Quid E Azam as a Role Model for Emerging Leaders

Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah the most revered leader of the Muslims of the Subcontinent was a male having inter alia a strong ethical character unequaled by any other contemporary leader of those days. He is estimated as an example of remarkable stability on which he never ever jeopardized. He is a good example for those who believe that in a Muslim country individual character of management is as important as other required inherent qualities of management which get radiated to motivate individuals at large.

He took firm stand on concepts, remained determined in face of rowdy opponents and ported a strong sense of self-respect. Even with colonial masters of the day he would neither put up with improper habits nor would endure a minor. It would who was a personification of qualities of head and heart. IQuaid-e-Azam constantly combated with the British and the Hindus politically with terrific courage and bravery. It was his bold and strong management that made him a terrific leader.

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Quaid-e-Azam had a charming personality as his good manners were polished and his look pleasing. His character was perfect. Nobody could point a finger towards his character. His character was worthy of praise. Strong He was a determined and undaunted individual.

Quaid was a great human. an excellent guy and a great lea t is rather odd and beyond comprehending that many of the subsequent political leadership in Pakistan instead of taking a look at and imitating the most successful and adored character of Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

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Above all, he was an upright and respectable person. His individual qualities and his commitment to the reason for Pakistan had actually infused in him such a degree of self-confidence that he might converse with Mountbatten without fear and argue to win his case for creation of a brand-new state. Compare it with personality of the majority of the political masters who followed him. We at global level have actually come under pressure on account of supposed failure to do enough on terrorism. An impression has been created that we have actually ended up being regretful and are acting at the request of foreign powers for financial gains but at the cost of self-confidence.

We must work our destiny in our own way and present to the world an economic system based on true Islamic concept of equality of manhood and social justice. We will thereby be fulfilling our mission as Muslims and giving to humanity the message of peace which alone can save it and secure the welfare, happiness and prosperity of mankind” Speech at the opening ceremony of State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi July 1, 1948

In the end it is essential to describe Quaid’s reaction to a situation that after creation of Pakistan, the newly born state had to pass through difficult times. Millions of refugees migrated to Pakistan from India and makeshift camps were set up to house them. There was a big camp set up at Walton Lahore. Having been subjected to worst atrocities by rioters refugees were in miserable condition mentally and physically. On the other hand there was an acute shortage of resources in the new state. Quaid-i-Azam came to Walton to meet with these homeless citizens of Pakistan. He felt disturbed and was deeply moved. He extolled their sacrifices but told them frankly that he had nothing to give to them.

His proposition was that “Let us resolve to work hard jointly to solve all the problems and build a prosper Pakistan”. He motivated and instilled hope in them. It is a matter of record how all refugees were settled. This is the sort of politics we need. Learning from this leadership should take people into confidence, show commitment and work sincerely for their betterment. It is only instructive that Quaid’s sayings, speeches and actions are studied and disseminated to create a proper political and leadership culture worthy of a democratic welfare state. Only then we shall be able to guard our national sovereignty with honour and pride and shall be able to face the challenges of the new world order.

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Quid E Azam as a Role Model for Emerging Leaders
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