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Structuralism Essay Examples

Essay on Structuralism

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Dirk Van der Elst's "Culture as Given, Culture as Choice"

Perhaps what is most unique about this book is that it moves cultural anthropology from being this subject of strange behavior that is out there by others and makes it close and personal by repeatedly challenging the reader to use anthropology to identify with and appreciate ones self and ones own choices. It is a clear statement of why people should study anthropology. Mainly, in my own opinion, ...

Terry Eagleton and Literature Theory

Eagleton returned to literary criticism on the abandoned tracks, rhetoric, because it deals with a wide range of discursive practices in society, a special interest paid to the interpretation of such practices as forms of power and skill performance. The existence non political performance is an illusion, which contributes even more effective use of literature for political purposes. All forms of ...

Ferdinand de Saussure and Onject of Study: a Brief Illustration

The central tenet of structuralism is that the phenomena of human life, whether language or media, are not intelligible except through their network of relationships, making the sign and the system (or structure) in which the sign is embedded primary concepts. As such, a sign -- for instance, a word -- gets its meaning only in relation to or in contrast with other signs in a system of signs. Thus ...

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Structuralism in Linguistics

21. Robins, R. H. (1967). A Short History of Linguistics. London: Longmans. 22. Saussure (de), F. (1959). Course in General Linguistics. London: Fontana. 23. Trubetzkoy, N. (1969). Principles of Phonology. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 24. Twaddell, W. F. (1935). ‘On defining the phoneme’. Language Monograph No 16. 25. Weinreich, U. (1954). ‘Is a structural dialec...

Semiotic Analysis

This advertisement shows exactly that. The representation of the phallic symbol and the meaning behind it depicts oral sex. Through denotative meaning it is clear that the meaning of the word is literal. Nonetheless, the connotative level shows the girl in the advertisement is being objectified and is portrayed as a sexual object. In todays society the depiction of woman in advertisement has becom...

Comparison Post-Colonialism and Post-Structuralism

It also encourages the use of poetry, diaries and testimonials as sources of valuable information. The focus of post-structuralism is more on language and the four concepts that have been influential: discourse, deconstruction, genealogy and intertextuality. Another difference is focus on high and low politics. Whereas post-colonialism focuses on low politics, culture and the “ordinary peope”,...

Structuralism Pleasantville

However in Pleasantville this could be considered a step forward for humanity, discovering things. The real question after watching this film, is religion holding us back? Is religion the phenomenon that could be causing humanity to continue repeating history and constantly making the same mistakes? The film Pleasantville really makes you question humanity and how it interferes and intertwines wit...

Theories of Design Communication

To Gibson, light and scale helped define space and our perception of it. He felt our perceptions were more a result of how light affects what we see. According to Gibson (“Purple Pearls” musings and The Psychology of Perception), the literal view we have of the world changes as we move through our environment. Subtle shifts in lighting, size, juxtaposition, color, depth, and detail help us mak...

Formalism and New Criticism

Michel Foucault is another philosopher, like Barthes, whose ideas inform much of poststructuralist literary theory. Foucault played a critical role in the development of the postmodern perspective that knowledge is constructed in concrete historical situations in the form of discourse; knowledge is not communicated by discourse but is discourse itself, can only be encountered textually. Following ...

The Summary of the Myth of Photographic Truth

Some suggest that this photograph has a connotation of segregation in American going through change. Sturken and Cartwright believes “the faces of the passengers each look outward with different expressions, responding in different ways to their lives, their journey” (Sturken and Cartwright 19). In conclusion, Sturken and Cartwright state that Roland Barthes believes a photograph has both deno...

Four Fields of Anthropology

Human, plant, and animal remains are also recovered and analyzed in order to more fully understand societies of the past. As technology becomes more advanced the use of technology in the field is becoming more common. The goal in recovery artifacts is to keep everything in perfect condition. The final field is linguistics and deals with human language. Language can tell you a lot about a culture a...

Understanding Literature through Historical Context

The medieval ages tend to hinge more on knighthood; the Romantic Era on pastoral qualities; and the War Era on bloodshed. We are trying to point out here that literature being a product of social context, then it must be analyzed on the material conditions imposed by the environment at the time of literary rendering and intent of the author. Culture is, after all, reflected in each text, hence the...

The Old Man and the Wolves

In our real macrocosm of symbolic assignations, meaning is constantly broken down, adopting foreign definition until the original signifier is no longer best suited to represent it. Contrasts are lost and must be adjured and modified, for what should afterwards remain of the signified but its loosely fitting label? Kristeva issues such a cautionary message through the opposition of her own selecte...

Structuralistic Criticism and Gerard Genette

Thus to conclude we may say, the structuralist idea is to follow literature in its overall evolution, while making synchronic cuts at various stages and comparing the tables one with another. Literary evolution then appears in all its richness, which derives from the fact that the system survives while constantly altering. In this sense literary history becomes the history of a system: it is the e...

Understanding Paul’s Case through Structuralism

The concept behind this line is that his memory of life disappears. Paul would rather be dead then to go back to the life he had back home. The Language in the story is not difficult to understand. When Willa Cather describes certain concepts or images in the story there can be more then one meaning that one can obtain from it. Language is a system that is used to communicate ideas and thoughts. W...


The other plot is called sub plot, it develops a story by giving more than one plot and characters in it. Its structure contains a main plot, some additional plots (sub-plots) based on the order of importance and the role of characters in the story. Sub plot means the series of event that is related and become a part of the main or the first plot but still have a distinctive feature it self. It is...

Poststructuralism by Catherine Belsey ;

Poststructuralism offers is, in the end, an opportunity and a cause for reflection. It proposes a lexicon and a syntax, which is to say a vocabulary and an indication of the ways words legitimately relate to each other. But the language poststructuralism puts forward - on the basis, of course, in the first instance, of a study of language itself- is more useful in prompting the uncertainty of ques...

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