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My experience in shipboard is very memorable for me, every day your going to treasure it. My experience goes this way, trip to Manila. I’m very excited and when at the port i’m very disappointed because our CoOJT’s from LPU Laguna is some kind of “maarte” and we met our STO Sir Joepet a very kind STO and I really like him.

When we embark at the ship I feel a little bit nervous but not because of I’m of I’m afraid that the ship is going to sink while underway I’m afraid of what if I can’t do all task that they are going to give us.

After fixing our things we go straight to the multi purpose room for our orientation, after that our STO gave us a time to familiarization we proceed to the Island Fiesta where the tourist accommodation eat their meal.

We woke up very early and to be exact 2am for us not to be late in our duty.

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We are 14 so we 7 pairs and my partner is Erika my dear friend. Our first duty is at the Island Fiesta, its really a Fiesta because of 80% of the passengers ate at Island Fiesta. our time of duty is 10hrs but its s broken sched were in we have a time to rest, in Island Fiesta it measures how long your patience is, how good you are in selling and convincing power sales talk. at first I’m shy but when I find it exciting and fun I really enjoy it I really do my best to call all attentions of the passengers and we have a good sales, after that I was assigned to dining and I do bussing out are first complicated and hard to do but at the end I enjoy even if the other passengers are irritating and annoying.

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Second duty is housekeeping I really enjoy it especially the trash out things and bed making even though the one casual is snob I still enjoy and in our third duty in Quik Mart we sell snacks and beverages we shout and shout walk and walk, sometimes could by passengers and sometimes the passengers get mad of us because we can’t understand them, and their pronunciations is very hard to understand. Forth duty at the front office I got mad because in whole duty we just stand there after our duty my legs aches. Our fifth duty is at the galley or kitchen I really enjoy it the chefs are very kind they are all approachable and funny they make us laugh the whole duty, and the task they gave us to slice 100 kilos bittergourd and peeling other staff. And food in ship is errr! sometimes tasteless sometimes they are very rich in salt, and the food is just the same the whole OJT. And the casuals are very nice and kind unlike the other trainees seems they are the manager or supervisor.

-Angelica Dominguez

“My Magical Experience on Shipboard”

May 14, 2014 was the day when we leave Nueva Ecija and go to Tondo, Manila(North Harbor Pier4) to start our Practicum1 at Ship. On this day also was our first voyage(Manila to Cagayan de Oro). when we already board at the ship, the first thing we do is meet and greet our STO Mr. Joepet Gallego discussed and issued the rules and regulations while were on the ship as well as our schedule and we also had our tour on ship to familiarized every department of the ship.

On the next day, May 15, 2014 we already started our first duty at Island Fiesta food court wherein we bussed out, we served etc.,. On my first day on the ship I fell boring, but when the day had been passed I enjoyed every second, minute, hour and days with my co-trainees. I already learned to love what I am doing because they all treated me well especially casuals, they treated us good. We learned a lot from them and we will never forget this experience. I can tell everybody that this experience is magical because it helps me to grow up and become a matured one.

-Erica Portacio

I was so excited that we experienced being a part of 2GO TRAVEL. it was so nice because all of them the casual, the crew especially to our STO,all of them, they are so very kind. They share us their knowledge and experiences at the ship. During the 1st and last day of our duty we enjoyed being a trainee together with my partner. I learned a lot on this training that you need to treat all passengers good, respect them and show them that they are welcome,and even when passenger say bad words all you can do is smile show to them that looks like nothings happen.

I experience in this ship that its hard to become a employee because even they are tired no matter what'you need to welcome them with a beautiful smile. This On-the-job training experienced was very happy because it was my 2nd time to travel on board. I could probably say that I really learned a lot of things there'and i can also say learning is not just seen in the four corners of the room. i am hapy and proud because we finish our duty and it is a great memory to remember in our college life.

-Princess Tagaro

Having my OJT at 2GO Travel is really enjoy. I’ve learned a lot especially in time management. We duty in the 6o’clock in the morning, so we need to wake up early. We learned how to socialize in other people. I gained more knowledge about my course. I gained more friends because the bonding in our room. And we enjoy to go other places here in the Philippines. When we are on the ship, they taught us about the history, mission and vision of the company, corporate values, vessels, facilities and services of our prescribed logistic company. They also told us about the training rules and regulations, basic house rules and standards like the standards of courtesy and decorum on board, uniform requirements and grooming standards. Also familiarize with the safety alarm, signs and symbols. Most of all, we are very happy because our Shipboard Training Officer is very nice, he take care of us while we are on our duty. And all of the employee in the ship is very friendly. This is very memorable experience in my OJT.

-Mariel Miranda

As an Hrm Student, we were required to take On-the-job training related to our course. I decided to take my Ojt at MVSJP II, a vessel from 2Go travel. I started my Ojt on May 14, 2014.  On our first day on the ship, we took a lecture headed by our STO or Shipboard Training Officer, Mr. Joepet Gallego, then he gave us our assignments of duties. Our duties revolved on Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, and Front Office Department.

On the Food and Beverage Department, I have experienced a lot of works from bussing out dishes, serving foods, setting up the table, and kitchen works. I can say that I’ve learned bunch of things there like the proper way of talking to the customers and to work grace under pressure. On the Housekeeping Department, we cleaned, took out trash, and do “ bed making” on the different accommodations of the ship. I have applied my knowledge on bed making which I have learned from school and made my work easier. Also, on this department, we have assigned to assist passengers to their rooms or accommodations, this was very enjoying because I was able to meet different people. On the Front Office, it was a must to always wear your smile in every situation. I have learned here to always stay calm and polite to the guests whatever their mood was. I have also learned the proper way of grooming myself.

The whole Ojt experience for me was very challenging but fun . I have practiced and developed a lot of my skills. As a trainee, I’ve learned to follow strictly on instructions. I improved my self confidence and somehow became more sociable to people. I’ve learned to become flexible, to act professional and be polite at all times. I became aware to treating the customer’s right. I’ve learned to enjoy my work and my workplace, and to enjoy working with the people around me. I can say that I gained a lot of knowledge that I can apply in the near future, and I can say that I chose the right the course for me. 2go Travel’s MVSJP II offers good working environment, which made my experience very enjoying.

-Samantha Ellaine Beltran

Performs other functions as may be given by my supervisor from time to time and maintain cleanliness and orderliness of assigned at all times, serves meals to the passengers following to the proper food handling procedures and assists in the requisition and issuance of stock from the store room and performs suggestive selling technique to increase sales and ensures that no unauthorized personnel take out serving from the food on display for sale and free meals and line performs other functions as may be given by the housekeeping supervisor from to time.

-Verna Salamanca

The first time I saw the ship I felt nervous and excited, when the time the ship is ongoing that night I don’t know what I really feel. The night also I can’t sleep because i feel a little beat scared because of the ship is swaying.

The first day of my duty is in Quik mart, my partner is Benjie Cardenas, He is also my partner in my whole OJT in the Saint Pope John Paul II. Every day in my duty we enjoyed together, the casual of the ship and my co trainee from other school.

I’m very thankful, blessed and happy for being a part of the shipboard training, 15 days working hard but full of learning and also happiness. A lot of moments once in a lifetime. I can say that my OJT will never forget in my whole life.

-Byron Macalinao

My on-the-job training experienced is very happy because that is my first time to travel the diff. parts of the Philippines. At first, I felt so excited and also nervous. Our first day in the ship is just an orientation. My first experience in OJT training, me and Byron assigned in Quik Mart. I feel shy and nervous, the we sell clothing, we enjoy it because supposedly turned just like itinerant.

Second day in housekeeping also we assigned. We meet Sir Toto, he is the kindest crew, he taught the technique in how to bed making etc. We experienced to mop a staircase, we also assign ports. It is not easy because it’s too many passengers need to assist but it is okay because we requested the hotel manager assigned. We also experienced the Island Fiesta difficult because too many passengers eating. Also taught proper bus out, I enjoy it even fatigue. We also dropped in Cagayan to buy goods and also flesh out, food trip. The street food in Cagayan was very delicious. Then in Cebu we go to the most important ancient church and the Magellan’s Cross.

-Benjie Cardenas

During my OJT, I learned how to be a responsible in my own way, on the first day of my OJT, I feel nervous but I’m so excited, I learned how to love, care and respect our customer. Me and my partner experience or encounter some trials or problems but we solve it because we helped each other. This OJT is unforgettable moment and I can say that this is one of the best part of my college life.

-Jommel Caba

I have a lot of experience at the 2GO Travel Shipboard. First, to entertain guest, if what they need in the front desk. Second, on how to serve the food and to bus out. Third, to sell a product even though it’s expensive to the other guest, but they obligated to but it. Fourth, on how to bed making, to clean the cabin or accommodation. Fifth, at the galley or kitchen, I cut a lot of vegetables and sometimes my own finger . And of course, the casuals and our STO, their so good to us, they like friends, brothers and sisters to us. But all in all I enjoyed, that was a best experienced I’ve ever feel. I will not forget those experience at 2GO Travel, and I will missed them. THANK YOU!!

-Princess Cammille Ferrer

At first I feel nervous because I don’t have any idea on what we do while were staying there but then there’s a feeling that I’m so excited to feeling onboard. Then, we met Mr. Joepet Gallego our Shipboard Training Officer (STO). His a nice person, he tours us onboard then he teach us everything onboard, accommodation and other facilities. On my first duty, we assigned at the front office, I feel bored  but the day past, we all getting haggard, we need to woke up as early as 3am to arranged ourselves for everyday duty. I experience a lot of thing that on shipboard experience. At first, yeah it’s so hard to work especially on Island Fiesta but time after time it’s become easy because we enjoyed what we’re doing. Two weeks was done, I feel bad because I know I will missed my days with other OJT’s, the casuals that teach us how to work easy and most especially I missed my new friends, the person who make me laugh every time even we’re tired we have a time to talk on everyone’s experienced 

-Jaymie Natividad

Last May 14, our OJT start. The name of our ship is MV St. Pope John Paul II. During the day of my duties I felt so nervous and excited especially on the first day because I am a first timer so they teach me how to assist guest and serve customer. Then after a long time of being there I learned the diff. ways/ techniques on how to deal with the customer. Having a successfully completed 300 hours of OJT on the ship I learned a lot of things like on how to socialize with other people. I easily control my temper to the customers that are very demanding and not talk nicely.

-Aira Jane Canlas

During our On the Job Training at MV Saint Pope John Paul II, we were assign at eight different types of areas at the shipboard like Front Office, Quick Mart, Galley, Horizon, Island Fiesta, Cabin, Mega Value and Super Value. Every day we have a rotation for those different areas. First week of our practicum at the shipboard was not easy for me because every day we have to the different kind of task for that area, so the crew teach us like on housekeeping at the cabin we learned the bed making, towel folding and on different rooms we also do cleaning passengers room, the comfort room and we also do trash out. At the Front Desk , we were great and assist the passengers about their concerned, at Restaurant like Horizon and Island Fiesta we were serving foods for the customers, bass out, washing dishes and cleaning the table. we are also selling foods and beverages at the Quik Mart.

All Crew teach us well for what we were doing on their area and they treat us like their family also our STO Mr. Joepet Gallego who rounded every hour to see were doing , check our attendance and care for us when one of us are sick, we met a lot of student in different schools they are our co-trainees.

Practicum at MVSJP was unforgettable we were well trained and learn to be organized for every aspect. We learned to be patient and control our temper because we were joining a lot of people every day who have different attitude. For all of that we enhance our confidence, socialization and skills.

-Nelissa Paz


Front Office

Apply customer service skills
Facilitate registration and rooming-in of guests
Handle guest’s requests and inquiries
Manage safety deposit boxes and lost and found service
Assist in the in-house entertainment services
Clean and organize the Front Office

First Class Dining Saloon/ Horizon

Apply customer service skills
Carry out food portioning
Take guests’ orders
Serve guests’ orders
Bus out dishes
Wash the dishes
Clean the First Class Dining Saloon

Economy Dining Saloon/ Island Fiesta

Apply customer service skills
Carry out food portioning
Carry out sanitation and hygiene standards on Food and Beverage areas Bus out dishes
Wash the dishes
Clean the Economy Dining Saloon

Ship Shop/ Quik Mart

Apply customer service skills
Sell Merchandise
Clean Ship Shop
Make sales report


Carry out inspection of finished product prior to servicing to customers Apply proper handling of foods for delivery
Clean cutlery, pots and the galley equipment
Carry out proper storage procedures like sorting, labelling ,FIFO Method Prepare raw materials for food processing

Housekeeping- Cabin

Apply customer service skills
Perform housekeeping inspections
Clean guests’ accommodations
Clean restrooms in cabins
Make-up bed

Housekeeping-Tatami/ Mega Value

Apply customer service skills
Perform housekeeping inspections
Clean guests’ accommodations
Clean public comfort room
Clean hallway areas

Housekeeping-Economy/ Super Value

Clean hallway areas
Clean lobbies and viewing decks
Apply customer service skills
Perform housekeeping inspections
Clean guests’ accommodations
Clean public comfort room

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