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Combating Compassion Fatigue
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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the significance of Compassion Fatigue (CF) and its effects in the lives of caregivers. A caregiver is defined by dictionary. com as an individual, such as a physician, nurse, or social worker, who assists in the identification, prevention, or treatment of an illness or disability (dictionary. com). Caregivers may also include family members, friends or neighbors who voluntarily have accepted responsibility for looking after a vulnerable neighbor or relative. For the purpose…...
Compassion FatigueHealth
Self Care Essay
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Social Workers can be at risk of vicarious trauma: effective coping strategies One question that is often asked within our profession is ‘What do social workers do? ’ (Bowles, et. al 2006: 6). Whereas most people know what doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians do without having to ask, there does not seem to be this general understanding about the role of a social worker. Most social workers themselves find it hard to articulate this question. This is partly difficult due…...
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Periodic Performance Review
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DEFINITION: A periodic performance review (PPR) is a self-assessment of standards all of which are applicable to a health care organization. The Joint Commission of Healthcare Organization conducts triennial surveys of health care organizations. The PPR involves an annual assessment of an organization’s performance. The PPR show the organizations performance in relationship to the standards set forth by the Joint Commission. The standards are measured by elements of performance. Some elements of performance require a simple response of yes or…...
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Compassion Fatigue
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The idea of caring for others is the motivating reason that draws most people into nursing. The concept of being a supportive part of a person’s health care needs is exactly the cause of compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue can hit the best of nurses. Nurses who are highly driven and detail oriented are at a higher risk for developing compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue was a term first applied in 1992; it is described as a syndrome that occurs in nurses…...
CompassionCompassion FatigueHealthPsychology
Theoretical Framework: Compassion Fatigue
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Compassion fatigue, which is also known, as secondary traumatic stress is a natural effect that occurs as a result of taking care of patients who are in pain, stressed, suffering, or traumatized. Compassion fatigue commonly affects nurses who show extreme empathy for patients and their relatives. Empathy is the act of putting oneself in another person’s situation or understanding one's feelings (Walker & Alligood, 2001). It has always been a nurse’s role to show empathy to patients and their relatives.…...
Compassion FatigueFrameworkHealth
Aaron Beck – The father of cognitive therapy
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Aaron T. Beck is considered the father of cognitive therapy was born on July 18, 1921 in Providence Rhode Island. His mother, Elizabeth Temkin, married his father, Harry Beck, in 1909. He is the youngest of five children. Aaron Beck notes that his mother was quite depressed prior to his birth due to the loss of two of her children. Beck was born two years after his only sister died of influenza. He believed himself to be a replacement child…...
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