Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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Muhammad Ali Jinnah born on 25th December 1876 at Wazir Mansion Karachi. His father’s name was Ponja Jinnah. He got admission in Sindh Madrissah High School in 1887 and got admitted in Mission High School from where he passed matriculation. His father on the advice of his friend and business partner Sir Fredrick Lee Craft wished to send him to England to get business experience. But Jinnah was interested to become a barrister.

In his schooltime days he was very painstaking in his studies.

He observed the rules of correction. He was also really punctual m attending. All these nibbed to his incoming greatness. For his complete qualities, he was really often cherished by his teachers and fellow-students.

As per traditions of that period, at the early age, Jinnah got married before proceeding to England. His mother and wife passed away while he was in England but he continued his study. He visited British House of Common many a time and got knowledge of British Political System.

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Jinnah took a special interest in the affairs of Indian students. Jinnah and his companions played a key role in the success of a Parsi leader Dada Bhai Naroji, who was an Indian national, to become the first Indian member of the British House of Commons.

When he returned home in 1896, his father’s business was in a loss. In such circumstances, Jinnah had to rely on himself, he started advocating in Bombay. He was the only Muslim lawyer in Bombay and he worked hard to become a successful lawyer.

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He was offered Bombay Presidency Magistrate’s post for consideration of Rs 1500 per month, but he declined the offer stating that he wanted to earn this amount every day. As it was a huge amount of that time but he earned so.

In 1905, Mr. Solon came in snuggled communication with Gopal Krishna Gokhale. Mr. Gokhale was then the president of the Amerindic Soul Congress. Shortly he became its most copernican person. He was titled the “Ambassador of Hindu-M  turn Unity.” But he was disenchanted in 1930. For he then realised that the only objective of the Congress was to give Religion judge in India. He, thus, distributed himself from the” Congress. He devoted himself in organising the Muslims. The Muslims were then at their lowest ebb-politically, socially and economically. His,, leadership, kindled a new-imagination among the frustrated Muslims. He created semipolitical cognisance among the Muslims of India. It was due to his management and leaders the Muslims regained their confidence. Each and every Moslem responded to his clarion exact. And they, with one line demanded a asunder Declaration was adoptive. The try for Pakistan is a tale of a uninterrupted essay against a boniface of obstacles and it was his control and activity which provided for us a bulwork of posture at these tall nowadays.

The creation of Pakistan was due to the untiring receive and zeal of Quaid-i-Azam. He won Pakistan by his irrefutable arguments. He is titled the “Ascendant of the Nation”. For similar a theological, he acquired a land for us. Tho’ in destroyed health, he had to get the prime Governor-Generalship of Pakistan. He died in attach on the 11th Sept, 1948.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was much affectionate and loyal to the Muslim Nation and Pakistan. After creation of Pakistan, he performed his duties as Governor General of Pakistan devotedly and just took Rs. 1/- only per month as salary. He never demanded an increase in his consideration.

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Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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