The Life Lessons My Grandmother Taught Me

They say that all lives are connected, and that each generation builds upon the last — and this is certainly true of me and my beloved grandmother, Gomo. She was suffering from severe depression for a very long time, and my family was not sure that she would remain around long enough to see me be born. Her spark was very faintly flickering, and she often says that if I had not been born two months early, that she would not have survived that difficult time.

So, as it turned out, my birthday on February 6‘“, 1994, not only saved my grandmother’s life, but also provided me with the most influential person in my life, My grandmother taught me to be strong She had poor health for as long as I can remember, and we had to take her to the hospital more times than I care to recall. Every time she got sick, it seemed like the end, and I was always afraid I was going to lose my best friend No matter how bad the situation looked, she told me it was going to be okay, and that everything was going to work out the way it was supposed to, but she needed me to be strong so my little brother would not get scared.

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She told me I had to be strong for those around me because if i was able to be strong, then so could they This memory is always with me when life gets tough and bad things happen, Even today I try to lend a shoulder to cry on and the steady hand to pull others out of the darkness, if need be.

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This lesson has been both a blessing and a curse. While it has made me strong, I also tend to bury my own feelings because of it Nonetheless, it has powerfully shaped the man that I have become today. My grandmother taught me to be patient. I spent a good amount of time with my grandmother when I was growing up, and I remember sometimes being bored at her house when there was not anything to do She taught me to be still, and to look at the world around me when nothing else was going on, In doing this, she showed me all of the beautiful colors, animals, and aspects of nature.

She taught me to love the silence and the peace that comes with sitting under an ancient oak on a warm day, just enjoying the breeze and watching the sky. This understanding and appreciation is what led to my deep reverence for nature and my discovery of meditation, which is one of the biggest practices in my life today. My grandmother taught me to listen to my intuition. I have always experienced different pangs throughout my life, but I tended to ignore them when I was younger, and it always had a disastrous resultt She explained that it was something called intuition, and that it is the body‘s way of warning us when something is not a good idea. She taught me that I should listen to my body when it speaks to me and do my best to figure out what it was trying to say, and this saved me from getting into a lot of trouble later in life. I also learned to apply this to interactions with people, and it has proved to be a useful skill.

In teaching me both patience and to listen to my intuition, my grandmother was able to quell my horrible temper. When I was younger, I was always mad at the world and tended to start fights whenever I was able to. One time I got into a fight with an older guy because he walked past my front yard, My grandmother sat down with me after this incident and reminded me that I should listen to what my body is telling me, and to notice the beauty of the world around me when I felt that rage bubbling up inside of me. She sat with me in the front yard and we just listened to the sounds of nature and soaked in the sunlight. She told me to remember this feeling whenever my temper flared up, and ever since then I have been able to control it without any issues.

My grandmother has not only impacted me since I was born, she has also helped to keep my family strong and together by being a confidant for all of us and providing us with the guidance we have needed throughout the years. Coming from an Italian household, it is commonplace for someone to simply “wash their hands” of a family member when they do something wrong, disgrace or disrespect another family member. There has been more than one occasion where my mother and uncle have almost severed their familial Lies due to an argument or disagreement. My grandmother was around when my grandfather disowned his family, and, having already lived through that once, she has always been very keen on keeping our family togetheri Without her, it is likely that my family would be very small today. My family, my personality, and my understanding of the world around me are all gifts given to me by my grandmother.

She has blessed me with the greatest gift anyone could ask for — a guide through this thing we call life Had I been born on time, it is likely I would still have my horrible temper and have kept on getting into fights. Without her, 1 would not have discovered the beauty of patience, silence, and meditation I cannot say for sure that I ever would have found my strength without her, but she taught me the difference between real strength and what people simply perceive as strength. Most importantly, I owe my family to her in more ways than one. She brought my mother into this world, and without her, I would never have been born, but she also managed to keep my family together so that I could grow up the way that she was never able to — without losing a family member, I owe everything I am and all I have learned to my grandmother. While she has said before that she owes me her life, I think that I am actually the one who owes her miner.

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