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Evaluating the Environmental Awareness of Consumers on Purchase of Organic Products
Words • 1228
Pages • 5
Environmental issues like global warming, climate change, greenhouse gas effect, ozone layer depletion, etc. have brought a great variation in the monsoon pattern and it does have a negative impact on the agricultural sector. This alarming issue has caught the attention of agricultural scientists across the globe and they laid emphasis on an alternative farming system that ensures environmental sustainability, it resulted in the widespread adoption of organic farming practices worldwide and the concept of the organic movement is gaining…...
Environmental AwarenessEnvironmental DevelopmentImportance Of Environmental Protection
Environmental Model Development and Role of Federal Funding
Words • 4431
Pages • 17
Abstract Models play a key role in environmental research but who should develop them has been the subject of much debate between vendors in the private sector and government scientists and engineers. The debate is about whether the models should be developed by private organizations and kept as proprietary or should federal funding be used for model development and the final product is used and applied as a public model. Over the past century in the United States, basic research…...
Environmental DevelopmentEnvironmental EthicsEnvironmental Issues
Environmental Laws of United Kingdom
Words • 2276
Pages • 9
Introduction The United Kingdom’s initial environmental laws began in the time of the Industrial Revolution where environmental protection was in response to public health concerns such as typhoid and cholera. The primary laws dealt with issues such as housing, town planning and sewage and the control of atmospheric emissions, regulated by the Alkali Act 1863. Environmental law is a technically sophisticated system of regulations established to ensure that the ecosystem and economy are both equally safeguarded. The current environmental regulators…...
Environmental DevelopmentEnvironmental Ethics
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Life Environment And Sustainable Development Environmental Sciences Essay
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Pages • 31
Right to life, clean environment and sustainable development can merely be in an unalienable integrity. A right combination of sustainable development and environmental saving, to control clime alteration and the black impacts attributed to it, is the Panacea for the immoralities of the modern universe, the most amicable and efficient solution to impede the hinderances on the manner to accomplishing the cardinal human right, i.e. , the Right to Life, Liberty and Security as envisaged by the Universal Declaration of…...
DeforestationEnvironmental DevelopmentFloodHope Sustains LifeNuclear PowerPollution
Environmental Problems in Prenatal Development
Words • 2781
Pages • 11
Abstract For my research topic, I chose environmental problems in prenatal development. I chose this topic because I have a great interest in prenatal development and the care the mother provides that will negatively affect the fetus while it is still developing. Learning about the problems that occur will be an enormous advantage with my future career in nursing. Throughout my research, I hope to discover what the symptoms, of environmental influences, a fetus can contract during development. During prenatal…...
AlcoholismDevelopmentEnvironmentEnvironmental DevelopmentFetal Alcohol SyndromeHealth Care
Development of Environmental Law in Bangladesh
Words • 993
Pages • 4
1. Development of Environmental Law at the Global Level The Agenda 21 of United Nations Convention of on Environment and Development (UNCED) in its Chapter 8, 38 and 39 emphasized on the need to develop capacity in the legal and institutional areas for sustainable development in developing countries. Chapter 8.13 of the Agenda noted that laws and regulations suited to country-specific conditions are among the most important instruments for transforming environment and development into action. Legal enactment on environment became…...
BangladeshDevelopmentEnvironmental DevelopmentLawSustainability
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