one page limit) of a clear and detailed description of your study objectives. Give your reasons for wanting to pursue them in the U. S. Describe the kind of program you expect to undertake and explain how the proposed field of study fits in with your educational background, your future objectives, and your future involvement in community development.

” Study Objective: What is it? 1.

Clear description of study objectives (be specific about major field and specialized interests within this field) AND explain why you want to pursue these objectives: 2. Describe the kind of program you expect to undertake, and explain how this study plan (or program) fits in with previous training and your future objectives: What are universities looking for? A Picture of Your Overall Personality Academic Background and Work Experience Continuity Commitment and Motivation Communication Skills There are many ways to organize your Study Objective.

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However, following an outline that addresses the information in order is the clearest and most coherent to the reader. Remember those who are screening applications read many, many, applications! If they have irrelevant information and do provide detailed information and rationale, readers/screeners will probably set them aside. Make an outline of what is being asked for: Look at the statement and underline the key points that the application is asking you to address in your study objective. Do not write about information that is irrelevant to what you are being asked to respond to.

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*SEE EXAMPLE OF AN OUTLINE or make your own is better. But address only what is asked for. Study Objective Outline – PARAGRAPH 1: Description of an MA or PhD program you expect to undertake – PARAGRAPH 2: Explain how the description of the plan above fits in with your previous training and your future objectives. – PARAGRAPH 3: Why you need to undertake these studies in the United States as opposed to Indonesia? – PARAGRAPH 4: How would getting this scholarship help you when you return with community development or benefiting Indonesian society?

PARAGRAPH 1: Description of an MA or PhD program You expect to undertake Know what scholarly work or program you would like to accomplish in the United States. Decide what kind of Master’s or PhD program you need to take. Include SPECIFIC courses or focus that you want to pursue or a research focus. It is important in this section that you are not to request that you be placed at a particular University. If you mention professors at a graduate school, mention something of substance that reveals you know and appreciate that person's work. Describe what you like most and what you would like to do as your research work if you are admitted.

Brief Paragraph on Research Proposal The first sentence should read something like "I wish to study in the United States so that I might (complete whatever your project is). " It is not enough to say that a master's degree or Ph. D will require that you write a thesis, and this paragraph should tell clearly what such a thesis would be about. Spell out your project briefly, about in what way your thesis will benefit your field, and the way in which you intend to undertake it.

Express why you think you are the person to complete this task, and tell briefly why your project will benefit both the larger field of your study and the country when it is completed. PARAGRAPH 2: Explain how the description of the plan above in PARAGRAPH 1 fits in with your previous training and your future objectives What experience in your background will assure that you are ready to take coursework of this type. If you have some problematic academic background, address that as well.

What future objectives of yours will be facilitated by learning in these areas? Articulate what is particularly valuable about the perspective that you will bring to the prospective field of study and the specific department.

PARAGRAPH 3: Why do you need to undertake these studies in the United States as opposed to Indonesia? Describe in detail about why you need to undertake your studies in the States, and cannot be just as easily completed at home It is better to make claim through contrast, telling what resources and opportunities you feel might be available to you in the States Talk not only about infrastructure issues (research libraries), but what impact being in a foreign culture might have, and how it will positively impact your future Do not make a general statement and tell how wonderful the university the U.

S PARAGRAPH 4: How would getting this scholarship help you when you return with community development or benefiting Indonesian society? What are your future plans after receiving this degree? Be specific with your career goals. Explain how your degree and knowledge in the field will benefit the community or society at large. Mention any social/community activities that you might be involved in upon your return Do not show self-interest and self-achievement in career Do’s Give yourself plenty of time to write and edit. Read the question carefully. Write the length of essay they ask for.

As much research on the university as you can. Accentuate your positive qualities. Mention your positive achievements as they apply to your graduate admission. Do’s Mention your work experience, or volunteer work that you may have done or extra-curricular activities if they relate to your field. Be definite in your application. Make sure your essay is well-organized and everything is linked with continuity and focus. Check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization carefully. Ask as many others as possible to proofread your work for writing style—grammar, spelling, etc.

Do multiple drafts and edits Don’ts Flatter the university. Be phony or dishonest about yourself. Use empty, vague, overly-used words like meaningful, beautiful, challenging, rewarding, etc. Use overly common phrases and nonspecific information. Repeat information from the application unless you use it to illustrate a point. Try to be funny—humor can backfire. Don’ts Use statements like “I’ve always wanted to be a . . . ” or other overly common phrases. Make excuses, but you can talk about the mistakes you've made as a learning experience. Use slang, technical jargon, or long quotations.

Write in an arrogant manner; do make it clear that you are confident about your ability, but still eager to learn what the program has to offer. Wait till the last minute before the deadline for writing the study objective. Strong Study Objective Weak Study Objective DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MOMENT TO WRITE THIS! Even though this is only one page, it will take a long time and SEVERAL EDITS to do this right. Have someone who is a native speaker and or familiar with academic writing give you feedback. Do not have them write it for you! Useful Links U. S. UNIVERSITIES DIRECTORY College Navigator ( http://www. nces. )

EducationUSA ( http://www. educationusa. state. gov/ ) If You Want to Study in the United States. ( http://www. educationusa. state. gov/home/publications ) Hobsons U. S. Education Guides ( http://www. useduguides. com/ ) International Education Service ( http://www. ies-ed. com ) Peterson's Guide for International Students ( http://www. petersons. com/college_home. asp? path=ug. home&CMS MemberType=ints ) Study Abroad. com ( http://www. studyabroad. com/ ) Useful Links STATEMENT OF PURPOSE All About the Graduate Admissions Essay. ( http://gradschool. about. com/od/essaywriting/All_About_the_Graduat e_Admissions_Essay.htm )

The Princeton Review – Writing the Statement of Purpose ( http://www. princetonreview. com/opinionAdvice. aspx? type=grad ) How to Write a Great Statement of Purpose ( http://www. uni. edu/~gotera/gradapp/stmtpurpose. htm ) Writing A Winning Statement of Purpose ( http://www. sjsu. edu/faculty/gcallaghan/graduate/winningstatement. ht m) UC Berkeley Statement of Purpose ( http://career. berkeley. edu/Grad/GradStatement. stm ) Good Luck! If you plan ahead and take the time to carefully express what the application asks for, your chances for a Fulbright interview are much better.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023
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