NSTP exposure reflection Essay

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NSTP exposure reflection

At first, I thought that NSTP was just an extra baggage in our curriculum for which students were required to attend but I was wrong, I’ve learned many things from NSTP and it served as an eye-opener not just for me but also for the majority of my fellow school mates. As a First year student of Miriam College, the most important thing that I’ve learned in the exposure was being involved in the community. I’ve learned how to help other people who are in need and how to understand each family’s status in life. Having an exposure was truly a tiring task, however, the feeling of happiness, fulfillment and achievement after the exposure trip was unexplainable especially when you see the happy faces of your foster family , with regards to the values that I’ve learned in the exposure trip, I’ve learned how to be productive and punctual with all the task assigned to me.

I’ve also learned that I should exercise my patience dealing with the people in the community. My fondest memory in the NSTP exposure trip was when we got the chance to meet the people in the community. We really treasured that moment because it made us feel that they shared a part of their lives to us. I’m very proud that I’m one of the students who experienced it. It made me realize that I’m really blessed. Our exposure trip was successful, they have learned a lot from us and also, we’ve learned from them too.

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