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“Jasper Jones” novel by Craig Silvey
Words • 1471
Pages • 6
Jasper jones is intriguing novel by Craig Silvey it revolves around the mysterious death the mayors daughter Laura Whishhart (jaspers girlfriend). Whose brutally abused body is found hanging from a tree in a clearing that has been adopted by jasper jones? And who has bad reputation due to his race and the fact that he has to to steal in order to survive due to the lack of parents. So jasper enlist the help of Charlie Bucktin an intelligent teenager…...
Jasper JonesNovelsResilience
What Is Resilience?
Words • 1059
Pages • 4
Resilience - the “Buzzword” of 2013- as declared by Time magazine due to its conceptual vagueness and malleability (Brown 2016). The origins of this “buzzword” arise from the Latin word resilient, meaning “to bounce back” (Klein, Nicholls, & Thomalla, 2003). Since early and very long, resilience was defined and used in many disciplines and in various ways. For example, the concept of resilience in relation to eco-systems is defined by Holling as a way to understand the capacity of ecosystems…...
Overcoming Obstacles In Trash by Andy Mulligan
Words • 566
Pages • 3
Courage is keeping strong and positive through hard and challenging situations, overcoming obstacles and overcoming your fears. An outsider is someone that has been alienated from the community. In the novel, Trash, by Andy Mulligan, courage is explored through the story of Raphael, Gardo and Rat; three dumpsite boys who hope for a better life. These boys don't have any parents, they cannot afford any education but they have a lot of courage and hope. Trash teaches the reader how…...
CourageObstaclesOvercoming ObstaclesResilienceSacrifice
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Resilience An Evolving Concept
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Pages • 4
As mentioned above, resilience is a trait that can both be inborn or developed. Using the systematic approach, research uses both the internal qualities and external factors that make up a child’s ability to thrive under distressing conditions and recover from a trauma or loss. Systematically, doing well despite adversity is an outcome of several components in a child’s life (Clinton, 2008). Human beings have a natural tendency to bounce back from adverse situations, but this innate ability of resiliency…...
PsychologyResilienceSocial IssuesViolence
Organizational Resilience
Words • 1130
Pages • 5
The concept of organizational resilience evolves through time, starting from Holling (1973) who pointed out that organization resilience is the system’s ability to recover its former shape from disruptions. Over the years, organizational resilience has been conceptualized in a deeper sense; the simple definition of recuperation to its normal state from adversities expanded with recovery ability and recovery times (Annarelli and Nonino,2016). Herrera and Jaczewski (2014) states that organizational resilience is based on the notion that individuals or a system’s…...
Resilience and Happiness of Single Parents
Words • 2343
Pages • 9
Rationale Being a parent is usually considered as a job, an irreplaceable and genuine job; however, it sometimes requires a great deal of dedication and effort in order to properly raise children and to fulfill their needs. Parenthood, as stated by Umberson, Pudrovska, and Reczek (2010), is a transformative and influential process; therefore, being a parent is not just a mere task that one can accomplish overnight. It is a challenging experience that sometimes can cause enervation and stress. In…...
HappinessLife SkillsMental HealthResilienceSingle Parent Families
Overview of Vulnerability
Words • 170
Pages • 1
Vulnerability is a powerful medium, although sometimes it is characterized as accountability at the workplace, but it is truly a resilience to change. The strength and courage that is generated by vulnerability in fact could be harnessed to benefit the team. While on another note, authenticity helps to create trust and builds consistent relationships and leading to commendable performance for the team members as well as the organizational entity. Hence, in essence when team members create intentional ties at workplace…...
AccountabilityResilienceWorld Wide Web
As Human Development Has Grown
Words • 2259
Pages • 9
Chapter 1INTRODUCTION Background of Study Urbanization has been recognised as the major reason contribute to the increase of peak discharge runoff. (New Comer,2014) As human development has grown, between 30% - 50% of undeveloped area transferred to develop area. (Lambih,2001) Conventional development of undeveloped sites are often causes land to be covered with large amount of impervious area. This increasingly surface water run off volume and peak flows that may leads flash flood during rainfall events storm water is results…...
DataFloodGrowth And DevelopmentResilienceRiverUrbanization
The Concept of Self-Care and Personal Resilience
Words • 1664
Pages • 7
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper is to discuss the concept of self-care, personal resilience and its significance for experience of burn-out during my psychology training and work related practice. This reflective triangular paper will utilise an introspective methods designed introduced by Gibbs (1988) and in line with Bettney (2017) reflective approach during clinical training. I will review the theoretical as well as evidence based literature in collaboration with my personal encounter of those three phenomena's within my professional experience…...
Issues in Education-Student Wellbeing
Words • 1776
Pages • 7
When looking at the work done in schools around the promotion of wellbeing, there are many different state and national frameworks that inform school-based practices. I have chosen to discuss the Framework for Student Support Services in Victorian Government Schools (Department of Education 1998) pictured below. This framework outlines four major principles or levels of activity, grouped together with the ‘resilient student’ at its centre. The major principles are primary prevention, which is presented in the framework as the largest…...
Being A College StudentEducationEducation IssuesResilienceRiskTeacher
Explain the Importance of Resilience in Children and Young People
Words • 872
Pages • 4
Resilience is a mixture of nature and nurture. Attributes that some children are born with, such as good intellectual ability and a placid, cheerful temperament, are associated with resilience. Children who are born prematurely and/or with disabilities, who cry and cannot be comforted, who cannot sleep or who will not accept being held are more vulnerable to adversity and may be less likely to be resilient. There are, however, many other qualities associated with resilience which develop through children’s life…...
Promoting Wellness and Resilience
Words • 921
Pages • 4
This paper deals with promoting wellness and resilience for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). First, a model of wellness and resiliency is presented. Then, recommended intervention activities that promote resilience and wellness are discussed. Lastly, prevention and education activities are proposed. Wellness and Resiliency Model Studies on wellness and resilience models among individuals with IDD appear non-existent and very few have been written about counseling methodology. Most focus on a cognitive-behavioral approach to psychotherapy (CBT). Therefore, a paradigm…...
Promote the wellbeing and resilience of children
Words • 1193
Pages • 5
1.1 Explain 5 factors that can influence the wellbeing of children and young people. 1.Social – The social environment will influence the child’s wellbeing – it can affect how a child is perceived by others, eg, if a child comes from a economically deprived area, people my think that they are unlikely to achieve, and refer to stereotypes rather than judge each child on their own merits 2.physical – If a child has a physical disability, they will require extra…...
Psychology Resilience Paper
Words • 861
Pages • 4
"Our history does not determine our destiny," stated Boris Cyrulnik, author of Resilience: How Your Self-confidence Can Set You Devoid Of the Past. Strength can come from lots of places in a person, however when taking a look at the nature versus support perspective, it is nature that many strongly identifies how resistant an individual will be, and not based rather as much upon how they were nurtured. As Cyrulnik stated, it is not our history, simply put, not how…...
Kite Runner Novel by Khaled Hosseini
Words • 1417
Pages • 6
The past, inevitable will always remain with you throughout your life and all your endeavours. The past is what defines us as individuals and guides us to new and better places in life. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini , a story built upon the events of the past and living with guilt which eventually leads to redemption, highly reflects the statement “the past is always there”. The poems ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest-Henley and ‘If’ by Rudpud Kipling also reflect…...
Defining MomentInvictusNovelsRedemptionResilienceRudyard Kipling
Health and Social Care L3 Unit 618
Words • 876
Pages • 4
As individuals are all different, they can respond to the same situation differently. In the same way, individuals can view and cope with their mental well-being and mental health differently. Someone with a negative view of their own situation may feel that they are to blame or not accept the consequences of their actions, they may find it difficult to deal with their own mental health and well-being. A positive individual may cope better with factors affecting their mental health…...
CareDiseaseHealthHealth IssuesHuman NatureMental Health
Resilience in Children
Words • 1598
Pages • 6
Durability is how a kid can manage the great and the bad things in their life and the ability to prosper and succeed even after facing set and challenges and is based upon self-esteem. The more resilience a kid is the better they are able to deal with reality situations in their life right up to adult hood and have a more positive attitude. In a paper by Action for Children, it mentions that durability concerns the capability to 'get…...
Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams
Words • 1291
Pages • 5
Abstract In this paper, I will discuss the history of counseling; specifically how school counseling and mental health counseling came to be. I will also examine the key philosophies of the counseling profession including, wellness, resilience, and prevention. Finally, I will analyze the case of Ashley, a young girl experiencing depression due to life changes and discuss how a school counselor and a mental health counselor can assist her through these barriers. According to S. T. Gladding (2004), the profession…...
CounselingEducationHealthMental HealthMindResilience
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