What Should Students Be Taught 

Throughout our lives in school we often ask these two main question, “How will this impact us in the future and what value does this have besides using it on tests?”

Although we know the things that we are learning in school are important for us while in school, most of us and even some teachers feel that we should have more valuable learning targets that will affect us after school. Students go through 12 years of schooling but often we are not taught how to manage our finances, home economics, or even how to balance mental, behavioral, and emotional health.

We learn that we need to be able to have the social skills of an ‘’American way’’ but how about splitting up our current curriculum in portions to learn about other cultures and nations ? No I am not saying that schools should throw away their current curriculum , but my argument is that schools should also implement skills and knowledge necessary outside of school to help foster good citizens.

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For the majority of you that may read this and think ‘‘why would school teach students home economics.’’ Well from research I’ve done it is shown that children that are home school have a higher tendency to be more developed within a economy. Not only would these kids be taught in nutritional value and hygiene, but as well as economics.In 2010, Americans owed over 2,400 billion dollars in consumer debt. The news is filled with stories of foreclosures on homes; and homeownership, that icon of the American Dream, is declining.

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Though the recent recession has certainly hit many families hard, it is also clear that most people do not understand the basics of managing personal finances. These courses kids would take would give them a better understanding of not only opening up a bank account but also the difference between a debit card and credit card.While these three categories show what home economics classes teach, it really only shows us the beginning. Some classes teach basic home repairs, child care, family interactions, and even community service. Instead of a class for housewives, it is really a class in skills for real life and a great preparation for many careers. In a society where most children grow up with a mother who works outside the home, many of these skills are no longer being passed on from parent to child. Home economic classes need to be returned to high schools and universities across the country.

Running off of the topic of home economics , and learning nutritional values within that . Schools often don’t teach students how to balance mental, behavioral, and emotional health. Class sizes are often very large. In most schools the class sizes average one teacher to 20 students at the elementary level, and in middle and high school that can average one teacher to 30, or more students.

That may mean that your child doesn’t get the help that they need when they need it.When Students are juggling work in addition to competing priorities from school and home they might experience greater challenges in trying to find a balance. Which in this case, it is even more stressful that you are having to play different roles and setting priorities. From research I found , 25.9% of students that mentally stressed have a mental breakdown because they don’t have a way of coping or solving the problem and counselors are not helping. If schools implemented a course that went more in depth on how to manage a students mental well-being there would more growth in graduation numbers. Studies show that the number one cause for high school dropouts besides teen pregnancy is family responsibilities.

Often times we see how students are sometimes required to provide for their families because their parents can’t. Which then puts a lot of pressure on the student because they are expected to complete these tasks whether it be graduating or working , maybe even both. As society rapidly grows, more and more is being asked of us as people which can take a toll on a person that is not mentally reading to cope with the stresses of life. Schools adding this section within curriculum can not only help students have a more relaxed high school experience but it also could bring the numbers of school shootings down. While researching I found that students that are taught how to cope with their anger are better prepared for situations that often may result in violent ended and they act in a more peaceful manner. Students learning how to deal with the mental and emotional stronghold life may have on a person helps with fostering good citizens for this economy.

Although most may say that if a student really wanted to learn about other cultures they would do their own research in a library or the school computer lab. Yes that argument can be made, but a lot of the times in school we are taught more about an American democracy, which is benefiting students for this economy but if we were to implement it would not only give a greater understanding to what students don’t know about people that are of different culture or possess different cultural values, it would help break down barriers and overcome stereotypes. Students that learn about international cultures have a better understanding of the environments around them, to have students understand how big the world is outside America would put a stop to the culture shocks that people go through when visiting or moving to a different country. It gives students the chance to live peacefully together and shares their values amongst each other.

No I am not saying that schools should throw away their current curriculum , but my argument is that schools should also implement skills and knowledge necessary outside of school to help foster good citizens. A better education that goes deeper in depth and provide students with skills necessary for outside of schools experiences will not only better the person, but it would better the economy as a whole. We would have more mentally developed students, and as a highschool student myself I know that would have a stronger urge to not only go to school everyday but they would also finish.

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Updated: Dec 09, 2021
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