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The Difference Between Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable Products
Words • 1998
Pages • 8
Did you know? Worldwide, approximately 400 million tonnes of plastics produced every single year. It means more than a billion-kilogram of production just in a single day. That's Shocking, Right? After seeing this figure, you should not ask 'Why to use Compostable, Biodegradable & Recyclable products instead of Plastics?' Plastic pollution harms the environment very much. plastic pollution is the accumulation of different plastic objects like plastic bottles, packing materials, kitchenware, trash bags etc. So, to avoid this problem of…...
Eco Friendly ProductsEnvironmental AwarenessLitteringMan And EnvironmentNon Biodegradable Waste
Reasons vandalism happen
Words • 573
Pages • 3
Introduction Youth who are damaging public property which not just less educated but also the generation who were genetically born in the city is hard to control. In urban areas some people do not care what is happening around them. This situation makes the youth feel that they are free to pursue this regardless of the negative symptoms of a sense of responsibility towards public property. Next factors is from peer influence. Peer influence can lead to vandalism Teenagers usually…...
Drops of water glittering on a flower are a delight A flow
Words • 1359
Pages • 6
Drops of water glittering on a flower are a delight. A flow of water gushing through a forest is a wonder. But a sudden transient rush of water created by a gigantic earthquake is a disaster. Nature in big doses changes our world. Nature will always dazzle, shake, gush and wallop. It can destroy but also has the strength to protect and restore the system. It is a bitter truth that no one can escape from a Natural Calamity. So…...
Disaster ManagementEarthquakeFloodInfrastructureLitteringNatural Disaster
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A newspaper articleStraits times 2014 stated that cleanup by the International Coastal
Words • 915
Pages • 4
A newspaper article(Straits times, 2014) stated that cleanup by the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore(ICCS) shows that the littering has worsened over the past decade, the average weight of trash picked up per metre of coastline has increased from 0.25kg in 2002 to 0.74kg in 2013. This emphasises how much litter there is and it is one of the reasons of the severe water pollution in Singapore. I learnt about the issue of water pollution along the beaches when I passed…...
The Littering Problem
Words • 381
Pages • 2
Littering can be hazardous, like shards of broken glass, or non-hazardous, like a gum wrapper. Littering occurs when people are too lazy to throw trash in the right manner. When you walk down the streets of my hometown you notice by looking at the sidewalks that there is a littering problem. The littering problem not only effects the people living in the town as well as the animals. The evidence is clear that when people are trying to sell their…...
Main Causes of Pollution in Urban and Rural Areas
Words • 675
Pages • 3
Land pollution is a major global health concern, and occurs when humans fail to manage their waste appropriately and leave it to contaminate the land. Over time, land pollution degrades the quality of not only the land in an area where waste is present, but also the quality of things growing in that land. Land pollution contaminates ground water, kills animal and plant species, causes disease and more.One of the major causes of land pollution is industrialization. Mechanized creation of…...
AgricultureLitteringNoisePollutionWater Pollution
Littering Effect
Words • 583
Pages • 3
Litter in our surroundings is an important environmental issue, which many people overlook. While a majority of people do know that littering is a bad thing, many continue to carelessly scatter their trash around nonetheless. There are a host of problems that stem from littering, and the environment has been suffering as a result of some people's inability to control this habit. Money is also wasted because of it. The government has to employ people to pick up trash, and…...
Singapore Travel Writing
Words • 896
Pages • 4
The little island country of Singapore has many nicknames. “The Lion City”, “Little Red Dot”, “The Fine Country”, but her most famous nickname is “Disneyland with a death penalty”. Chewing gum, spitting littering, homosexual acts between men, jaywalking, and simply leaving the toilet unflushed are all illegal in Singapore. An intimidating place to visit indeed, you might think. But Singapore has that “Disneyland” in its nickname for a reason. With over one hundred shopping malls, eight nature parks, two integrated…...
The Concept of Beauty
Words • 469
Pages • 2
Littering is the filthiest thing ever. It destroys the beauty of our campus. The problem is many students throw things out the window or just throws trash on the ground and hallways.Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't litter on your campus or just in general. Students are so lazy; they dump their garbage wherever they want. The don't have any kind of pride for their school. Students don't even have a consequence for their actions. These students spend…...
BeautyLitteringOur TownPencil
The Great American Clean Up
Words • 306
Pages • 2
For my service learning activity, I participated in the Great American Clean Up; a community wide roadside trash pick up volunteer experience. Our goal as volunteers was to clean up various parts of Statesboro by picking up trash around town. By doing this, we were not only helping to keep our community looking beautiful, but also helping to rid the environment of waste materials that did not belong there. My group was stationed on Cypress lake road. Armed with trash…...
LitteringVolunteer ExperienceWhy America Is Great
Surveillance Camera
Words • 1425
Pages • 6
Surveillance is a close observation of a person or a group, especially one under suspicion for the purpose of influencing, directing, managing, or protecting. It creates both positive and negative effects. It is very useful for governments and law enforcements to maintain social control, prevent crimes, recognize threats, investigating criminal activity etc. There are different types of Surveillance for example, aural surveillance, Visual surveillance, tracking devices, Computer surveillance. Surveillance cameras are video cameras or in other word CCTV, which is…...
Environmental Education and Education for Sustainability
Words • 2371
Pages • 10
QUESTION 1 What international events influenced the development of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainability? List the key developments and events in a short 1-page point-form account providing the relevant names of events and dates/ years in which they took place 1) The 1972 United Nations Conference on Human Environment – Stockholm It led directly to the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which became the first UN agency to have its headquarters located outside of Europe and…...
EducationLearningLitteringProblem SolvingSustainabilityTeacher
Landfills problem in Hong Kong
Words • 304
Pages • 2
Imagine one day that we may have nowhere to dispose our waste, ______. You may be dubious that there is still a long way to this nightmare; however, according to the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, the three major strategic landfills in Hong Kong will be saturated in the mid to late 2010s. In other words, our landfills are going to be filled up within ten years. It implies that Hong Kong indeed has an imminent waste problem associated with…...
Hong KongLittering
Environmental Pollution
Words • 3812
Pages • 16
Environmental Pollution is the most important threat to the human race on this planet today. Environment consists of earth, air, water, flora and fauna. It means adding impurity which threatens the life of flora and fauna to the environment. These impurities are mainly created by man-made activities. The impurity can be air, water, land any sort of thermal radiation, etc. As we moving towards globalization there is rapid increase in industrialization and technological growth which releases harmful gases and chemicals…...
EnvironmentLitteringOcean pollutionPollution
USB Fan Made Up for Recycling CD
Words • 1262
Pages • 6
January 2013 Chapter 1 The Problem and Background of the Study Introduction: We all know that electricity is now in high-price and we must conserve it. And using our Investigatory Project, we can say that you will try to use it, you can conserve electricity and at the same time, you are enjoying the air from it. With this Investigatory Project that is made up of recyclable materials, you can use at the same time your computer and this USB…...
Directed Writing: Report on Water Pollution
Words • 1000
Pages • 4
Water is one of human beings most important basic needs. Human can survive without food for couples of days but somehow going without water, human will not survive. Using safe, clean, water is a basic human right. Mother Nature gifts us free water but selfish human beings keeps polluting the water with actions such as chemical leaks, littering into water, disposing industrial waste and also ship waste into the water. Water pollution may affects a lots of things in our…...
Dengue VirusLitteringOcean pollutionPollutionWaterWater Pollution
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