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Investigating the Validity of the Matching Hypothesis
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The aim of the study was to examine the validity of the matching hypothesis. This theory suggests that we tend to form loving relationships with people perceived as being a similar level of attractiveness to ourselves. Ten heterosexual long term couples aged 18-24 were photographed individually. These pictures were then divided into groups according to their sex and were ranked separately in order of physical attractiveness by 40 independent judges (20 male and 20 female) aged 18-24. The results were…...
Genetic and environmental factors affecting intelligence
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AO1: The genetic approach to explaining performance on intelligence tests has controversially claimed that intelligence may be passed from one generation to another. The main source of evidence for this area has been twin studies which compare the concordance rates for IQ scores for Mz and DZ twins. Another area of research has been looking at family relatedness and concordance rates on intelligence tests. MZ twins are identical twins and have the same genetics as each other so if intelligence…...
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A Correlation Between Raptor Abundance And Dune Height
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The results shown in this report demonstrate a strong correlation between raptor abundance and dune height and can therefore infer that it supports the hypothesis being tested. A primary mechanism for why raptors use taller dunes may be for efficient flight patterns. Previous literature has focused on avian scavengers and their physical morphologies, for the adaptation of soaring flight rather than flapping. They utilise strong winds (thermals) in high mountain ranges to aid in soaring patterns (Ruxton & Houston 2004).…...
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Pelican Stores Management
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Pelican Stores From: Michael Pitz Date: February 12, 2012 Subject: Pelican Stores Coupon Promotion Results Coupon Promotion Results I have prepared specific descriptive statistics regarding the results from the coupon promotion day. These descriptive statistics such as the relationship between net sales and descriptive statistics on net sales by various classifications of customers, as well as the descriptive statistics concerning the relationship between age and net sales can help us further understand our target audience and ultimately boost total sales…...
Predictive Validity Results for Assessment Centers and Face to Face Interviews
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Pages • 11
Introduction:             One the greatest challenges for any Human Resources Department in any corporation lie in determining whether or not an interviewee is suitable for the job opening that is available.  A lot of companies invest a large amount of capital to upgrade the selection and hiring procedures to ensure that the proper individuals are hired (Delery and Kacmar 1998). In line with these hiring procedures, many tests have been implemented to improve on the reliability of the HR processes…...
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What is Correlational Research?
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The correlation research method is appropriate when researchers want to study and “assess relationships among naturally occurring variables.” Assessment means making predictions about the nature of the relationships being studied. It also means describing the relations and assigning them a “correlation coefficient” that describes the direction and magnitude of the movement of variables to one another. There are many types of correlational research. The commonality among all types of correlational research is that they explore relationships between variables. Where descriptive…...
The Correlation Between Behind Story and Symbol in Shelly’s Ozymandias
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Pages • 4
Background study Symbol is important in our life because symbol can be used to give information through picture, line, color, etc. For example, symbol that gives information or command through picture is picture mosque that usually presents in both side of the road. It gives us information that there is mosque near that road. Other example, symbol that use color. As we have seen every day traffic light in road unconsciously organize rider and driver that use the road. Each…...
Poverty Mother of All Crimes
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Does poverty cause crime? Are people criminal because they are poor, or are they poor because they are criminal? The latter is uncontroversial, given the time and professional and educational experience inmates lose, the difficulties they have finding a job after their release etc. But what about the former statement? Crime obviously has many causes, and poverty is most likely one of them in some cases. It seems likely that some poor people may sometimes have to resort to theft…...
CorrelationCrimePovertyPoverty And Crime
Hypothesis Testing Procedure
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Pages • 4
The purpose of hypothesis testing is to allow an individual to choose between two different hypotheses pertaining to the value of a population parameter. Learning team C has conducted a hypothesis test surrounding the amount of time spent on homework by males and females, and will address if there is a correlation between the variables. Additionally, learning team C will determine if there is a positive or negative correlation, and how strong that correlation is between both variables. Overall, statistics…...
Lab Report for Chromatography
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Study Questions: One of the requirements for the photosynthesis process to occur, the plant cells need sufficient light. Pigments are the substances that absorbed visible light. Different pigments absorb light of different wavelengths. From the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll a, it suggests that blue and red light work best for photosynthesis. There is a high degree correlation between the absorption spectra of leaf and the absorption spectra of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b and carotene. It is because those pigments are…...
Relationship between IQ and GPA
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In this study, relationship between Intelligence Quotients (IQ) and Grade Point Average (GPA), the correlation is very strong. Correlation is known to be a positive. The meaning of this correlation is the relationship between the Intelligence Quotients (IQ) and the Grade Point Average (GPA). This correlation implies that individual with high Intelligence Quotients (IQ) have a high Grade Point Average (GPA), in my opinion it does imply that the having a higher IQ means that you brain is Intelligence Quotients.…...
Discuss Biological Explanations of Schizophrenia
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re are several different explanations for the disorder schizophrenia. One of these explanations is the biological model. This model explains schizophrenia through biological faults, for example viral infections and brain abnormalities. Genetic Factors Some psychologists say that schizophrenia can be passed down generations, meaning that some people inherit the disorder from their parents. Twin research has consistently shown that identical twins have a greater risk of developing schizophrenia, if their twin has the disorder, than non-identical twins. Gottesman found monozygotic…...
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Information Security Fundamentals
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Pages • 2
Answer the following questions. Use complete sentences. 1. How does a false positive alarm differ from a false negative one? From a security perspective, which is least desirable? A false positive attack is where the system IDPS was alarmed but no attack ever occurred. The false negative is where an actual attack occurs and the IDPS isn’t alarmed at all. The least desirable would definitely be the false negative, if an attack does occur and the IDPS doesn’t even alarm…...
Correlation Definition Paper
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Paper Type:Definition essays
Correlation Correlations measure the relationship between two variables. Establishing correlations allows researchers to make predictions that increase the knowledge base. Different methods that establish correlations are used in different situations. Each method has advantages and disadvantages that provide researchers information that is used to understand, rank, and visually illustrate how variables are related. The Pearson’s, Spearman, Kendall Rank, and positive and negative correlation are methods used to establish a correlation between variables. The Pearson method is a simple linear correlation…...
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What is Correlational Research?
...A way that the results of this type of survey would be useful in the workplace is that it will allow employees to be aware of the consequences that can happen when they sexually harass individual at work. The results of this survey can also enable a ...

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