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Schools Should Focus More on Preparing Students for Specific Careers and Vocations, and Less on Teaching Sunjects Such as Literature, Art, and History

I think this statement asks for disagreement. Few would agree with this, as subjects as art, literature and history are at immense importance in making characters of the students, providing an insight if the culture, and providing background information about people and societies. I will explicate my point of view below. First of all, schools should give an all round education. Providing knowledge for specific carriers and vocations is only one part of education process. Building students’ characters, helping them understand who they are and where they came from, teaching young people to see beauty in the world is very important too.

Secondly, it’s a proven truth that subjects like literature and art indirectly teach a lot about the matters like tolerance, nature of different people, consequences of certain actions. Through the lives of different people and societies kids learn lessons of life, so later they might escape some mistakes in their own lives. Art, and especially music helps to develop understanding of human nature.

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Russian composer Chajkovskij said that music is a language of soul. And I completely agree with him. Hence school should provide the opportunity to meet art and literature. Moreover, history provides the information about the basis of our existence.

It helps pupils to know about their ancestors and about the changes in the world they live. Knowledge about the past of your culture, lessons from the past helps young people to strengthen their roots. The stronger the roots, the more students are ready for real life problems that may well arise in the future.

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Also, these subjects will make them more successful in their professional lives, as interesting, well round educated people are…. The literature and poetry adds a flavor to the dry and serious subjects of business, accounts, engineering, medicine and other pure science subjects.

These subjects are often not included in the bachelor’s and master’s programs of universities, hence it is worthwhile to make students learn these subjects in their early studies. Children who are not willing to take these subjects as their major in future, will have at least a little insight of the world and its past. Hence, these subjects help in developing versatility of human mind and increase creativity and quality of life of future architects, doctors, teachers, accountants, social workers, nurses, engineers, businessmen and etc.

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