Staffing and Environmental Development

In this portfolio project, I will introduce All American Services and present their company profile. The company profile will include the mission and vision of All American Services, LLC, the culture, and the strategy of the organization. Their current staffing and development policies will be identified and evaluated. An analysis of the effectiveness of these policies as compared to the mission, vision, culture, and strategy of All American Services, LLC will be presented. Following the analysis of their current policies, my recommendations to improve and enhance staffing and employee development will be shared.

To conclude this portfolio project, I will propose three areas for policy improvement.

The new policies will include improved utilization of vacancy announcements with expanded venues, improved utilization of screening tools, expansion of employee development initatives, and improved communication between leadership and employees. I will show that the development of these policies will create a clear connection between the mission of the organization and staffing policies. All American Services is a veteran owned and operated volatile organic compounds emissions control company located in Northern Colorado.

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This organization specializes in the elimination of combustible organic compounds released to the atmosphere from producing oil and gas wells during rig work-over and drilling operations.

The company seeks to employee those who have served in the armed forces, first responders, and police officers. Currently, the company employs ten full-time employees, five part-time employees, male and female, multigenerational, multicultural, and veteran and non-veteran staff members. The mission statement of All American Services, LLC follows.

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“All American Services, LLC strives to be the industry leader for innovative solutions for safe and efficient volatile organic compound emissions control. Our business is founded on social and environmental integrity. We take pride in providing a safe working environment for our employees and clean air for the citizens of Colorado. We are proud to support and abide by all areas of State and Federal law and regulatory compliance”. All American Services, LLC vision is “to be the national industry leader for innovative, safe, and responsible volatile organic compound emissions control in the pursuit of clean air and environmental integrity”.

Organizational Culture

The organizational culture of All American Services, LLC is the adherence to a belief in promotion orientation. This belief is structured around the impetus to grow or promote employees from within to meet the desired needs of the organization (Kuhn, 2015). All American Services, LLC is a moderately flat organization in terms of hierarchy and there is little bureaucracy. Top leadership is readily available for face to face communication and problem-solving sessions with mid-management and/or front-line staff.

Organizational Strategy

The short-term business strategy for All American Services, LLC is the expansion and growth of the current service line. The short-term expansion will include marketing five additional volatile organic compound control units (VOCCUs) for additional clients. Long-term strategic planning includes research and development to improve the emissions control capacity and speed, the safety of the VOCCUs, and the manufacturing and fabrication of the improved VOCCUs. Safety is a major concern when dealing with combustible matter. Safety training for embarkment and dis-embarkment of the units is a priority. Both strategies include the appropriate training and staffing for the additional units as well as the development and fabrication of the improved units

Identification and Evaluation of Current Staffing and Development Policies All American Services, LLC is a small company with ten permanent employees. Each position is vital to the success of the organization. The current staffing policies are designed to fulfill staff vacancies for administrative, field leadership, and field personnel for the company. The current staffing polices do not reflect a clear connection to the mission, vision, culture, or strategy of the company. The recruitment policies for filling staff vacancies are not comprehensive.

Staff Planning

The staff planning policies for All American Services, LLC do not reflect an organized process for vacancy replacement nor do the specify management involvement. According to Reed and Bogardus (2012), the staffing needs assessment determines “the numbers and types of jobs” the organization is forecasting to fulfill the strategic plan of the business. A comprehensive needs analysis, as suggested by the authors, includes the collection of data, identification of gaps, options analysis, selections and implementation of determined options, and the evaluation the results of the identified needs. Data collection includes assembling the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities required to execute the job objectives. This task is accomplished by evaluating the current job description.

The current job description depicts what the objectives of the position are as well as the necessary skills required to fulfill the job objectives. The evaluation of the job description by management provides the opportunity to revise it to include newly required skills for the position as well as the removal of any redundant or outdated required skills. The gap identification process is a comparison of the required knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to successfully execute the objectives of the job with the capabilities of the current workforce.

This process identifies the gap between skills that are currently available and provides decision making criteria to help close the gap(s) through internal, external, or alternative staffing methods. Additionally, the gap identification process includes the consideration for the future needs of the organization in the event of retirement, transfer, or unexpected vacancy. The options analysis is the opportunity to determine how the vacancy will be filled either with internal, external, or alternative staffing methods. The selection and implementation of the solutions process requires the staff planner to conduct a cost/benefit breakdown of the identified options to determine the most efficient and cost-effective method of the identified options. The final step in the staff planning process is to evaluate the effectiveness of the staff plan. This evaluation will determine if the needs of the organization have been met.

Staff Recruitment

The staffing policies reflect an attempted connection to the overall mission and vision of the company but they lack comprehension and direction. The All American Services, LLC vacancy policies recommend internal posting, external posting, and word of mouth. Heneman, Judge, and Kammeyer-Mueller (2015) state recruitment methods are categorized as either external or internal. According to the Business Dictionary (2019), external recruitment is the “assessment of the current available pool of job candidates, other than existing staff, to ascertain if any are sufficiently skilled or qualified to fill and perform existing job vacancies”. Internal

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