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SureStart Services

Under the data protection act 1998, the purpose of the act is to protect the rights and privacy of individuals and to ensure that data about them are not processed without their knowledge and are processed with their consent whenever possible, this act covers personal data held in electronic formats, manual data and relevant filing systems. Surestart has devised a form that has recently been updat...

Agency Report on Human Services Agency

As I mentioned, I learned so much and developed a great deal of respect for the Director and Education manager who presented some of the classes and training material. The training manager who is also in charge of community outreach was such an inspiration to me. She has taught me that if you do not have a deeper understanding of the barriers that clients are facing, then you are not able to meet ...



Donor services department

After the analysis by Joanna it seems like The Donor Services Department is part of a strong organization that is doing a lot of good for the less fortunate, but unfortunately they have come on some tough times. With the supervisors both concentrating more on the community services side of the organization and leaving the donor services department to be run by undertrained Elena it has caused some...

Discrimination in Health and Care Services

There have been cases in the national media of care homes, secure or forensic units (places of security for people with dangerous psychiatric behaviours) and individual carers being accused of systematically discriminating against the people in their care and overriding their individual rights by the use of power or force. Older, vulnerable people in residential or nursing care homes are at partic...

Different Leadership Styles used in The Public Services

Being a democratic leader gives you excellent confidents, cooperation and loyalty amongst other workers, this means that each and every team member can trust and follow the leader with confidents and high hopes to get their work done properly and effectively. Another leadership that I personally think that is effective in the public services is the Transformational leadership style. The reason I ...

Cloud-computing services provide

The cloud allows these smaller business owners to somewhat level the playing field with those larger companies who often maintain larger IT assets. It is a financially viable solution that doesn’t require large capital expenditures for servers, IT teams, and data system infrastructures. For these larger companies the cost savings are not as easily determined. Many already have “huge investment...

Internship Report on Customer Satisfaction on the Services of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited

Statement| Highly Satisfy | Satisfy| Neutral| Disagree | Highly Disagree| 12. Are you satisfied with the Services offered by the MBL?| | | | | | 13. Are you satisfied with the different charges & interest rates that are offered by MBL?| | | | | | 14. Do you think the numbers of branches are satisfactory?| | | | | | 15. Are you satisfied with the different promotional campaign of MBL? | | | | |...

Partnerships working in services for children

Explain where there maybe conflicts or dilemmas in relation to share information with partners and maintaining confidentiality: If you are being asked to share information with partners but also to maintain confidentiality, conflicts or dilemmas will arise. This can often relate to a matter of safeguarding the children and young people in your care. You should always talk to your manager if you ar...

Gerdes Psychological Services


Calveta Dining Services

Calveta Dining Services, Inc.: Case Analysis Abstract Calveta Dining Services, Inc. was a $2 billion, privately held firm that managed food service operations for nearly 1,000 senior living facilities (SLFs) in the United States. It was built on Antonio Calveta’s passion for food and traditional family values. It made better food that was more nutritious for the residents of the SLFs whose curre...

Child Psychology Services (Part 2)

Describe the actions to take if a child or young person alleges harm or abuse in line with policies and procedures of own setting. All settings that have contact with children and young people must have clear policies and procedures to follow in all cases of abuse. Staff must have training in these and organisation for dealing with the situation. Disclosure of abuse by a child can occur at any tim...

Child Psychology Services (Part 3)

The important thing for all children to remember is that they should never feel uncomfortable about someone they are with or something being done to them. Children and young people need support to be able to keep them safe. It is important to be available to talk with children about any concerns they may have. If they are upset by a reported case of abuse, then you should be as reassuring as possi...

Partnership working in services for children and young people

Only when managements permission has been given, can a person have access to records however they must first sigh and date they have been allowed access and this will need to be counter sighed by a manger. No records are to leave the building. Only safe guarding officers are able to do this and this applies when there is a need to share information with our partners. Any use regarding safeguardin...

Problems Facing Human Services Clients

Human service professionals play a very important role in society because they help to bring about a positive change with the clients with whom they come in contact. Many people, before becoming clients, felt helpless and did not know who they can turn to because of the lack of trust. This is why it is crucial for human service professionals to display respect and courtesy at all times because it ...

Solutions manual to accompany modern auditing & assurance services

Economic factors which led to the growth of competition, the advancement of technology and the development of audit skills to encompass a consulting role for clients, the emergence of an enhancing role undertaken by auditors; The risks of loss of audit independence due to close relationships between the auditor and the clients, the response of the audit profession; Corporate collapses, the liabili...

Indoor and outdoor environments and services

Carpets should be hovered regularly; other flooring should be cleaned regularly with suitable disinfectants. All areas should be clean and tidy at all times. Any cases of broken glass or any other hazardous matter should be reported and cleaned immediately. Appropriate signs should be put in place, for example when the floor is wet in process of cleaning. Example from my experience: In the play ar...

Extent Of Compliance Of Manual Of Rules And Regulations Among Cooperatives With Savings And Credit Services In The Province Of Guimaras

http://www.lawphil.net/statutes/repacts/ra2009/ra_9520_2009.html http:// cooperativesector.blogspot.com/2008/05/manual-of-rules-and regulations-morr.html http://www.picpa.com.ph/getmedia/e30bf83f-6859-4390-9733-71a5ebba321e/e_MORR--ITS-SIGNIFICANCE-TO-COOP-AUDITORS-by-HON.-LECIRA-V.-JUAREZ.aspx http://searchdatamanagement.techtarget.com/definition/compliance http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-d...

Calveta’s Dining Services, Inc: A Recipe for Growth?

7. Should Frank Calveta move forward with an expansion into the hospital sector? With the proposed acquisition? Calveta should focus on making serious internal improvements before piling on debt, increasing the chances of management turnovers, and getting into business with an organization known to not have the best reputation. Calveta has a great reputation and its ability to function and grow wi...

Case Study Building Shared Services

1. Bakos, Treacy. (June 1986).Information technology and Corporate Strategy. Retrieved from http://people.stern.nyu.edu/bakos/itandcs.pdf 2. Nilles, Jack. The Impact of It on organizations. Retrieved from http://www.skyrme.com/insights/5itorg.htm 3. Kokemuller, Neil. Decentralized Company Business Structure. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/decentralized-company-business-structure 206...

Interview with a Human Services Worker

Barbara Lee’s personal values impact on her performance because she believes in the positive spirit within individuals. She believes that the positivity can be used to promote positive human relationships within family situations. When my mother started the position years ago, she was unaware of the wide range of individual differences within families and cultures. Also how these differences aff...

Businesses Operate and Their Products and Services

b) List and describe the business benefits of collaboration. Collaboration is a behavior executed by an organization, company or group of people to arrive a common goal, which occurring on a larger scale than teamwork. Effective collaboration requires communication technology, definition of responsibilities and an encouraging culture. Collaboration is most effective when team members are expressiv...

Highline Financial Services

The organization should not layoff any personnel, but rather hire more staff for the business needs as they arise. While the trend shows a raise in service over the next year, they may want to plan for the future and look more into the next few years rather than just one year. Doing this will allow them to hire an appropriate amount of people and be able to train them to be ready for the upcoming ...

The Impact of War and Conflict on Public Services

Another role the public services must do is disaster relief and refugees. When aiding refugees and people who have been in disasters, the service personnel could encounter health problems due to the conditions of the place. Aiding these people can also have huge financial costs for the public services. During conflicts our military and emergency services must train people from other nations. This ...

Customer services at Tesco

After analyzing this questionnaire tesco's treat their customers in a very good manner especially with the complaints depending on the situation it might as well be dealt with by the store manager which is very good for the customer and the store as the customer will be happy to explain what really happened and also the store manger will know what they did wrong there by ensuring it doesn't happen...

Advocacy in Human Services

Advocacy is essentially the process of standing up for the rights of others who are being unfairly treated (Sorenson and Black, 2001) and has the potential to bring significant and sustainable change for the better. It can empower individuals and communities and generate many resources whilst bringing diverse organisations together to work on common issues. Effective advocacy takes specific skill...

Bargaining Power Of Supplier and Threat of Substitute Products or Services

Bargaining Power of Buyers: Due to the existence of numerous forms of entertainment customers have multiple choices. This reduced the numbers and revenue from high ticket prices related to the circus industry. As a result, companies were forced to discount tickets, offer free kid's tickets and other options leading to reduced revenue to the circus companies. For example, the seat price offered by ...

Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management Paper

1. Adams, R. (2003). Social work and empowerment. Palgrave: Macmillan. 2. Cowger, C. (1994). Assessing client strengths: clinical assessment for client empowerment. Social Work, 262 - 268. 3. Donna, H. (2012). Interpersonal Social Work Skills for Community Practice. Springer Publishing Company. 4. Hodge, D. (2001). Spiritual assessment: a review of major qualitative methods and a new framework for...

Provide Reception Services

Explain the purpose of the receptionist role as the first point of contact between the public / client and an organisation A. The receptionist is who the customer meets/speaks to first therefor needs to give a good impression of the company, they need to appear very professional. This can be portrayed in many different ways including personal appearance and how you are seen to act towards clients....

Provide Reception Services

The receptionist is best for suggesting ideas for the reception area because they are in there all the time and can see how it works for the visitors. Also the reception area should be a clean and welcoming environment. When suggesting ideas it helps keep the reception area modern and in best working order for you – the receptionist and the visitor. 3.2In any office there is always going to be q...

Florida Department of Management Services

Manivannan, M. M. (2012). Building around IP. Engineering & Technology (17509637), 7(2), 78-81. doi:10.1049/et.2012.0211 Alexy, O., & Reitzig, M. (2012). Managing the business risks of open innovation. Mckinsey Quarterly, (1), 17-21. Sanni, M. L., Hashim, A. A., Anwar, F. F., Naji, A. W., & Ahmed, G. M. (2011). Mobile Multicast in Wireless Mesh Networks. Australian Journal Of Basic &am...

Statutory and Non-Statutory Public Services

They help communities in Africa build schools, train teachers and supply textbooks to give everyone in the community the right to an education. UNICEF also runs programmes in the UK in places like hospitals and local communities to show them what some children miss out on and how to help out. Equal rights at UNICEF are a vital part of everyday life they treat all ethnic groups, genders and religi...

Manage Domiciliary Services

How the member of staff is meeting the company’s objectives and targets Any other training the member of staff feels they need to do Any problems the member of staff may have. We then complete a target list of training and objectives for the member of staff to complete in the next 6 months, the next supervision would then not be with me as if the member of staff had an issue with myself they wo...

Empowering Users of Health and Social care Services

Bookman, A. and Morgan, S., (1984), Women and the politics of empowerment, Philadelphia: Temple University Press Care Quality Commission (2014), Legislation, www.cqc.org.uk, [available at http://www.cqc.org.uk/organisations-we-regulate/registered-services/legislation], [accessed at May 28, 2014] Carr, S., (2004), Has Service User Participation Made a Difference to Social Care Services? , UK: Socia...

Solution Manual Management Advisory Services


Fundamental Factors Affecting Quality


Special Education Services

1. What makes special education "special" is: Answer | 1. | instruction that it alone uses| | 2. | the more qualified teachers involved in it| | 3. | instruction that is altered to meet the needs of exceptonal learners| | 4. | the quantity of services provided| 1 points Question 20 1. When teachers provide choices of activities on a single topic that vary in difficulty they are using: Answer | 1. ...

Compare the Methods Used to Distribute Two Selected Products and Services

Tesco are mainly known for their Clubcard points, the Clubcard points can be added up to give them a nice discount from their next exchange with Tesco, which again ensures that they always come back- it’s like a cycle. Currently Nike is trying their best to retain their customers. Nike aren’t that well known for trying to keep their customers loyal and retaining them but they’re slowly but s...

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