Education Is Not a Preparation for Life; Education Is Life Itself

It is the lack of higher education in several sections of my country concerns me. This dearth of education is what is restricting us from touching new heights of glory. In the erstwhile days, emphasis was given on garnering education which made our country prosper. The gradual decline in the number of literate people in the medieval times resulted in disparity in the society, gave birth to superstitions and social evils.

Education can rescue a community from succumbing to superstitions and myths.

I believe that education is the great leveler in society. It brings everyone on equal footing. To overcome the evils of corruption, disappointment, and terrorism, education is imperative. Only literate people know the difference between right and wrong. Only the literate people know the vital values of compassion and selflessness. Education is what endows people with the wisdom of spending their time fruitfully. It dissuades us from the path of destruction and brings peace in the world.

Obtaining an education is a person's passport to one's future, it brings upon numerous opportunities for an individual to better themselves, their life, and one another.

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"Our quest for knowledge is something we should never complete, because it is a desire that we should never resist." In other words, in every quest you find yourself upon, you foresee the answer and experience life has thrown at you, including the acceptance of its successes and failures.

Education is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has opened my eyes up to who I am and shown me what I really want to do in my life, and has shown what I can potentially give back to society.

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Indubitably, education gives us more choices in life, ultimately allowing us to leave an imprint on society. We may plan to design sky-scarpers or develop data storage techniques on the spin of electrons. We may do whatever we want to with the power of education in our hands.

Education is the essence of culture, vital for the development of our values and virtues. It teaches us how to lead our lives and transforms us into mature individuals capable of planning for our future. Education always leads us to enlightenment and broadens our perspective towards life. It removes the impending barriers in the way of our success. It leads to the progress of society as a whole and propagates healthy attitudes. Education is the only power that can take any country to the pinnacle of success and glory.

Indian government has taken a lot of initiatives to promote education in the remotest of areas. There is provision of free primary education and mid day meals at the schools. But, many more such initiatives are required to bring a tangible change. Comprehensive mass awareness programmes are still needed. Volunteers willing to bring the education to the doorsteps of those who need it are required. I know an example is better than a precept. I am also willing to contribute in whichever way I can to this noble cause.

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Education Is Not a Preparation for Life; Education Is Life Itself
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