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The NSTP 1(CWTS) brought an enormous level of awareness to every freshmen student. It enhances the consciousness and defense preparedness of every students by developing the ethics of service and patriotism by engaging them to a various topic. These topics were contributory to general welfare and betterment of life in the community. There are five important topics discussed by our subject instructor and one important topic discussed and demonstrated by the guest public servants during the first semester class. These topics were the RA 9163, self-awareness, gender sensitivity and concepts, SOGIE, values formation and the Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction (DRRR).

In these lessons, I have gained a lot of knowledge and learned some daily life applications. From the orientation of mandated program, I have learned that there are three program components evoking students to recognize their vital role in nation building. I have also realized that I should be patriotic and nationalistic citizen who love, serve, and protect our country, which is the Philippines.

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On the topic about self-awareness, it made me understand myself even more and viewed my self-worth as a human. It also thought me to lengthen my patience on my skills and self-development. This lesson thought me to accept my strengths and weaknesses to the extent that I developed a clear picture of my personhood. It is also helped me to control things over and to know exactly the internal preferences so that it is easier to deal with unexpected situations. But the biggest benefit of self-awareness to me is that it allows me better choose my own mindset, and turn it into something positive despite of negative external factors around.

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Talking about gender sensitivity and concepts, I have learned the different frameworks regarding sex and gender. The designed gender roles in the community are also discussed to elaborate the perceived differences of every gender concerning the responsibilities, work, or activities. I also learned to not tolerate gender-biases and stereotypical credence. In short, we had been developed to evolve our maturity into gender-biases and issues. The fourth lessons we tackled about is Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression or simply the abbreviated SOGIE, which I’ve learned a bunch of terminologies and sexual concepts. Since this topic is extremely relevant in today’s situation, I think this topic deserves a spot to study about and understand by every single citizens of the earth. This lesson sees the situation of every LGBTQI’s that always been a challenge in education because many cultures considered it as a taboo. But the purpose of this lesson is to raise gender sensitivity and awareness among everybody. It also shows that SOGIE exist independently of each other and the answer to one doesn’t answer the other. It is very important to be factual and updated to your information especially about SOGIE.

In short, we learned to be not too judgmental in the words or actions of people around. The fifth lesson tackled is about values formation and development. Personally, this topic has done extravagantly to me because it makes me understand people’s actions and attitudes towards other. Also, it covers the lesson about how you react to every difficult situation in life. It really measures the trueness of my inner self and made me realize that I have unnecessary attitudes that are better to be changed or else it will kill me as time goes on. But the greatest bottom line in this topic is to do the right things rather than doing things right, because this would make you very happy and peaceful. The last topic we discussed is about being awared and prepared to disasters.

We all know that hazards happen anywhere and anytime but we have this knowledge to be our defense and protection. We should always remind ourselves that these safety techniques are life-long weapon against disaster. So, it is important to be educated and ready to every hurdle in life because these are your secrets to survive.
For me, the most important lesson discussed by our previous instructor is values formation and development, which also my favorite topic as mentioned a while ago. Learning about values is something that people should be thank for because it guides us to be morally and ethically human. It is the most important lesson in NSTP 1 because it talks about discipline and all other topics needed discipline before you can able to understand those thoroughly. Moreover, values and morals are somewhat lacking in today’s generation, we needed to bring the stimuli back to prevent new generation from drowning and provide what’s lacking.

Finally, attitudes will be always observed as we take this NSTP 2 because in here we will be going outside of the box and we should be morally presenting ourselves to the things we will be encounter.
Among other topics in NSTP 1, I found SOGIE as the least important topic. Gender sensitivity is really important but I think the other topics are more important than this. Since all the topics are interconnected to one another, we can improve this gender sensitivity if we work first in our values. Everything will follow if we have good character and discipline. Gender sensitivity is quite long to exhibit because it undergoes systematical process. Subsequently, gender is the least thing to consider in the community, since we are not more in gender sensitivity but in attitude.

I have some personal expectations about NSTP 2, which are quite common expectations of every students. First, I am expecting to be finally apply my learnings from the previous NSTP subject in which it could be a betterment to the life of every Filipinos. Second, I am expecting that our new NSTP instructor will give something to improve our desire in civic welfare that we can provide something satisfactory and we can touch other people’s lives. These community engagements will not only be beneficial to those people in the community but also beneficial to myself as well. I think that these community engagements will give many real-life lessons that might affect and improve my perceptions in life.

Third, I am expecting to gain more experiences in the community, in the people and in my NSTP classmates as well. These experiences will surely improve my patriotic and nationalistic self even more. Fourth, I am looking forward that this subject will give something relevant to my profession, which is engineering. I hope that if I am already a professional, NSTP 2 will be my foundation towards communicating to other people. Lastly, I am expecting that this subject is something awesome but in the same time it will challenge my skills as a student.

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