Should Sex Education Be Taught In Schools

Sex education, a buzzword is playing a vital role in making the generation aware of their body in an effective way. “If children learn sex education as a relation between their parents to which they owe their existence, they will learn of it in its best form and connection with the biological purpose” (Bertrand Russell, Marriage and morals). Well, sex education became a matter of concern as many problems are arising such as sexual abuse or harassment. However, speculations made different ways to get rid of such issues either by the implementation of sex education in schools or by many organizations even parents also can take initiative to generate awareness among their children.

Should sex ed be taught in school?

Sex education is crucial for the children to know more about their body parts, especially the reproductive organs as this system of the body requires more care and protection. These days, parents are more worried about the overall health of their children so that is why it became essential for them to teach children about delicate parts and their maintenance.

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“Among one of the most important things we need to teach children has to do with sexuality. Our children need to understand that: no one can touch my body. Sexual abuse can push a child into mental torture, so it is beneficial that parents talk with children openly about such abuse and even prepare their children to take action when this happens to them.

Besides, sexual abuse many other problems should be discussed by the parents with their offspring.

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Most children are not aware of the dealing with delicate organs, so sometimes they play such activities that may cause serious problems. There are many sexually transmitted diseases such as Aids, HIV, Syphilis, and many more diseases. Parents must make their children aware of the symptoms of these diseases so that they take prevention and became more hygienic about their own. Even they care while bathing and during harsh physical activities to prevent any sort of injuries.

Sex education is not only making the child aware of the sex or any parts of the body, but it also teaches them how to behave with the body in a mannered way. It is also said that having too little knowledge is dangerous, it is better to give them detailed education that is necessary for them to know. If parents will not guide their children or hide things from their children, it makes them more curious. They might search on the internet or watch inappropriate content which is not for their age. They may also take any wrong steps which them into trouble and may also try to implement the content from the internet. Moreover, talking with child openly also create a strong bond and they also can discuss anything with their parents without any hesitation.

Although, many people believe that it is not the duty of the parents to talk about anything about sex because schools must guide them. They also somehow feel shy or embarrassed while having a conversation and they also think about their image in front of their offspring. Despite these reasons, there are several reasons why parents teach their children as many of them see their parents as role models and if their parents teach them it became very easy for them to understand. Relaying only school is not proficient as the school will teach a child about a specific body part in a given period even not in detailed viewpoint.

To conclude, children need good and correct information from the right and reliable sources about sex and related things. It is not only the duty of parents but also of school education to teach the inefficient way that they can only implement the education in the right way. Hiding the things make them more curious or may distract them from the things and lead them to another way. Parents only can create awareness but also can make their bonds strong enough to make their children aware of anything. So, should sex ed be taught in schools? Sex education can be beneficial if provided in the right manner.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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