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NSTP or National Service Training Program

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“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. NSTP or National Service Training Program for me has become more than just a required two-semester course for me to graduate. It taught me life lessons that cannot be learned inside the four walls of our classroom. It taught how I can serve my country in my own little way.

It taught me that in helping others, no matter how small we think it may be, could make a big difference and impact to other people.

To be honest, I chose LTS or Literacy Training Service as my NSTP course just for the sake of choosing. As months passed by, I unexpectedly start to love LTS. I learned the basics in first-aid and disaster risk reduction management. We went to a school in Samal Bataan for two Saturdays for our fieldwork.

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There I met a lot of grade six students which I immediately became friends with. We prepared art work projects, science experiments, played charades for their enjoyment while at the same time making sure that they are learning from the activities.

We were assigned to review them for the upcoming National Achievement Test. I was assigned to two students which I admit was pretty challenging at first because I am a shy person and I am not really patient when it comes to teaching others so having to teach two grade six students was really hard for me.

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It definitely made me step out of my comfort zone. I was pretty sad after our field work because I was already attached to my two students. So before we parted ways, we gave each other a little something so that we would not forget each other and promised to meet again someday.

Over-all, LTS taught me three things: patience, deeper appreciation in life, and valuing education more. First, I learned how to be patient in terms of teaching my students. They have different personalities so I have to extend my patience and be more flexible when it comes to teaching them. Second is deeper appreciation in life. I realized that I am more than blessed because I get to study in a good university while others are struggling hard financially just to attend school every day. I also learned to value education more.

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NSTP or National Service Training Program

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