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Maturation and Humbleness In “A&P” by John Updike
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In the short story "A&P" by John Updike, Updike develops a theme of maturation and humbleness. The story is a growth and development story where the main character, Sammy makes the foolish decision to do something he has presumed is an adult thing to do. Woefully, what Sammy thinks is a chivalrous act goes unremarked by the Queenie and her friends, and is ultimately left to handle the result of his juvenile actions. In the story A&P, Updike depicts Sammy…...
A&PJohn Updike
Updike’s Style in A&P
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“A & P” is first-person narrative revealing the delusively ordinary story related by the checkout boy in the grocery store named in the title. In “A & P” the first-person narrator is defined largely by his tone and vocabulary. Updike molds his protagonist through the use of specific writing style, thus Sammy is casual and colloquial. The customers in his grocery are referred to as “the sheep” the commonness of which has been one day disturbed by the appearance of…...
A&PLanguageSheepSlang Language
A&P Summary Questions
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Summarize the information Sammy gives readers about his tastes and background. Why is the exposition vital to the story's development? He is a nineteen year old young man, that is finding his way into life and society, he tries to be different from the dull and boring, he is also really interested in getting a girl and moving from where he ir. The way he is affects how he acts during the story. List some of the most obvious physical…...
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